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MARCH 1,2015

You shoulda seen our bishops house last night. wow. mind blowing. Our new apartment is super super nice! LIke way big and not too old so i really like it. It's warming up too so that's super nice. Like today is pretty warm. I'll try to take some cool ones for you this week. :) 

Monday - Sticker Boarding
After emailing we went to 고속 or express bus terminal which is like one of the busiest subway stops in all of korea and did some stickerboarding. Basically what it is is you have a board with a question and a few answers and then you ask people to stick a sticker on the answer and then you can give them a flyer or keep talking to them. it's way fun! Ours was like what is the hardest thing about english! So pretty cool. haha that was way fun. Then we went to a donkas place which is a japanese pork thing. it was way good. it's one of the tabs that a member pays for for us to go to here. haha it's a joke. way nice place. anyway, that was way good. then i wasn't feelin good like my stomach was hurtin so we just decided to take it easy and just make a new sticker board cuz ours was pretty old. 

Tuesday - Less Active/Members
We had part of our studies then we went to go visit a guy cuz he told us he'd be home at that time. so we went over to his place but he didn't answer so we came back home, finished our studies, then he called and wanted to meet so we met him. haha it was funny. he couldn't hear us knocking over the sound of his TV and his phone is a chinese phone so we couldn't call him. but the number he called from was a land line so we can now call that one. :) haha anyway, he was fun. He lived in hong kong for like 30 years so he's decent at english. not too good. but he can get by. we basically got to know him and his religious background and that was it! Then we went and visited a less active. i got us lost which was fun haha. love that. then we went and met a member named 허태영 ho tayyoung. he's a boss. he's the man. he talked to us for a long time and then we taught him faith and repentance which was really good. i felt the spirit really strongly. then he gave us a ride home in his mercedes. i think every member in our ward drives like a bmw mercedes or audi. haha it's crazy. or something just as nice. it's way cool. but yeah that was fun. :)

Wednesday - District Meeting/English Class
Well after our studies we had district meeting which was super cool. haha we talked all about how we could work with our members and improve our relationship with them. So that was super awesome! I think we came up with a bunch of really good ideas. so we are proud of those ones. that was way fun. then we had dinner and got ready for english class and had that! There were a few new people this week which was awesome! A girl who was literally fluent in english came. that was cool. she actually wants to learn about the church so that's awesome! then we met 이철행 His english name is Joel. He's a 29 year old in our ward. he's so cool. i really like him. He helped us a lot. We taught him the restoration and i definitely felt the spirit. it was way strong. so that was good. :) He gave us some good tips.

Thursday - Temple!
Way good temple day. We left for the temple and that was way good. I always love the temple. literally every time you learn something. it's the best. :) So that was fun. and talking to everyone. of course that was fun. then we went to gangnam and had taco bell. so good. i love it. then we went to a place called the gundam base. it was way cool. gundam is basically a japan anime show that's about people who make robots that fight in space and this place has the like action figures of them. pretty awesome haha i'll send pics for sure. but that was way fun. Then we came home and that was p=day. then we made phone calls and then we went to 최영규 Choi Younggyu our ward mission leaders house and taught him a lesson. it was way good. :) He's the best. i'll get a picture with him this next week. he's the cutest. oh my gosh. haha anyway, that was our day. he also gave us a ride home in his mercedes. 

Friday - Weekly Planning
To be honest, not too much happened today. haha we had our studies which were good. then we went to the chinest place for lunch which was super super good. haha then we had weekly planning which was good. then we went to a really old guy in our ward's house. that was good too. we shared a message on ether 12:4 how christ needs to be the anchor of our lives and hope and stuff and that was way good. we gave him a cute little bear that was holding an anchor. he's cute. anyway, then we came home and then for the rest of the night i had to work on the sheet for the ward about who we are. that took a while cuz i'm a perfectionist.

Saturday - English Class Part 2 and the First Bishop of Korea
So today was pretty good. We had our studies and then we did PMG TIP which was super good. I love it haha. elder wiseman is a good teacher. he did it in english and one in korean so it took a while. after that we went to the church and had english class which was fun. not too many people came htough...anyway, then we came home and had dinner. then we went and met one of our members 김종열 Kim Jongyour. He was the first bishop in seoul when the seoul korea stake was organized and super proud of it haha it's adorable. he's the funniest little man in the world. he's a yunsei university professor aka like the equivilent to yale in america. super cool. haha but yeah! We taught him the pre earth life then he went into some serious doctrine and stuff it wasfunny. classic old man i love it. he's a way strong member though. he moved to where he lives now just so he can live close to the church. he can see it from his window haha. like he lives across the street. pretty cool. :) 

Sunday - 전도사s attack and the bishop 
Well yesterday was super interesting holy cow haha. we got up and had a companionship study then we went to the church and greeted all the members and that was good. our ward is so cool. they all speak like really good english and since they can all afford to send their kids to america all the youth speak fluent english. haha it's crazy. but yeah! It was way good. :) After church we had our weekly correlation meeting with our ward mission leader. he's the man. holy cow he's cute. i love him so much. Then we came home and studied then we went and met a new guy who called off of an english flyer. his name is 김보준 Kim Bojoon. he's so cool. Haha i was surprised. and his girlfriend wants to meet too. so like it's perfect! We basically got to know them, set up the program and that was it! Then we went to a members house and wished him happy birthday and gave him some homemade bread the sisters made. :) haha that was good. Oh my gosh! On the way there holy cow. so i think i've told you about 전도사s jundosaws. they are crazy. anyway, in other churches they have "missionaries" but their thing is they just go on the street and yell at em and tell em to believe in jesus. but basically we passed them and they recognized us as mormons of course...two white guys with nametags carrying books that arent the bible. but they came up to us as we were waiting for the light to change and in fluent english cuz one was actually american they ask so you guys are mormons right? How can you believe in a book that's not the bible? Then we sorta explained but the light changed and we were like oh we gotta go! And then they kept following us and started yelling and telling us that we were deceived by the devil and basically told us we were going to hell. it was so crazy. and when i say yelling i mean like as loud as they could yell. it was so crazy. they kept following us for like 5 minutes just yelling as we just try to get away. haha it was the craziest thing in the world. but after alll that craziness we went to the bishops house. he lives in the beverly hills of korea. like the brangelina couple of korea? They live on the floor below them and the son is friends with a moviestar's son. haha it's so crazy. he works for qualcomm doing human resources. so yeah. he does okay. haha it was way nice. anyway, their kids are hilarious. crazy thing is like their kids don't really speak korean. like they lived in america and china their whole lives until now so they understand like basic parent to kid stuff but because the parents are also so good at english they aren't too good at korean. plus they have the american culture engrained in em so that plays a lot into teenage life. haha but taht was way fun. he's way cool. and yeah! Crazy end to the week! Haha then the bishop drove us home in his audi. :) haha told ya! anyway, i hope you guys are doing oaky! Have a great week! 

Cool thought - Prophets and the true church
This is in the liahona this month at the very end. you may have read it but here is part of the article. "Many years ago there came to Utah a learned prelate of [another] church. … He had been to a “Mormon”sacrament meeting and had much to say in criticism of our method of administering the Lord’s Supper, particularly our use of water instead of wine on such occasions. He said it made him shudder when he saw the people sipping the water; and he pointed out the fact, for it is a fact, that according to the Bible, the Savior, when He instituted the sacrament among the Jews, used wine, declaring that it was His blood or that it represented His blood. I could add that the Book of Mormon also states that the Savior used wine when He introduced the sacrament among the Nephites. My … friend, whether he knew it or not, had hit upon the great distinguishing feature that differentiates God’s Church from all other churches under the sun—in this, that while they are founded upon books and traditions and the precepts of men, this Church is built upon the rock of Christ, upon the principle of immediate and continuous revelation. The Latter-day Saints do not do things because they happen to be printed in a book [of scripture]. They do not do things because God told the Jews to do them; nor do they do or leave undone anything because of instructions that Christ gave to the Nephites. Whatever is done [officially] by this Church is because God, speaking from heaven in our day, has commanded this Church to do it. … That is the constitution of the Church of Christ. If we use water instead of wine in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, it is because Christ has so commanded [see D&C 27:1–4]." Cool huh? 

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