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NOVEMBER 16, 2014

Dad and jace are at the football game? That's awesome. :) Yeah I can't believe that david passed away. That's unreal. Here let me teach you something cool about korean. There is an honorfied way to say someone died just like how we say they passed away in english. It's 돌아가시다. (Dorakashida). the root word means to return. So when you die you return to where you came from. Cool huh? :) SO that's some little insight for ya. That's super awesome that savannah is gonna play the harp at his funeral too! THat'll be way good. :) Yeah it's super sad. Like to be honest i don't even know what to say....super sad. :( Our new investigator? He's good! He's progressing. Wait haha what do you mean to meet some of the moms from my mission? Have you been lookin em up? haha hey thanks for sending a package! :) I can't wait to get it!^^ Okay so our week. 

Monday was awesome. After emailing you guys, we went to 영등포 Youngdeungpo to meet up with all of the people i was in the mtc with because the sisters go home in like 2 weeks. Super crazy. It was super fun though. We inda just got together and talked about our missions up to his point. Crazy that its' been almost a year and a half. I feel like i just started. But at the same time it feels like a long time. It's weird. :) but its okay. So we talked and it was way fun. Ate pizza. THen we came back and went and met bong and talked to him for a while. He's the best. We were able to share a scripture and teach him about happiness and i think he is a little interested. :) So we are hoping to get him more interested by sharing more and more stuff this week. We'll see what happens though. Anyway after that we came home! 

Tuesday was pepero day! I don't know if you know what they are, but i sent a picture with some pepero so you'll see. It's like valentines day in korea. Boyfriends buy their girlfriends pepero and give it to em. But they buy like huge packages of it that's like 25 bucks sometimes haha it's pretty cool. I like it. I was on splits with elder dent so i sent a bunch of pics from that. that was fun. :) Haha we went and took cookies to a less active family after lunch. the dad used to be int he bishopric. Super sad that they're less active. apparently the mom was offended by a member of the ward or something and the dad heard something about joseph smith. By the way is there something that came out about like polygamy and joseph smith? I heard something but i'm not sure. anyway, so we did that and went to find less actives which we found out that two moved! So that was awesome! but yeah that took a while. Oh my gosh haha we saw a guy who didn't have one eye. it was crazy. Super crazy. but yeah that was weird. Haha then after that we came home had dinner and then had our lesson with 신재직 who is our investigator! He's progressing he's reading! So heck yeah. :) Haha so we taught him the great apostasy, the restoration, book of mormon and the holy ghost. that was awesome. i love it. he accepted it and seemed to understand priesthood well so i think he should be good. he jsut needs to do his part and read Now! but yeah! He said he would give it a shot so we'll see tomorrow! 

Wednesday we got up and had studies then we went to the church and had district meeting which was good. I love elder pruner's district meetings. i learned a lot! I jsut don't have my thing that has my notes on it with me so i can't tell ya exactly what that was. the sisters brought a chocolate pit so we ate taht after district meeting. (Not as good as moms...:) ) haha but that was delicious then we got ready for english class and then went and visited our CU guy. We are just trying to keep him having a good view of us so that in the future when he is prepared to hear the gospel he'll be open to the missionaries. then we came home and had dinner and english class! That was awesome! We had a bunch of people and a new person there this week! So it was super fun!

Thursday was great too. We got up and had our studies which were really good. Then we had lunch and went out! It was pretty darn cold! No snow yet though! In fact it rained last night a tiny bit. anyway, we went to try to find less actives and that was fun. Talked to a few people too. But anyway, then since it was super cold we went onto the subway and tried to talk to people for a little bit. that was good. then we canme home and had dinner and then we had our lesson with 신재직. I love him. We asked him to read alma 32 and he asked us questions about it and we were able to answer them so he's doing really good. then we watched finding faith in christ which was okay. i thought it'd be a little more powerful than it was, but it was still good. he was like yeah this is good but like i already know all of this kind of a thing. but i liked it so hey it's cool. but yeah that's pretty much all we did with him! and then we came home! 

Friday was kinda chill. Elder dayley was sick so we couldn't do too much. we had our studies which were good. then we had lunch and i made elder dayley sleep cuz he looked super super tired. haha so he slept and i called people for a little. then i woke him up and we had weekly planning. That was fun. Then after planning we went to 강남 gangnam! That was awesome. It's super nice. like you'd be surprised haha. i was impressed. i forgot my camera though...too bad. but we went there and had 12-week follow up with the zone leaders. that was awesome. Elder dayley taught really well! Then we went and got dinner and then we were going to visit our recent convert but sicne elder dayley wasnt' feeling too good we came home and he chilled and i called people again. haha so yeah pretty fun. 

Saturday was good too. :) We had our studies and then we went to our weekly coordination meeting with kim seurgi our lovely ward missionleader. that was way fun. he brought us some type of corndog thing but it had sugar on it and was sweet. it actually was pretty good. :) haha so heck yeah then we came home and had lunch. Elder dayley fell asleep and was snoring super loud so i recorded it. :) I hope it gets up on dropbox. if so you gotta watch it. i'm trying to put it on. it was super super funny. you'll like it. then we went and bought cookies and went out to dinner. that was away good. then we went to a less actives house and dropped the cookes off and then tried to walk around and talk to people. that was super fun. but nothing really too crazy happened.

Sunday was classic. We got up and had personal study then went to the church where they put us to work. Turns out that the heaters need to have water put in the bottom of em? So like we did that basically until church started haha. then during church we got a new 선교책임자 or ward mission leader! That's crazy. The new guy is awesome. I love him. his name is 박순철 Park Soonchor. His kids all live in utah infact they go to orem high school haha. I really like him though. Anyway, so after church because of that we had a meeting with him then we came home and had companion and language study. I'm lovin language study lately. I've found a way good program for me. I think i learned like 200 words this week. pretty awesome! then we had dinner and then we went out and found a bunch of less actives moved! Haha it was great! There was an old lady who helped us. Haha she saw us look a little lost and was like hey who are you trying to find! And we were like just the guy who might live here. so she yelled up to the second floor and the guy said he didn't live there haha. it was pretty funny. On the way home we started talking to this guy and he was like hey you guys want bread? I'll buy you some bread! And we were just like um it's sunday but like if you insist i guess like we can't really do anything about it. so yeah then we were just like walking with im and there was a guy just sittin down in the middle of the sidewalk next to his bike who he started yelling at like hey get out of here! What's wrong with you? Here's two bucks go ride the bus or something! He was way rude haha but like anyway, he yelled at that guy and then we kept walking with him and he's like you know waht i'm gonna buy you some fruit instead. so he bought us some oranges. haha it was super weird....but yeah that was our weird story of the week! Well. Let me know if there's anything that i can do for you! I wanna help i jsut dont know how. plus i'm across the world...which is weird. but i love it. Asians are the best. I love korea. :) I hope you guys have a great week! 

Elder Breinholt

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