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NOVEMBER 9, 2014

Re: Family!

Yeah the weather here has been about the same. when we go out after dinner we have to put our coats on. So that's fun. :) haha. Yeah like we are sad about the cu guyt too, but it's okay. :) haha i'm glad you liked the pictures!  Yeah i bought a cook book, didn't i tell you? So i'll have plenty of recipes to try when i get back. :) haha plus you can just google them and since i speak korean, i'll be able to get the real recipes. um no i haven't taken any pics of the side bag. in fact my memory card got full this week so i'm going to buy one today. :) maybe send the one i have now home or something. Ah the zoo looked way fun! I'm super jealous. :) that's super fun. The potstickers. :) haha were they korean or japanese or what? suepr cool. haha of course kenah took that over. anyway, this week was pretty good! We found a new investigator! so that was awesome! Anyway, i hope you guys had an awesome sunday. :) I love sundays. 

Monday was a great p-day. nothing too great happened but it was good! I'm super glad you guys like my haircut. Pretty nervous? is that the word? Self-concious? about it. Haha anyway, its cool. after email we relaxed at home for a little bit then we went down and met bong for the rest of p-day. we were going to make bracelets aka 팔찌, but he didnt' have time. so that was sad. he's startin to make super cool things. then we came home and made phonecalls and got some appointments set up. Then me and elder pruner started our split which was great! It really started tuesday morning. We had our studies on tuesday which were good, then we had lunch and went to go visit a member. That was awesome! The second we show up he's like oh thank goodness. you guys received inspiration! The reason we decided to visit him is because he's the only member i know of in korea who likes rootbeer. they all think that it tastes and smells like pas which is korean icyhot. so yeah haha. that's why they hate it. haha so anyway, we got some rootbeer and wanted to visit him and give it to him. so we visited and go into his house and his son, 김지승 Kim Jeeseung, who is also known as our best friend cuz he's the cutest, broke his foot and he wanted to give him a blessing but no one else was home. So heck yeah! That was way aewsome. After that we walked around talking to people and that was super fun, then we had dinner and went and met our new investigator. his name is 신재직(Shin Jayjeek). He's about 60 years old and his son is a member in a ward in seoul mission. So we met him at a coffee shop, so it was kinda loud, but that's fine. we basically jsut set up the program and told him what to expect and stuff. he's mostly english interest right now but we are hoping to change that around real fast. :) haha we'll see what happens. SO yeah! That was our split! 

Wednesday was pretty good. we got up and had our studies which were good. then we had to do evaluations for the commandments lesson because we didn't have time last week. so that was fun, just took a while. But it was good teaching practie. then we went to the church and got ready for english class which was awesome. then we came home and had dinner and then we had english class! that was fun. THe  bishop was there and he's always fun. then we walked around and talked to people of course. :) haha so that was wednesday

Thursday was cool! we had our studies, like normal of course. so yeah haha anyway, then we went to 영등포 Youngdeungpo for zone training meeting and that was good! There were some people who gave their like last talk thing. the missionaries who are going home give like a goodbye speech before the meeting starts. it was way sad because there were sisters who gave talks that i've been with my whole mission. it was super sad. ah but it's okay. the sisters i was in the mtc with go home at the end of this transfer aka like 2 weeks so we are partying today. super sad. anyway, what we talked about in the meeting was walking the path owith our investigators. we have to be there every step of the way which sometimes is just super painful, but its needed a lot of the time. :) haa then we came home and had dinner and got ready for our lesson with 신재직 and taught him! That was awesome! We taught him the first half of the restoration lesson which is god, family, prophets and jesus christ. so he took everything pretty well but at the end we introduced the book of mormon which he was kinda like ahhh i dunno about that one. but we'll see. we are meeting him tomorrow. so hopefully he read. when we called he hadnt so that's lame haha. but hopefully he does. :) and yeah! that was thursday. 

Friday we had our studies then we had lunch. that was good. i came up tih a new system to get people to do their dishes which if you'd like to know is that if they don't do it they have to pay 50 cents into a cup and whoever does it gets the 50 cents. so far its worked like a charm! haha it's super good. I was proud of myself on that one. :) then we had weekly planning which was good. nothing too special happened but after it we made cookies and delivered them to 오상일 oh sahngir cuz we haven't been able to contact him in forever. like all of last week he didn't answer his phone so we are worried/kinda upset. ah don't know what to do. but yeah we did that and had dinner then we went to meet our recent convert who cut the meeting short cuz his friend showed up and decided to hang out with him so that was lame haha then we went to talk to people and that was awesome. so yeah!

Saturday we had our studies, no soccer sadly. :( but that's fine. :) so yeah! After those we went and met 강진오 Kang Jeenoh. he's a english class member who is slowly getting more interest in english. so we got lunch with him and baskin robbins. :) so good! We talked to him about the 30/30 program which he said he'd think about. so it's not official yet, but we're close. he knows a lot about our church so that's awesome. then we went to talk to people so we walked all over. but it turned out to be a road we couldn't get off of. haha we ended up right next to the han river walking it tryin to talk to people but like eventually there were only bikers and it was just really far and i think we might have wandered out of our area at one point by accident haha but that's fine. along the way we saw 2 ferrari's and a maserati, so that was pretty cool! Haha then we eventually found our way home and had dinner and then we mad eour way to the big park in our area. that was fun. but nothing really too cool or worthy of report happened. :/ so yeah! that was pretty much our saturday. super long day. haha. 

Sunday! The last day of the week! It was awesome! we got up and had personal study, which i love. then we went to the church and greeted members. yeah like to answer your question when we do it we sing from the hymn 찬송가 book and just sing as they come in! it's super fun. :) haha sometimes we aren't the best but hey it's cool. then we had church and 이승룡 our recent convert was there for all three hours hallelujah haha and cute little best friend 김지승 came in in his wheelchair. he's the guy who broke his foot came in in a electric wheelchair. just super funny. he's only like 12 and was in a electric wheelchair. i love it. But churhc was good. we had ward conference and the stake president spoke so it was way good. love him. and we also had a meal afterward which was delicious. i need to take a picture of it when we do it cuz it's serious haha so much food. but so good. :) Then we had our weekly coordination meeting which in korean is 선교협의 모임. pretty awesome. haha so yeah we talked all abotu our investigators which was good. but yeah! Then we came home studied and had evaluations for the laws and ordincances lesson. that was fun. learned a lot about how to teach it! so that was good! THen we had dinner and tried to talk to people for the rest of the day! And that was our week! Thanks for tossin your prayers our way, we can use them. mom, have you completed your homework assignment i gave you yet? Your "My Family" pamphlet homework? Cuz if so that'd be awesome if you could send it in the package. :) haha anyway, i love you guys so much. and i wish i could be back in utah sometimes, but i love korea. it's my home. :) and i love these asians so much! And you! Have a great week!

Elder Breinholt

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