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MARCH 15, 2015

Yeah Papa Johns was way good. I want to order it again. Problem is it's like 35 bucks. haha so that's rough. I got the letter kira sent this week. On friday. :) So that made my day. :) I haven't gotten a different package other than the one with the "hugs" in it. :) haha 

Monday - The Art Center
So after email we went and got lunch as a district and that was good. We got 김치찌개 Kimchee Chigae. It was really good. Maybe i can make it for you guys when i get home. I love it. Anyway, then we went to this like famous art center place. It's like the central one in korea and it's right near our church! So that's nice. :) haha anyway, they have like all the famous artist paintings that they bring to korea go there. and that was really cool and big. the only problem is the galleries cost like 15 bucks so we kinda just checked it out and when we decide that we want to pay that to see some paintings then we will go in. But by the way we are so going to the Louvre when we go to france. so then we came home and shopped and relzxed. Then we went and found some less actives but they weren't home...shocker. We passed this giant church which holy cow. it's so big. you should look it up on like google maps. It's right near 서초역 Seocho Subway Station exit like 4 and 3 i think. it's called Church of Love in english. haha but yeah. anyway, that was crazy. great and spacious building. anyway, thenwe came home and did some PMG TIP.

Tuesday - Marriott/Exchange
So I was on exchanges with elder meeks on tuesday. that was way fun. they have an eternal investigator who will take them to supernice restaraunts like the ritz and JW. And this week when we were on exchanges she called and took us to the JW marriott for lunch. the buffet. It was 75 bucks a person. haha but it was sooo good. like beyond. steak, sushi, tons of korean food, and crab legs. ah so good. haha like yeah way worth it. anyway then we shared our conversion stories with her which was really good. then we came back and streetboarded which was fun. thenwe went to the church and had a lesson with 조승환 Jo Seunghwan. He's the other elder's investigator. He's way cute. We met him with a member and they became really good friends. anywaya, he's way cool. we taught him the plan of salvation. so that was really good. The spirit was strong and he was taking notes in church on sunday! So that's a huge improvement! Then we met 김길태 Kim giltay. he's a way cool 16 year old kid who was baptized a year ago. He's way nice. just not like the biggest fan of church cuz he's 16 and gets bored easily. one of those who like always has to be entertained. but it was good! We taught him about baptisms for the dead and then we went and got dinner with him at mcdonalds. 

Wednesday - District Meeting/English Class
So we had district meeting! That was good! We talked about faith and that was super fun. Watched Russell M. Nelson's talk on faith from like 2 conferences ago. Anyway, that was good. :) Then went and talked to people on our way home and worked on our member list thing. then we had english class and that was fun! Haha there was only one person though so that was sad. anyway, that's like all that happened...

Thursday - Lots of PMGTIP/강남Gangnam
So after lunch on thursday we did a lot of PMG TIP cuz elder Wiseman had to finish it before he evaluated with the zone leaders on friday but that didn't end up happening...anyway, after that we went to 김광현 Kim Gwanghyeun's house. he lives in gangnam so we got to see what gangnam style is like. :) haha it's a lot more businessy and busier that seocho. Seocho is mostly just like places for people to live. so it's a lot more chill. but it' way more fun. He was baptized 5 years ago so he still doesn't know too much about the church so we taught him about temples and stuff and that was good. :) THen we came home and had dinner then we went and visited some less actives who neither were home. so that was sad. :( Then we came home

Friday - Interviews/Elder Andersen's birthday
So Friday was elder andersen's birthday so we made a ton of the balloon animals that we learned how to do and put em on his desk as a surprise present. :) haha it was way funny. the picture is on dropbox. Anyway, we started weekly planning but we didn't realy have too much time since we had to go to youngdeungpo for interviews with President Morrise. Those were super good! I love interviews so much. :) Haha they're always good. Then we came home and dropped all the stuff off that we got and then went and met 이재호 Lee Jayho. he's interesting. We aren't gonna meet him again. haha he doesn't let us talk and literally just talked at us for 45 minutes. it was ridiculous. but that's fine. haha so that was fun. then we got outta there and came home. we were able to give him a restoration pamphlet and teach him a little however... so we'll see. 

Saturday - Teaching
Saturday was way good. We met 김보준 Kim Bojoon. Or BJ Kim. :) haha he's so cool. His girlfriend is meeting with the sisters at the same time...that guy. anyway, he's like the best. we taught him english for 30 minutes and then we taught him the first half of the restoration. Speaking of that. I hope you guys are studying PMG like at least once a week cuz it's amazing even if you are just members. :) also, you can know what i'm talking about when i say that we taught him the first half of the restoration. :) So yeah! That went good! And then we committed him to read the intro and witness part of the book of mormon and he's like yeah sure like it's not that much! So we're excited about him. :) Haha then we had english class and that was fun. Mr. So came. He's the same guy that came in noryangjeen. haha way too funny. he's crazy. anyway, that was way cool. kinda stressful. but yeah. then we met Robert or 양태윤 Yang Tayyoon. He's a 18 year old member. We did a practice lesson with him. He's not a fan of the church but he's so funny. Haha he doesn't really have a testimony so we are gonna try to strengthen that/get him one. i'll tell ya though, it springs from not reading the scriptures everyday and not praying. so do those for sure. then we got dinner and then we came home and had to finish weekly planning. but yeah! 

Sunday - Meetings for days. 
So yesterday we had PEC and Ward Council so those took forever. Haha before church we went to PEC, me and elder meeks, and then we had church which was awesome. haha love it of course. Understanding is basically there now. Except for Sacrament is hard because they never take a break and let you catch up. so that's still hard, but like the rest  is decent. then after church we had ward council and then we had our weekly coorelation meeting with Choi Younggyu our ward mission leader. he's the best. :) haha i love him. then we came home adn had our studies then we went to our ward mission leader's house for dinner! That was way fun. and so good. haha his wife made like 3 salads and some like kimchee sweet potatoe thing. that was way good. love it. so yeah! Then that was our week! I'm lovin seocho. that's for sure. 

Message - Using Time Wisely and Reaching Goals
So this week our district meeting is going to be on reaching our goals and making sure our actions are in line with our goals. And so this last conference elder Quentin L. Cook's talk was exactly about. It was so good. Probably my favorite talk from conference. But this is the quote. "I encourage everyone, young and old, to review goals and objectives and strive to exercise greater discipline. Our daily conduct and choices shouldbe consistent with our goals. We need to rise above rationalizations and distractions. It is especially important to make choices consistent with our covenants to serve Jesus Christ in righteousness. We must not take our eyes off or drop that ball for any reason." So just make sure you have goals set. Long term and short term for what you want to do and how you want to progress. then make sure you are doing everything you can to reach those goals. 

Have a great week! We'll see ya next week. :) 

Elder Breinholt

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