Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 25,2014

Yeah I wish we could have skyped to! I love skype. But that's okay. Oh good! Alynn didn't take a picture with Jayden or jordan so that's too bad. but it's alright. When is girlscamp? June? Ah shoot. That's good that his cancer is pretty much all gone though! That's way good! Haha kenah wanted to do basketball camp? That's cute. Following in the steps of her big sister^^ This week was pretty okay! haha we had a few miracles that made it good. :) Monday when I called you guys was my 11 month mark on my mission! So that's cool. Almost made it to the year! Crazy. Like honestly, so crazy. Anyway, after we called you it wasn't our P-day so we did missionary work! We talked to people and we talked to this guy who always stops us and tells us to talk to 1000 people a day and get em to believe in Jesus super funny. Anyways, this time he took a restoration pamphlet! Pretty awesome! We'll see if that goes anywhere. Then we went and met with 김영희 (Kim YoungHee) and her friend that she brings whose name I'm not 100% sure on. haha so this is a lady we met on the street. She's way cool. So since she's a lady and for whatever reason can't quite understand when i try to tell her we have to bring a man if we don't meet in a public place we met at a cafe. It went pretty good when we taught them the first lesson. Like it was pretty smooth and they seemed to understand, but i think she might be 통일교 which is the unification church. They want to like get all christian churches to be the same church. Kinda a cool idea. But just not right. haha so that'll be a hard bridge to cross. Like they believe that all of us christian churches believe in the same god and jesus so why not just be one church. anyway.

Tuesday! It was way fun. We had service so we went to that. It's getting hot here haha. So at service we were able to wash dishes and we wash in like a tiny little room that gets way hot. haha i was sweating pretty bad. But it's fine. It was way fun. oh! Before we went we were able to say goodbye to 오형석 (Oh HyungSuck) the guy from our ward going to london on his mission cuz it was the last time we were going to be able to see him. So crazy. haha i can't believe he's gone. So we took pictures with him. So fun. but after service we were eating lunch and they gave us like juiceboxes of soymilk and i was kinda messing with it and it exploded all over my face. So embarrassing haha. but then we went out and talked to people and met with our friend 최인식 (Choi InSheek) He's the coolest. We started talking about happiness and he said he wanted to be happy so obviously we told him the best way to be happy! Pretty awesome. I hope that he starts to see it. So we taught him the first lesson! Then we met with 한용호. I think he put a bunch of pictures up on facebook haha. Too cute. He's way cool. So anyway, we were talking about which church was true and he said all churches were true! Ah. So we are having a talk with him abuot that today. he just isn't progressing enough so hopefully he starts to after our lesson tomorrow. Hopefully he sees why only our church is true and why that matters. But I want you guys to know that I know our church is true. :) Wednesday wehad our studies which was fun. THen we went and got lunch as a district. Pretty awesome! I love our district. We are all way cool^^ haha so anyways, we had lunch together then we had district meeting. It was on recent converts and teaching for retention. Pretty good! My first training. :) haha it was fun. Actually we talked about how important the 3 gordon b. hinkley things are. They are that every recent convert needs a friend, a responsibility, and to be nourished by the word of god. Everysingle person without a calling? Less active. So! follow the prophet everyone. :) haha after that we tried to visit elss actives, but the addresses were incomplete so we couldn't find em. Sadly. Then we went and talked to people fofr the reset of the night after that. We ran into a member from a different ward! That's one thing that i've learned as a missionary is that we run into different people all the time. We really do have to be acting like disciples of christ all the time. Thursday was awesome! It was temple day! I love temple day. :) haha so we went to the temple which was awesome! It was our district and then President Morrise. Pretty small but way fun. :) I got your package! As you'll notice by the pictures i put up. :) haha after the temple though we went to a 고기 buffet with 변재호(Byun JayHo) He's a super cool member. His family lives all on the other side of the country in the very south. I think he's here for school? not entirely sure. Haha anyway, that was way fun! And way good! They had this super good onion stuff...not sure. but it was delicious. Thenn we went shopping and homeplus! I love that store. It's korea's target. Then we went to the postoffice and super cool story. We were walking and we passed a lady and i said hi to her and kinda thought hey try talking to her, but wee were kinda in a hurry so i just ignored it and went to the postoffice. right as we left the postoffice she came up to us and was like hey what are you guys doing here? Can I get your number and a pamphlet or something? So we gave her that and got her number and stuff. She seemed super interested! We've talked to her a few times since then! So hopefully that'll go somewhere! So stoked. :) Way cool experience. But, I should have listened to the spirit the first time and talked to her. Then we had english class which was fun! Of course. haha it always is. It was kinda hard thouogh. I teach the beginning class and the thing that one of our members made me teach was hard. But it was good. and yeah! 

Friday was kinda eh. but it was fine. We had weekly planning and stuff so that was fun. Then we went out and talked to people which was awesome. haha love that. We actually ran into the other elder's potential investigator so that was awesome! he's super cool. Then we went to our first  counselor's house for a 식사. Pretty delicious! We oh. Haha on the way there we ran into a member! We run into a lot of people. It really is super crazy. In a city with like 10 million people we run into peolpe we know. Anyway, then we had that 식사. Super yummy. Our ward mission leader came too so it was kinda a weekly correlation meeting thing too. :) haha so that was fun! And yeah! Saturday we did our normal thing and then we went out and tried to find less actives! The list we have the addresses are just weird so none of them are complete, but we were waiting outside of one house that was incomplete deciding whether or not to knock all the doors on this little villa, and a guy came out to us and was like can I help you! So we asked him um do you know who 김현 (Kim Hyun) is? And he said, yeah that's me!  and so he invited us in and was the nicest guy ever. He was baptized like 30 years ago probably. he's 50 years old now.  so we got to know him and are going to meet him again this weekend! Gonna get him back to church. :) haha so that was super cool. Then we had a young men's activity where we went to visit less actives, but none of them were home. Sadly they were all at their acadamies. Sunday was good! Pretty busy. well sorta. We had church which is good as always. Then we had the meal with all of the members which was fun. I got told I use chopsticks wrong by a crazy guy in our ward. haha super funny. Then we were going to have singing practice for a song that we are going to sing as missionaries in sacrament. Hopefully that goes well. :) But the sisters had already left so we couldn't. So we were able to talk to the stake president for a little and hear all about Joseph Smith. Super funny. He's way cool. His name is 이인호 (Lee EenHo) haha Then we came home and had language study and dinner. Then we went over to 영등포 (YoungDeungPo) for choir practice. We are going to be in the choir for the fireside when elder cook comes. :) so cool. That was hard! I'm not too talented. haha we are singing the like Mormom tabernacle choir versions, so it should be fun. We are singing Beatiful zion or something like that. i'd never sung it until korea. Way good song. And also, all creatures of our god and king. It should be fun. :) So yeah! That was our week! Lovin it. :) Lovin the pictures you guys are talking. Mom congrats on the snapchat. That's too funny. Haha. I hope you guys have a great week. I love you cool cats a ton!<3

Elder Breinholt

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