Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The YEAR Mark-June 22, 2014

Well girls camp is over! I'm sure that's nice! Sounds like a ton of fun! Haha alright I'll be sure to keep in mind that mountains are symbolic of temples next time i'm excercisin up there. :) Oh Yuba will be fun! I love that place! The only time i went was with Jayden. Speakin of which haven't heard from that guy in a long time. Awe no way! Cute little clayton playing baseball. That's the cutest. I can only imagine. Tball right? Dad went to seattle. He just never stops travelin does that guy. haha anyways, this week was pretty good actually! Like yeah it was good. So monday after emailing  we went to a 목욕탕 (Bathhouse place) with the 목동 (Mokdong) elders. That was super relaxing. So that was super nice. haha then we decided to go up to 방화(BangHwa) an place in our area that is kinda far away. So that was fun. We got to talk to some cool people and stuff. We saw the church again that was shut down. It's way nicce! Shoulda got a picture... darn. haha but yeah! That was about it. nothing too special. Tuesday we went to service which is fun as always. we got to deliver some lunchboxes. or 도시락 in korean. Super fun! Then after we of course went to mcdonalds. :) haha i'm sure you guys are gettin sick of hearin that. but it's too good. Then we met 최인식(Choi InSheek). Ah frustrating. He just wants a sign. He wants to know God exists but won't put forth any effort. So if anyone has any idea or anything of what we can share with him, let me know. Tomorrow we are going to talk about James 2 and how faith without works is dead. shouold be good. :) But yeah. Then later that night we had english class and 선교협의 모임. Or weekly coorelation meeting with our ward mission leader. English class was way fun. I like our class. And 선교협의 모임 was pretty good too. I'm sorry that you guys can't read korean. Haha it makes things difficult and probably sound really dumb. but it's whatever haha. so yeah!

Wednesday we had lunch at a 김밥천국 which is just like everything korea has to offer place. pretty good! Love it. Then we had district meeting. It was on following the spirit. I think it was probably the best one that I've ever done! So that was good. Haha the spirit was there. We talked about being able to recognize and follow the spirit. And now the other elders have 3 baptismal dates so that's awesome! Then we practiced our song for some primary thing in a month. Then we came home and called some less active members and visited a few...but none were home too bad. haha then we just talked to people! Thursday. This was it! The day that I hit a year as a missionary! holy cow. Like it's gone so fast! I can't believe it. jeez. but what the heck. I don't feel like I've done too much! So that is too bad. but we're gonna get it going. Like i said this week was good. :) haha so we had lunch with the AP cuz he was on splits with Elder Hakes so we got lunch together at a chinese place. pretty good! Then we went and visited less actives. they weren't too happy. well actually one was wrong haha. then we talked to people had dinner and then had our lesson with 한용호 or frank. haha that was actually probably the best lesson we've had with him. So that was aweosme. He said that he believes the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith is a prophet. he didn't know if Thomas S. monson was one so we gave him one of his talks. He also said that he wanted the gift of the holy ghost. So i'm not sure where the disconnect is that he needs to become a member of our church. haha it's tickin me off. but it's fine. we'll get it. we're just gonna go through the baptismal interview questions and start workin with him on each one. but yeah good lesson!

Friday was good! we went to our members restaurant for lunch! We'll have to get it if you guys come. Maybe not like at their restaurant but at a different place same thing. so good. 삼계탕. Its the whole chicken in a soup thing. But yeah. There was another american guy in there and the koreans he was with were speaking english to him. it was too cute. like koreans trying to speak english is the coolest. Oh gosh. I forgot the best part. On the way there we were sitting on the subway and i look over and this old guy starts walkin towards us and he has this look in his eye like I'm gonna get you guys good! It was so weird. so he comes and sits down next to me and grabs my hand and starts givin himself high fives. so weird. but then he tells me to grab his hand which i didn't cuz i was like uh wait what? And he started to hold my hand anyway. Like interlaced fingers. Haha what in the world. and apparently i wasn't holding on tight enough cuz he's like hold on tighter! Then he asked me for money....ah i felt bad. this crazy old man. but it was way funny! He was holding on so tight i din't think he was going to let go when i had to get off but luckily he did. :) haha so funny. Then we came home and had weekly planning which was fun. Then at night we had an appointment with a new investigator. His name is 김진혁 (Kim JeanHyuck) We thought originally he was a missionary for a different church, but turns out he hasn't gone to church in like 10 years. He's 28 and way cool! He accepted a soft baptismal commitment which was awesome. But he wants to meet god in order to like know 100% that he exists so we are going to work on that haha. hopefully that'll turn out good. we'll see what happens. :)but yeah that was a good friday. 

Saturday was good too! We were talking about our day in companionship study and we got a call from a guy that we talked to maybe 3 weeks ago and gave him our card and he wanted to meet! So we went and met him and he talked for like an hour and a half. not too good haha we were able to obviously get in there but most of it was him. But he also accepted a soft baptismal commitment! So that's aweosme! We're gonna start meeting him too. Then we were able to meet another guy his name is 박성걸 (Park SungGol) He's way cool. He's like 70? His son lived in utah. so cool. haha so he sorta knew us not really. but yeah. We got him as a new investigator too! So 3 new investigators! Yeah! :) haha it was awesome. Then we helped our bishop set up the church for ward conference. thatw as good. then we had chicken for dinner. love it.  haha so that was fun. then we had a little music conferennce! Our little 10 year old friends we are trying to turn into investigators came. that was fun. Sunday was good! we had church which was way good! And we had an investigator come! Except for one problem. He's kinda crazy. haha he's friends with a crazy guy in our ward. haha but that's okay. so it was a little rough...but it was fun. he slept the entire time during sacrament meeting. i even like bumped him pretty bad and he like looked at me and 2 seconds later was snoring again. haha it was kinda funny actually. after that we had a meal with the ward which was way good. like i always love those. hey is it watermelon season in america? Cuz we've gotten like 2 huge ones given to us. so good haha. so yeah we just talked with some ward members which was awesome! Love it! but then we came home and had language study and dinner and then went out and talked to people! We talked to a guy who made elder empey sing right next to a pretty darn busy subway station haha it was pretty funny. but we were able to set up an appointment with him too so hopefully he'll become an investigator! So cool! Haha love it. we'll see. but yeah that was our week. :) Good one over here in 화곡동 강서구 서울시 대한민국. :) Love you guys. Stay cute. Try not to change too much in the next year. <3 

Elder Breinholt
브라인홀트 장로

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