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JANUARY 11,2015

Hey guys! How are you doing?? This week was pretty good. I went on exchanges with the zone leaders. and just like a bunch of stuff happened. So yeah! Haha 

Monday - Relaxed P-day
After emailing you cool cats we went shopping for groceries and then we relaxed at home for a while. That was pretty awesome. We got the house pretty clean so that was really good. I made a pretty good dinner. :) Guys, i'm a chef거든요. It's pretty awesome. I'm really good. Haha just kidding i'm okay. But after p-day we went and met a potential investigator named 장진성 Jahng Jeensung. He's an interesting feller. We called him off of records and he wanted to meet! So we met and explained what we did and he had tons of questions and stuff so it went super good! Except for now he's not answering the phone. so that's lame...ah stress. then after that we went and met Louis. He's doin okay. He really is just lonely and wants to go back to brazil. That's why he wants to meet us. Just for like friends. but it's okay. So that didn't really go anywhere. We were able to give him a pamphlet though! So heck yeah! 

Tuesday - Service
Today was super good too. We had our studies and then we went to service at the welfare center and that was super fun. I love service so much. The old people are super funny. They just like don't know how to act around us. They're super nice though! After that we went to 민창기 Min Changgi and 김순제's Kim Soonjay's house. they're the best. We talked with him for a while. We got there and he had to tv on. That was stressful. Haha but it's okay cuz we got him to turn it off. We taught him about the kingdoms of glory and the temple, being together with our families. That was super good. he's a recent convert of sorts. he was baptized 5 years ago. so he's super cool. I love him. And then his wife came home with a guy that she bought something from and he was helping them set it up so we were able to have dinner with them all and talk to him. It was crazy cuz he reminded me of the asian version of brevin (Jayden's little brother). haha it was super funny. that's all i could see the whole time. but yeah that was super fun. then we came home and had language study then made calls! Pretty good!

Wednesday - Transfers and a busy day.
Wednesday was transfer day. Elder Pruner left and Elder Helms came. That was pretty sad to say goodbye to elder Pruner. But that's okay. After that we finished our studies and had lunch then we prepped for english class which was great then we went to youngdeungpo so that elder smith could do passoff for the language program with the Zone leaders. that was good! He passed. :) haha i got to talk to all the missionaries there cuz they were practicing for a song they have to perform. but yeah! Then we came back and had to sit in on one of bongchun districts like coordination meeting because they only have 2 elders and 2 sisters so they aren't allowed to meet by themselves. so that was fun.  haha then we went and got dinner with Elder Morgan and Maughan the bongchun elders. that was super good. then we came back to the church and had english class! That was pretty awesome! Also, our investigator kang jeenoh who quit smoking came and he looked so much happier now that he's quit. like wow. he looks good. :) So we are excited for him. 

Thursday - More 귤배달
Thursday was awesome. it was super fun. We had our studies and then we went out to talk to people! we took cuties to a few members as well and that was super good. they both really appreciated it. One wasn't home so when she got home she called us and was like wow the note you left was written really well! I was super surprised when i read it! She made me feel super good. :) she's the nicest haha and the other person was super nice as well. 안태훈 김선희 ahn tayhoon and kim sunhee. they're the best. haha We also confirmed some less actives and stuff then we came back to the church and had to do evaluations with Elder Morgan and Elder Maughan cuz he's a greenie and is doing that. :) ha it was super fun. they're really good teachers! So heck yeah. then we went and had dinner and that was super fun. ew had chinese food. then we made calls and that didn't go too well. haha but then we went and had a practice lesson. that went really good. we practiced kingdoms and temple again for our investigator. he gave us tons of good tips. that was it!

Friday - Weekly Planning/Exchanges
It was a good day for weekly planning. :) haha we had weekly planning then we went to meet the zone leaders for exchanges! That went really good. I went to youngdeungpo with Elder Lund. He's one of our zone leaders right now. he's a super good guy from ogden. but yeah we went and had dinner at mcdonalds. classic. But i can tell i've been in korea for a year and a half because like as i was eating it i was like dang this is way greasy. felt gross. haha but that's fine. i guess that means i'm getting healthy. :) after that we went back to their house. they ahve a 6 man house. only one in our mission haha. but yeah it was fun. We talked about what the focus is in the zone and he trained me sorta for a little bit. that was good. then we made calls and went to visit some less active members which was awesome. then we went home and planned!

Saturday - Crazy Busy
A lot of stuff happened while i was on exchanges haha. We got up and went straight to soccer which was awesome. we played youngdeungpo ward vs. noryangjeen ward. so that was super fun. it was on a turf field but it was like frozen cuz it was cold. haha but we won! So heck yeah. That was awesome. After that we went straight to the church...without showering. haha but that's fine. i didn't sweat too bad since it was so cold. We taught their ward mission leader about faith. that went really well. in korean the word is 신앙 Sheenang. which if you break it down into the chinese roots the first one 신 means trust and the next one 앙 means to look up. check that out. :) haha after that we got ready for english class and then we had it. that was really good! I got to teach the advance class which is always the best. i love advanced class. their english class is fun. after that we went and taught a less active guy. we watched a talk about not being offended and that was awesome. Then we taught a guy from Sri Lanka! He was super super cool! I can't remember his name bad. it was crazy though. haha but he was super nice. he speaks korean. sort of. and his english is okay. so it's hard to teach him. but we just use the pamphlets cuz their all in Sinhala his native language. so yeah! That was aweosme! We taught him the plan of salvation which he really liked. then we went and got dinner with him which was delicious. chinese food again. haha then we met up with elder smith and i went back to noryangjeen and showered! Haha then we made some calls!

Sunday - Church/Unsuccessful Phone Calls
Today was super awesome! At church the two new missionaries gave their talks to say hi to the ward. they're awesome. The new sister is sister Holt. She's from Draper and all the koreans think that we're related cuz they think my name is Brian Holt. but that's okay. :) haha it was funny. and Elder Helms is the other new one. He's really cool. I served in the same zone as him when he was a greenie. :) after church we had a meal and taht was super good. our ward is the best. the kimchi was super good! heck yeah. haha then we gave our old ward mission leader a blessing. he's the cutest. then we cleanded up the church and then met a potential investigator. his name is 유성렬 You Sungyour. he's super nice. i don't know if he's gonna become a new investigator.......but we'll see. we'll pray! haha we did HTBT Which is basically getting to know them and trying to see what their religious background and then tell them what to expect. so it went realyl good! He's super nice. then after taht we came home and had dinner/our studies. then we called people and literally no one answered. we called tons of people and only like 5 people answered. :( but that's okay. :) and that was our week! Pretty much it! So yeah! Tons of good stuff happened. :) I hope you guys had a good week. i hope school is going good again. Can't believe you're already back. that's crazy. you guys have a great week! 

elder breinholt

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