Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MARCH 22,2015

I'm so good this week. :) 

Monday - P Day
Well after email not too much exciting happened because I found out i got that scholarship so really nothing made me excited after that haha. but yeah we went to get some pizza and that was good. then we went to gangnam to party. i love it there haha it's so busy and like just way cool...Anyway then we came home and for the rest of the night we did PMGTIP and made calls. so that was fun. :) Love that one

Tuesday - Streetboarding and Less actives! 
Pretty good tuesday. we got up and had studies. those were awesome. Then after that i left my bag at the pizza place so we had to go get it cuz it had my journal and other stuff i we went and got that then we did street boarding which was fun! Haha it was funny like 3 people were like i've already done this we are gonna go somewhere else for sure next time. haha anyway, that was fun. Then we went and got dInner at the chinese place. on the way there a super interesting guy came up to me and was like hey i'm meeting the missionaries down in Busan can you do something for me? He asked me to bring something to one of the ambassadors to korea? It was weird...anyway. then we had dinner as a district and that was super fun. then we went and visited some less actives and a potential investigator in our area but they weren't that was sad. Everyone is so busy in 서초 Seocho. but that's alright. 

Wednesday - District Meeting and English Class as well as Elder Wiseman's "Mom"
Are you sick of hearing about this every wednesday yet? Cuz i think i am sick of typing it. :) haha just kiddin. Anyway, We went to mcdonalds for lunch! That's good! haha i love it so much! classic america. anyway, then we had district meeting which was good. told you we would talk about setting goals and stuff...we also talked about the prodigal son for a little and that was good. then we had like a zonewide PMGTIP conference thing. haha everyone had district meeting in 서초 Seocho this week and after the zone leaders talked to us about how we need to do it and have motivation. it was good! Then we came home and had chicken then we went to 최명숙 Choi Myungsook's house. she's the best. we did a 20 minute lesson with her. she loves elder wiseman so much. haha she was complimenting him like crazy. like oh my elder wiseman your korean has gotten SO much better! Like wow! IT was so cute. she like adjusted his tie and stuff. haha oh i should probably tell you that she is a 50 year old lady who is married but doesn't have kids so she like loves us haha. anyway, she fed us too. just a little. then we went to the church and had english class!

Thursday - 정재승 or Jason
Okay so we did PMG TIP and stuff and then we also worked on the map and member stuff cuz it was lackin a little bit which was all good. then we went and met a guy named 정재승 Jung Jaysung. or Jason. that's his english name. he's so cool. he met the missionaries back in 2008/2009 ish and he really liked it then. he like almost had a baptismal date and stuff but then he moved to australia cuz he hates korean work ethic. he thinks it's way too much haha cuz they work from like 7 in the morning to like 7 or 8 at night. so crazy. anyway, he's so cool. he lives in Australia and has for 5 years but he is back in korea for a little bit. he said that when he came back one of the first things he remembered was the missionaries and how much he liked meeting with them. so we have high hopes for him. we did some just like get to know you stuff, get his background and that was about it. then we went and met 최영규 Choi Younggyu our ward mission leader cuz we needed to go over our member book with him. We have a book that is full of each of the active members with like all their information so we went over it and talked about who could use a visit and who is starting to go less active, that kinda stuff. it was way good. then we came home and had dinner.

Friday - Weekly Planning/Jason again
So friday was good. we went to the donkas place for lunch. It's japanese food. anyway, that was fun. then we went to the church and did part of weekly planning and then we met Jason! He's the best. holy cow. haha he just has to take things really slow. we taught him only prophets and apostasy. he had lots of questions which is awesome! He's so cute. haha he gets it though. and i think that he believes what we teach. and he is really sincere. so it's good. but yeah. then we went and got dinner with one of our english class members. he's the best. haha then we came home and had to finish weekly planning! 

Saturday - Stake Conference
Today we had stake conference! It was good. haha anyway we had our studies first which were great. Then we had lunch and did PMG TIP. Elder Wiseman did a great job teachin me in korean. he's gettin better! Love that guy. he's the cutest. Then we went to 영등포 Youngdeungpo for stake conference and that took the rest of the day. The first was the priesthood session. that was awesome. i got to see everyone from 노량진 noryangjeen so that was super good. love them so much. holy cow. they're the best. One of the area seventy's came. he's cool. haha but yeah. then in the night session we sung! President Morrise gave a talk and he had all the full time missionaries in the stake get up and sing the mission hymn. it was way good. haha we did the 3rd verse in sign language. that was cool. :) 

Sunday - More Stake Conference/Family Home Evening
We had companionship study in the morning then went to stake conference. that was fun. i love stake conference. got to see even more noryangjeen people so that made it way good! The conference was all about Ward Council and the Work of Salvation. So that was interesting haha. but yeah it was good. a bunch of return missionaries gave talks. love that. :) haha it was good. then we came home and had lunch then we had our weekly coorlation meeting with Choi Younggyu. the man. haha i love him to death. Then we came home and had personal study. then we went to 박봉규 Park Bonggyu's house. he used to be the bishop until like december and yesterday was called as the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency. pretty aweosme. haha he's way cool. his family is the best. we did family home evening with them and shared a message on love. so love everyone. :) haha but yeah that was our week! Pretty aweosme! BJ or kim bojoon couldn't meet...he was too busy so that was sad. but we still keep in touch with him. i love him to death. haha and yeah! love you so much!

Thought - Christlike Attributes
This week's district meeting will be on Christlike attributes. Arguably the most important thing we do as missionaries is change ourselves so that we can be as much like christ as possible. PMG actually says that you can know you are being a successful missionary if you are developing Christlike attributes. so i'd invite you to watch the mormon message on it. there it is! And then to think about what you can do to be more like Him. :)

Elder Breinholt

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