Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 1, 2014

Well sounds like you guys had quite the week! Jeez! I can't believe that! I hope that David is okay! Cuz that's pretty darn intense! In twelve days. Man. Haha jace is gonna be the cutest little worker. :) Look at him going and volunteering. That's my brother. <3 Jeez though. You guys have been having quite the little busy family! Kenah is done with Elementary school. That's weird. And I wanna hear more about those driving trucks? Are there just tons of em now? So confused. Haha anyways, love the pics you guys send. They're the best. This wek was pretty good! On monday night we had a meal with some members. That was way fun! Like it was good and the family was cool. We shared our message on keeping the commandmetns. It was about how one of them was to do missionary work and how we can be happy when we do it. So it was really good! Tuesday was normal! We had our normal stuff in the morning, then went and met two ladies at a cafe of course. So weird. Weird situation. Anyways, we met them then  we tried to teach her the plan of salvation, but she just wasn't having it and wants to prove to us that God exists. Even though i already know that. Haha but whatever. So...weird situation. Then we went and met 최인식. He's the coolest. He said he was going to come to the Elder Cook Conference, but he couldn't. :( so lame. But that's okay. We talked to him about faith. It was good! He was really liking it. Then we met with 한용호. Pretty good! He still is asking questions that don't matter for our salvation whatsoever. So we answer those. Haha we taught him that God has a body, and his mind was blown. He couldn't believe it. Cuz there is somewhere in John that says he is a spirit, but it was a mistranslation, Joseph Smith cleared that one up nice and good for us. :) haha so then we were both feeling like we should ask him to read Joseph Smith History for a commitment so we did that. Hopefully he liked it! We'll find out this week! Wednesday was pretty awesome! we had district meeting which was fun. We talked about area book and how it's important to keep a good organized one. So that was kinda boring to be honest. haha anyway, then we had singing practice after cuz we are going to do a musical number in church this sunday i think. Not 100% sure, but we'll see. Then me and Elder Hakes started a split. He's one of the people that we live with. We called a few less actives then we went and visited a guy and he wasn't home of course, but he came to church! So tthat was awesome! Then we were walking around talking to people and we got a guy to buy us icecream! Pretty waesome! Haha he was cool. Then we went and met a guy named 박원찬(Pak WonChan). I've met with him before. He's super cool. We kinda got to know him more. His major in college was Hungarian so that was cool. Then we just found out his religious background! Which he doesn't really like churches or stuff and has a hard time seeing why believing in god even matters. so yeah! that was fun. i like him a lot. They're gonna tell him why god matters next time so hopefully he'll start progressing!
Thursday was pretty fun! Found out that apparently in fridges there is a pan at the bottom like under it that catches water or condensation or something? Not really too sure. But that can like catch water and start to smell bad, so our fridge was smelling bad and we had to clean that haha super gross. Then after lunch we walked out and at the first crosswalk we ran into two investigators and talked to them, they're awesome. And then we ran into a member 2 seconds after we crossed the street. It was crazy! Haha like how often does that happen in korea? Like never! Pretty unreal. Haha it was fun. Anyway, thenwe walked around for a tona dn talked to people which was fun! Then we had english class that night and the other Elders investigator came that was awesome. He's way cool. His english name is justin. SO english class was way fun. WE like talked to them in english. Just classic english class. Friday was kinda boring. Haha we had weekly planning which is classic. Then we went and ate with the other elders. Chinese food. i love chinese haha. THen we went out and talked to people until our meeting with 변창기. He's so cool. haha the fire is still there. He gave us some ginger ale. Super good. Saturday was awesome too! LIke it was way good! we got up and went over to 영등포(YoungDeungPo) for a missionary conference with Elder Cook! Super good! Like he is definitely an apostle of Jesus Christ. Ha on our way there we were running to get on the train but my little card wouldn't work so lame. So i finally got it and the other guys got on but i missed the doors by like a tiny bit. Lame. But the conference was unreal good! I got to see some of my friends from the seoul mission too. They were all there. Pretty cool! Elder Ringwood also spoke which was good! He's always good. Sister cook is the funniest lady ever. I dont think that i've ever met anyone who loves people more than her. You could feel it. Oh! We got to shake his hand! So that was awesome! Like yeah way cool. But one of the things i learned is that as missionaries we are the message to the world. We have to be it. Then we went to costco for lunch, way good, then we went home and returned at night so that we could sing in the choir for the fireside! His fireside was way good! It was packed! He talked all about temple work and how we need to do it. He also left a blessing on korea that it would be healed and that the people would start to open their hearts to the gospel. So hoepfully, hopefully we'll start seeing a lot more success here really soon. oh yeah! THe choir! it was way cool! We were able to sit behind elder cook! We sung All Creatures of our God and King and also Beautiful Zion up above? Or something like that. Never sung it before korea. But its a way good song! So good saturday! Sunday was pretty good! Church was way fun! I'm liking church now. During the testimony meeting there were so many people that wanted to get up that the bishop had to stop people. Super aweosme. Haha they have a kid who sits up and holds a sign that says TIME on it to tell people that their testimony is taking too long. Super funny. But yeah! After church we went and visited less actives on splits, but both of our people had moved. Super sad. Haha but then i was waiting at the church and another member came back and we went to try and visit someone, but the address was no good so we just went to his house and got crepes in stead. :) So fun. Haha classic home teaching. Crepes with Nutella. I was in heaven haha. They're the coolest family. They lived in Hungary for four years. Anyway, then we came home and had dinner and talked to people all night! We ran into a kid who wanted to learn enlglish from us so hopefully that'll go somewhere! Love it! Pretty good week! Got to shake hands with an apostle of the lord! Haha so that was my week over here in Seoul Korea. :) Love you guys! Hope this week isn't as busy as your last one.
Elder Breinholt

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