Wednesday, January 7, 2015

6 more weeks in 노량진 Noryangjeen :)‏ January 4, 2015

Transfers played out the way that i thought they would. I am staying with elder smith for another six weeks. So that'll be 5 transfers here! Not too bad. The time here has flown by. It doesn't feel like it's already been 4 transfers. It feels like maybe 2? I dunno. but super crazy that it's been that long...But yeah! We are staying together! Ah also, i'll be district leader. Elder Pruner is going to 목동 mokdong which is the area that was in my last district! So that's cool! haha anyway, no i didn't take pics at costco, i'm the worst mom i know. haha there was one of our investigators at the christmas party! So that was awesome! That was 2 weeks ago! haha anyway, yeah we played out in the 0 degree weather. pretty crazy right? haha anyway. Ah all the pics should be up by now. I can't believe you guys are in the new building already! that's crazy! Haha congrats. :)  haha anyway, our week!

Monday - Pday
We went home and slept and then i wrote a letter which i put in your package which i have still yet to send sorry. i need to get to that....ah stress. anyway, it's okay. but the letter is pretty good. haha so we went to visit a less active and were able to talk to his mom but he wasn't there....then we went and talked to people on the subway which was great. i got a guys # but nothing too great happened. after that we came home and made calls. oh shoot miracle of that day. a less active who i used to meet all the time, 오상일 Oh sahngir if you remember him, he answered the phone. it's a miracle. haha he hadn't answered since october. jeez. so great. anyway, that was monday. 

Tuesday - Interviews
We had our studies, i made some new years resolutions, those were pretty good. I'm excited for them. They're gonna help me a lot as a missionary. :) i'm excited. anywy, after that we went down to shillim and took some cuties to some members. that went really well! We were able to talk with a lady whose husband died a few weeks ago, that was super good. she's way nice. she seems pretty upset by it though...anyway, then we went to 영등포 youngdeungpo for interviews with President Morrise. Those went really good! I like them. They're just kinda similar every time and super short cuz he has to do 30 missionaries in one day haha. but that's fine. then we came home and delivered more cuties to members. we call it 귤배달 Gyur baydar. basically 귤 gyur is the korean word for cutie, and baydar 배달 is the korean word for delivery. so we call it that. :) haha anyway, we took those to come people and made a lot of calls. 

Wednesday - District Meeting/English Class
Last day of 2014. I can't believe it's January. So weird. Anyway, we had our studies and then we had district meeting! that was super fun! It was a way good last district meeting in 노량진. I'm sorry i'm so bad with pictures. but i promise when i get home and can get on facebook, you'll like your life. :) haha anyway, we talked about faith and miracles which was awesome. haha that was really good actually. exactly what i needed. then we went to visit 이정수 Lee Jungsoo. She's a nice old lady in our ward. she lives in an apartment complex. Anyway funny story. we went to take the cuties to her right. we didn't want to give her all of them so we left like some in a bag gave it to her, and the rest like at the side of her house door thinking once she left we would be able to pick em up. but no so she took us to go say hi to one of her neighbors which was awesome. but then she had us get in the elevator to leave so we leave but only go down one floor so that we can go pick up our cuties. but when we get back up to her floor she had already taken the ones we kept for someone else to her neighbor. haha too funny. but yeah. after that we had english class which was awesome! It was pretty fun. only 2 people were in our beginning class though...:( but that's okay. 

Thursday - 귤배달 continues
Today was a pretty awesome way to start the new year. :) after our studies we went to take some cuties to a bunch of members down in a place called 사당 sadang. you might be able to find it on a map. haha but yeah. anyway, we did that, found a bunch of less actives moved. so it was pretty successful. that was dece. but i did notice that i started to feel sick. i had a slight cough...but i was fine. after a long time finding less actives, talking to people, and taking cuties to members we had our weekly coorelation meeting with our ward mission leader. that was pretty fun! he took us to lotteria after which is the korean mcdonalds. not too bad! I was just full cuz we had already eaten dinner. but it was still super fun! anyway, after that we made some more calls...

Friday - Weekly Planning
So Friday. we had weekly planning which was the same as always. then we went and met a guy named 박준수. He was a guy who we were able to meet just by calling him in the phone. he's interesting. he's like 42, not married, kinda weird. but that's okay. haha we got to know him and he basically told us he's never had a belief in god, he was just lonely so that's why he met us. so he's probably not gonna go anywhere sadly. :( but that's oaky. anyway, after that since i had a cough that was getting worse we called some people and then we called our investigator who told us he wants to quit smoking! Well he told us he made it his new years resolution! Heck yeah! We are super excited for him. we think he's gonna get baptized. Pray for 강진오 Kang Jeenoh. he's the best.

Saturday - Sick Day
I woke up and felt like i had been hit by a truck. it was pretty intense. i was just beyond exhausted. i couldn't stay awake for more than like 10 minutes. so i layed in bed all day. i just think it was a pretty bad cold/maybe the flu. But i'm fine now. just a slight cough still. but it's all good. yeah i layed in bed all day. i think i slept until like 7 PM? And then i watched the joseph smith movie haha it was super chill. but yeah it was like the worst day of my life. i can't even describe it. cuz like i don't get sick.

Sunday - Transfer Calls
We woke up and got our transfer calls. those were good. Elder Pruner is out and so is sister Mortensen. She's going to 인천 Inchun. And Sister Holt is coming here. the elder replacing elder Pruner is Elder Helms. He's pretty cool. Should be a fun next transfer. Anyway, we had personal study, then church which was fun cuz i told all the members i was kinda sick and tehy were all like why are you here?! Go to the hospital! Haha i love koreans. :) They're the cutest. :) Anyway, after church we came home and had our studies which were good then had dinner, and made calls for the rest of the night cuz i still wasn't feelin up to par. but it's oaky. we got like 2 appointments! So heck yeah! haha we are excited for this week. keep prayin for us. you guys are the ebst. i hope you know i'm prayin for ya every day! love you.

elder breinholt
브라인홀트 장로

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