Thursday, November 6, 2014

N O V E M B E R 2, 2 0 1 4

yeah the mosquitos are starting to die down. but like i still have like 400 bites. it's the worst haha. Jeez i can't believe that picture of david. that's crazy! Ah i heard meet the mormons is super good! Alynn really liked it too! They don't have it here. :( but yeah. haha of course you cried when you saw the missionary family mom. ;) the halloween party turned out super good! Our haunted house was so cool! Haha like honestly. we at the last second turned off all the lights and splattered glowsticks all over and it was actually really cool! The only problem is that i couldn't get it to come on the camera. it was too dim for the camera to pick up. :( but it was super fun! Thanks for always praying. it really does help. The weather here is a little cold. last night was freezing but it's okay. not too bad yet. haha the article about the spiders was good. i liked it. :)  Okay so our week this week was okay! it wasn't nearly as good as last week, but hey we managed. :)

Monday after i talked to you guys we went to the church to set up our haunted house and it was lookin good it jsut took a long time to set up. we went the the bread shop after taht and the lady was super nice, called me handsome and that was pretty much it. she did pull out our card again and show it to someone. then we went to go meet a less active guy but he didn't show up. :( so instead of that we went to go visit our CU friend. that was sad though. cuz like i was pretty forward with im and was just like hey we wanna share what we are here to share with you do you think that'd be okay? and he was like nah like i'm not really interested so that was super sad. then we went to the church and met 오상일 (Oh sahng ir). he's the best. we taught him about missionary work and to invite his friend to english calss. we'll see if that pulls through though. but yeah that was monday. 

Tuesday we got up and had our normal studies until 12. We then went to the church to work more on our haunted house. i feel like that's all we did this week haha but we did that for a while. we were then going to meet mr. park but he cancelled cuz of work so that was super lame. hopefully we will be able to meet him tomorrow. pray for me please haha. Haha but it was good. we then went and got some food and then we went down to a area sorta far away. we talked to a super nice old man and then we went and met our recent convert 이승룡 (Lee SeungYong). we taught him about prayer and fasting from this months first presidency message. it was pretty good! I love him. he didn't come to church though for some reason. gotta call him tonight. we'll see what happens. but yeah! He then gave us shampoo and body wash ahha it was super funny. but yeah. 

Wednesday was good. we got up and had our studies and then we got a call from one of the less actives that we called and he cancelled cuz he had to go to the hospital for a few days cuz he was sick. So that was lame. Hopefully we can get another appointment with him. PS have you paid attention to the fact that like everything we planned had cancelled except for 이승룡 up to this point? haha. But yeah then we had district meeting which was aweosme! Elder pruner did a really good job. it was on being bold. so i'm being more bold! haha it's good. it's working sort of. it weeds out people who actually have gospel interest that's for sure haha. but yeah. then we went to try to find some less actives with no success which is fine. then we went and got 짜장면 which was way good. its the black noodle chinese food. so yeah. then we had english class which was way fun! The other elders super funny potential investigator came. his name is bruce lee. i love him. he's the funniest. i don't even know what he does to be so funny he just is. haha but yeah. 

Thursday was temple day which was super awesome. We got up and went straight there. if anyone cares it is located near 신촌역 (Sinchon subway station) in seoul. you can now find it on google maps. ;) haha but yeah. it was way cool. I always love feeling the spirit of the temple. didn't take any pictures though cuz we jsut wanted to get out of there as soon as possible haha. like so that we could have time to go shopping cuz i had stuff to buy. haha so we went shopping! I bought 2 white shirts, a sidebag and a tie. so yeah! Pretty awesome! I'll have to take a picture with me and that tie. :) haha but anyway, we went all over shopping, had mcdonalds, pretty good p-day. haha then we at night went and met 김은섭 Kim eunsup. He's the guy who cancelled on monday but we were able to reschedule for thursday! It was awesome! He's super nice and a super good guy. he stopped coming to church 7 years ago because of his job. he's just busy. but like he wants to meet us he told us that. so as we talked we taught him about eternal families cuz he's getting married on saturday so he really liked it. he said he would talk to his wife about it and about the church cuz he hasn't done that yet. he's also moving to a different area so he told us to give them his number and have them call him. so yeah! Should be awesome! he's the best. 

Friday was awesome! Halloween! We got up and had our studies which were awesome! I read about coriantumr and how bad of a dude he is. but yeah then we had weekly planning. that was awesome. haha nothing really to report from that...but then we went to the church, put the final touches on our haunted house! That was soo good. like everyone was super impressed. we created a makeshift table with a hole in the middle so we could put Elder Johnson's head through it and then it just looked like it was just his head on the table like he was decapitated. :) haa too funny. and then we put candy around him and stuff and the like peeled grapes for eyeballs and noodles for brains. too good. there weren't really any members from our ward there though. it was combined with 봉천 bongchun ward and it was mostly their ward and english class and a few people from our english class. but it was still way fun. was able to take some pics with the bishop but yeah! after the party we played basketball with the bishop. he's the cutest. haha i love him. 

Saturday was good! we went to soccer in the morning and that was awesome! I need to work on my ball control skills, cuz i have none but we won nonetheless! haha so that was super fun. then we of course went and got subway with the bishop. I love it so much. that was fun. then we came home and showered then we had a practice lesson with one of our members. I love him. :) his name is 김준식 Kim Joonsheek. It was way good. we taught him the plan of salvation and then we cleaned up our mess from our haunted house. it was easy just took a decent amount of time. then we went and had dinner then we came home and finally had our studies for the day and called people which was good. and yeah! Sunday was the normal thing. we got up and went straight to the church cuz we thought we were going to have our coordination meeting but our ward mission leader couldn't come so we just cleaned some more. then we greeted members with singing! haha then we had church which was good! Super fun! I love church. and our ward. they're super solid. all just super worried about their kids though. so i feel way bad. :( but yeah! After hurch ew came home and had our studies and then we broke our fast. after dinner we called people and then had some sort of meeting at 7 which was fun. it was to get the missionaries and single adults to work together better in the wards. it was fun! Some good ideas were tossed around but yeah! That's bout it for our week! haha i love you guys so much! I hope you have a great week! Keep on being awesome! 

Elder Breinholt
브라인홀트 장로

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