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MARCH 8, 2015

The girl that came to english class is meeting with the sisters. So that'll be good. :) Yeah we met kim bojoon and his girlfriend. she is meeting with the sisters and we are meeting with him. i'll tell ya about that. he's way cool. :) Yeah i was a little scared of the other church's missionaries for sure haha. way scary. but it's okay. Ah okay june and ruby are the cutest thing i've ever seen. straight up. like dang.  The typhoid shot? no. it just was like a bubble in my arm for a day then it was gone. it was fine. anyway, thanks for emailing me this week. :) you sent lots of pics! This pics are up now for you guys to see. I had a really good birhtday. we ordered papa johns. :) It was like 30 bucks for a large pizza in america but it was the biggest one they sell here haha. classic koreans. but it tasted the same. oh gosh. so good haha. anyway.

Monday - Disappointing P-day :(
So monday was a holiday and it was super busy like everywhere we went. we went to two places to email and they are usually empty but they were completely full. so that was hard to deal with. then we went to get pizza but the place was an hour wait so we went somewhere else wehre the wait was also an hour. so disappointing. then we went to burger king which was actually really good. so that was good. then we went and got our hair cut which was fun. then we cam ehome and relaxed. then once p-day was over we went and visited some less active which was good and thne we cam ehome and made calls.

Tuesday - Rainy Day 
Pretty good day! it was raining all day though. so that was sad. but it's fine. we had our personal and companion study then we went out to visit 전중광 Jun Joonggwang. he's way funny. he's 70 years ol.d anywy, he's way cool. we taught him part of the restoration which is alway good. he took it pretty well and said he'd come to church next week! So heck yeah. :) haha he accepts it pretty well. problem is though cuz he's so old he's kinda crazy. haha but not too bad. so we're hoping to baptize him before he goes back to hong kong. Then we came home and had lunch and language study and we were gonna street board but since it was raining we couldn' we just made calls to try and set up some appointments. then we went to take some birthday cake to some people in our ward whose birthday it was. but sometimes in korea they use the lunar calendar for their birthday instead of the solar it isn't actually their birthday on the day it says. Then we went and got dinner and then we took cake to some more members who actually really appreciated it so that was awesome! THen we came home and tried to make more calls. 

Wednesday - Street Boarding 
We had our studies and then we went to streetboard. that was way good. we did it closer to our church hoping to get a turn out. there are tons of younger people cuz there's a college nearby. the only problem is it is a theology college so they are studying to be pastors for other churches haha. but yeah. that was way fun. tons of kids that are just super fun. i sent a pic of it. then we went and visited a investigator who isn't answering our calls but he wasn't there...but that's okay because on the way we met a guy who wants to meet us to learn english haha. so hopefully we are able to meet him and convert him! we then came back and had dinner with the district and that was fun. then we practiced the song we had to sing at the baptism yesterday. then we had english class!

Thursday - Zone Training Meeting
Pretty dang good zone training meeting. love it. haha so we had personal study and headed right on over to Youngdeungpo for the district leader meeting thing. that was good. talked all about how to properly correct other missionaries. so that was good. then we had zone training meeting which was good. we talked about faith which i'm a fan of haha. so that was good. we also talked about how we need to baptize more in our mission which i agree with so we're hoping to get it going this transfer. :) haha heck yeah. then we came home and got chinese food and then we came home and had language study/ called people.

Friday - The Birthday. :)
So we got up and had personal study and left for youngdeungpo again! we had a missionwide leadership meeting. so all the district leaders and zone leaders came. it was way good! Got to see everyone. so that's good. elder dayley was there. he's so cute. haha we talked more about how to give good correction. that was good. and also how we need to get rid of pride. i felt that one! look out! We also got new proselyting cards. turns out that the church is gonna be the only advertiser on youtube in like 20 countries on easter. pretty crazy. they're launching a whole new like social media thing that we got new cards for to hand out to people. pretty awesome! haha i'm excited for it. but that was good. then we came back and the other elders and sisters in our district bought me cake and icecream. :) That was super awesome. they're the best. then we had dinner. papa johns. dang it brought the good memories back. so good. haha garlic sauce and everything. it was amazing. :) Haha also made the brownies that were way good. then we had to do weekly planning! 

Saturday - Busy Day 
So it was a realyl good saturday! We had our studies and stuff then we went to the church to practice our song with the district again. that was good. then we met 김보준 Kim Bojoon. he's the best. he's so funny. he's like a huge guy for a korean. like 6'2 and pretty big build. we basically jsut got to know him. he doesn't go to church anymore cuz he wants to rest on sunday. he did go to the catholic church so that was good. but yeah. the spirit was there. then we had english class which was the same as always. then we met 박봉규 Park Bonggyu. he's way cool. he was the bishop like 3 months ago. but not anymore. we taught him about families and god. i love families. i've taught it so many times i've really got an appreciation for you guys. :) Ya'll are the best. Then we cleaned up the church and then we went and got chicken with 이재호 who is the guy that we met on tuesday about english. he's cool. haha he took us to a famous chicken place. it was good. :) Then we cam ehome!

Sunday - Baptism
So yesterday was super good! We had companionship study then we went to the church. that was fun. the members are way fun. i really love them. after church we had a member baptism. so that was way fun. we sung at it. sister gooch played the guitar and the rest of us sung. we sung When I am Baptized and I feel my savior's love, it was way good. :) I'm a fan. but the spirit is always so strong during baptisms. so yeah it was good. :) Then we had our weekly coorlation meeting where our ward missionleader taught us how to make balloon animals. so that was super fun. :) I sent a pic of it. i can now make a puppy! Then we came home and finished our studies and had dinner. then we called people and set up the week! 

Thought - Pride and Humility. 
Another Dieter F. Uchtdorf quote. Haha needless to say i love him. It's kinda 3 different thoughts.
1 "So what is the difference between this kind of feelingand the pride that President Benson called “theuniversal sin”? 6  Pride is sinful, as President Benson somemorably taught, because it breeds hatred or hostilityand places us in opposition to God and our fellowmen.At its core, pride is a sin of comparison, for though itusually begins with “Look how wonderful I am and whatgreat things I have done,” it always seems to end with“Therefore, I am better than you.”" We need to stop comparing ourselves!

2 We are servants of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Weare not given the priesthood so that we can take ourbows and bask in praise. We are here to roll up oursleeves and go to work. We are enlisted in no ordinarytask. We are called to prepare the world for the comingof our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We seek not ourown honor but give praise and glory to God. We knowthat the contribution we can make by ourselves is small;nevertheless, as we exercise the power of thepriesthood in righteousness, God can cause a great andmarvelous work to come forth through our efforts. Wemust learn, as Moses did, that “man is nothing”  by himself but that “with God all things are possible.” 
We need to recognize that everything we do in life should be to represent the savior.

3 So how do we conquer this sin of pride that is soprevalent and so damaging? How do we become more humble? It is almost impossible to be lifted up in pride when ourhearts are filled with charity. “No one can assist in thiswork except he shall be humble and full of love.” 22 When we see the world around us through the lens ofthe pure love of Christ, we begin to understandhumility. Some suppose that humility is about beating ourselvesup. Humility does not mean convincing ourselves thatwe are worthless, meaningless, or of little value. Nordoes it mean denying or withholding the talents Godhas given us. We don’t discover humility by thinking lessof ourselves; we discover humility by thinking less aboutourselves. It comes as we go about our work with anattitude of serving God and our fellowman. 
The way to conquer pride is to get lost in the service of others. to stop thinking about yourself and to turn outward. 

Love you to pieces. :)

Elder Breinholt

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