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DECEMBER 28, 2014

Yeah it was way good to talk to you guys too. :) dang. That was awesome. Skype rocks. I'll try to make the most i can out of the next six months, don't you worry. :) What the! I can't believe you are going to that church. Why are you going there? Why don't they just keep you at the old one? Ahhh i miss those times. I wanna go tubing. Super fun. :) haha Christmas was super fun. we were able to go to VIPS which is like a super expensive buffet place. It was pretty good. it was um...30 dollars each haha. but worth it. Well sort of. Not really. But it was still awesome. :0 hah. we get transfer calls this week so that should be super intense! ahh! Pray for me.

So our week. It was pretty darn awesome! Flew by super duper fast. But it's okay. After i talked to you guys we went to costco which was awesome. They have something that's gonna make dad jealous. They have the chicken bake right? just like america, but they also have a bulgogi bake. :) haha super good. i love it. Then we just shopped for a while there. it's huge. also, because korea is so packed in, it's two floors. they have a escalator type thing that goes from floor to floor so you can put your cart down it. Pretty cool. Most big grocery stores have them.. anyway, we did that and bought some american food. then we came home and talked for a little until p-day ended then we had family home evening. Which wow it was super fun. It was at 허병석 Ho Byungsuk's house. He's the ex-stake president. Pretty aewsome. him and his wife man. i love them. So a while ago we were over there and elder pruner told them that the kim they had was super delicious and they were like oh we only buy this brand cuz it's the best. we're gonna give you some. and so i went into their house and told his wife, 김선희 Kim Sunhee that i don't normally like kim but that her stuff was super super delicious and she laughed for like 10 minutes. haha she's the cutest. anyway, then we played a game. We played like signs, but you make a beat to it, pretty cool. They gave us chocolate and ear warmers as a christmas present haha they're the coolest. :) 

Tuesday was suepr fun. It was our mission party. we went straight there in the morning. 영등포 Youngdeungpo. Super awesome. haha anyway, It was super fun. Saw sister bagley which was crazy! I can't beleive she's back. super good for her. :) We started the thing by watching the piano guys/david archuleta music video thing. pretty good. haha then we watched a talk by president uchtdorf which i don't think you guys can watch...he gave it at the mission president's seminar in june. pretty darn good. i would suggest it. all about how our message is 100% about christ. super cool. Then we had lunch and it was just super good to see everyone again. then we had a super fun activity where we went like through our whole mission. we like replayed every single transfer really fast. it was super cool. then we had musical performances which i was in one of them. haha we sung like angels we have heard on high, little drumer boy, let it snow, and sleighride. pretty good. :) haha yeah then we had dinner and left! Took all day! Haha it was super fun.

Wednesday was awesome! Christmas eve! We had a member buy us a ton of groceries! Super nice of her. ah she's the best. haha she's an old grandma in our ward. she's too nice. but yeah. after that we went and talked to people on the street which was super fun. then we printed off some pictures for teh family history board and worked on that for a little bit. then we had the ward christmas party which was aweosme! We had tons of investigators/ i think 2 less actives or more there. so it was super successful. haha our part was a fun dance. like the cupid shuffle? We got people out of the crowd and taught em it. it was super cute to see how into it they got. :) but yeah it was super fun. 

CHRISTMAS!!! it was super awesome. me and elder pruner were on splits so that was of course super good. we had our studies and then we went to the church and i skyped you guys! Or 영상통화 if you want to learn some korean. ;) haha anyway, also i wanted to thank you for the presents. they were pretty awesome. i really liked them. :) too cute. i loved talking to you guys. you guys are the cutest. :) it was way fun. also you got to meet elder pruner, congratulations, he's pretty cool. after that elder pruner skyped then we went to vips. Super fun. Way good. i took a picture there, but the card reader isn't working on this computer for some reason...i'll try to figure somethin out. I was so full though. since it was 30 bucks i was like alright fine i'm gonna get my money's worht! i ate  a lot. haha it was good. then after that we went and made some calls and then we went to 봉천 bongchun to do some caroling. that was super fun. haha i love caroling. it was super good. a lot of people like just were happier. i don't think that anything came directly because of it, but it definitely put out a good image. :) 

Friday was pretty good! Not too much happened. we had personal study, which was awesome. then we went to the church and elder smith skyped his family. they're super cute. haha it was good. cool to meet my companion's family as well. he's from mesa by the way. anyway, then after that we went to 안태훈 ahn tayhoon's house for lunch. they're super cool. haha i love them. they made us some kimchee pizza and super good spaghetti. love it. :) haha it was really good actually. plus there was tons of cheese so that was of course good. then we shared a message about Christmas and how our traditions help us to remember christ. like for example i talked about how we always do a nativity with the lisonbee side. super fun. :) and yeah! It was super good. also watched the he is the gift video. soo good. :) haha then we came home and had weekly planning and dinner! that pretty much was our day haha

saturday was decent. we got up and went to soccer which was a blast. we played outside. i think it was like 0 degrees C. super cold. but way fun. It was super fun. then we came home and got ready to go then we had a practice lesson with ho byungsuk. he's the best. he brought his wife too. haha they were a ton of help. we taught em baptism and they were super eager to help our korean too cute. ah i love them so much. they were baptized in like 1969. so a while ago. he was bishop when he was 25? so yeah boss. anyway. baptism. covenants are super important. stay worthy to partake of the sacrament. after our lesson they took us to get food. in fact my favorite food. 삼계탕 Sam Gaytahng. super yummy. they took us to a way good place too. ah sorry it's the whole chicken in a soup thing. way good. then we came home and had our studies which were okay. not the best, but pretty good. haha then we went to the church because there was a baptismal interview that we had to help with. just to be there. and then we worked on the family history thing for the rest of the night!

yesterday was super good. we went to the churhc and got it nice and clean for everyone so that the ward members didn't have to do it. and we also had to put water in the heaters again. so weird. i am grateful for heating and cooling in america. it's a much better system. :) haha anyway, church was super good today. we talked about loving others in priesthood and then we had to skip out on sunday school to finish our board for the family history thing. then we had sacrament meeting which was super good. a guy who just got back from his mission in california told a story of another missionary who got a stack of book of mormon copies from their ward with testimonies written in them and the one that he had on that day said "This book will save your life". and so he goes out to proselyte with this book of mormon. he knocks on one door and the dude opens the door and has a gun and is like what the heck do you want?! The missionary then proceeds to try to tell him about the book and he's like yeah whatever get the heck out of here but you can leave the book. and so he throws it through the door and leaves. that sunday the missionary shows up at church and the guy who pulled a gun on him was there. he told the missionary he read the first line someone had written in there and the guy said yeah my emotions were going out of control when you knocked, i was about to commit suicide but when i saw "This book will save your life" i then proceeded to read the whole thing. he was baptized 3 weeks later. pretty crazy right?? Haha anyway then we had a baptism! He was a kid of a ward member. too cute. haha but then we went to the family history thing in youngdeungpo. it was just like the whole stake put together a seminar for people to learn about family history and we had to make boards for it. pretty decent. :) hahait was super aweosme. after taht we came home and had our studies! That was our week. We weren't able to meet our investigator:( he's too busy with the end of the year thing. but it's oaky. he will have time this week. we're hoping to get him iwth a baptismal date. we'll see. pray for him. 강진오 kang jeenoh. anyway, yeah! I can tell you guys are doing great. :) have a great week!

Elder Breinholt.  

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