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CUPBOP-June 8, 2014

Ah that cupbob place looks way good! Bop, that'd be rice in korean. ;) haha so anyways. Oh was Mary Ann sewin something for me?! Yes! I'm so excited for that package. ;) Well hot dang! Sounds like you guys scored big! Good thing grandma likes it. :) She's too cute. Haha you guys were just havin quite the day! Jeez! Free Korean food, free waffles, and free tacos in one day! Like what the! Haha that's awesome. Oh hey that's good that David is doing better! Awe cute little guy usin a walker. :) I feel so bad for him. That's gotta be way hard. Um like understanding! Actually there was one talk this week in church where i understood everything he said! That was awesome. haha i felt super accomplished. I think that I can understand a decent amount. More than i can speak that's for sure. :) Yeah they are all super like self conscious about it, but most of em are fluent. If they graduated from college in korea you can have a conversation with them no problem. Awe cute little kenah. That looked way fun! Where is girls camp at this year? AF canyon? 

Our week! It was pretty good! I'm gonna be in 화곡(Hwagok) for 6 more weeks! We got our transfer call on saturday night and no one in our area changed. So I'll be here for 6 months just like 평택. :) The time here though has gone much much faster. It's so crazy. Anyway. Monday was good! We went to the 목욕탕 (Bathouse) It was way relaxing. It was a super super nice one. Nicest one i've been to. The pool had like a massage thing like a sauna! Way cool! And got to take a nap. They're so relaxing. If you guys maybe we won't go to one haha. Anyway. After that we went out to visit some less active members but none of them were home sadly. So that was kinda lame. So we just left notes on their houses. Tuesday was good! We had service which was fun. Got to deliver more lunch boxes to old people. :) Then we came to our church and had a tiny practice lesson with one of our members and got lunch together. Super fun. Love that guy. Then we had our lesson with 최인식! That was way good! I really like him. He just is having a hard time wanting to know so we are gonna try and spark that in him this week. Anyone with any ideas, let me know! Then we had english class! That was pretty fun!  I love english class. Taught em some good stuff. Haha Wednesday we had our studies and stuff then we went out and played badminton with the other elders investigator and talked to a ton of people there so it was way worth it. We got the number of a super cool kid who said he was going to come to church this week but didn't, so we gotta follow up on that! Oh hey while it's on my mind, did grandma get my letter? Let me know! I finally replied to her. Love that lady. Anyway. Badminton was fun. The place was up ontop of a mountain though. Only in korea do you walk up a mountain to work out. ;) haha after that we had pizza for lunch. Then we walked around and talked to people! Then after dinner i was just feeling like talking to people so we were out on the streets and this old guy stopped us and started talkin about the korean war and stuff. Koreans, they love General McArthur. Ask em about him. haha it's funny. He saved em basically. He was the general who helped during the korean war. So anyway, we got him to meet with us saturday! but he cancelled until this saturday sadly. So lame. SO we'll see if that goes anywhere. Then we just continued talking to people!

Thursday! Exactly two weeks from last thursday is my year mark as a missionary! Let's do it. :) haha But yeah anyway it was a good day. We went and had lunch with some of our zone and then we had zone training meeting which as always was good! The zone leaders did a good job of training us on how to follow the spirit. And the sister training leaders (They are like sister missionaries who are leaders for the sisters, and for us too, but they do like splits and stuff with the sisters) was good! They talked about testifying and being able to do it more. So I put that to the test and was able to share my testimony a lot more this week! So that was awesome. Then we went out and started talkin got people and I'm pretty sure we talked to 2 other missionaries from a different church so that was interesting. Not sure if i wanna meet them or not. We'll see what the spirit tells me to do haha. anyway, then we had a lesson with 한용호. He's the coolest. Haha so we asked him to read JST and he asked us about the part that talks about Elijah. because in Korean and in english actually, elijah and eliah are the same and jesus calls john eliah so he thought that what we were teachin him was false doctrine! So we introduced JST to him and he actually really liked it. because he has noticed other times too where the bible like contradicts itself sort of. so he seemed to accept it. Pretty aweosme. We just need to get him to realize it's true. Trying to get him to be baptized ya know? haha so we'll see what happens.

Friday was pretty typical! Haha we had weekly planning and that was typical. haha the same. Then at the end of it we called our less active friend and he wanted to meet like right then! So we met him and he took us to a place called Mr. Pizza! Perty darn delicious! Haha like that's probably the best pizza i've ever eaten in my life. So good. :) haha then we tried to teach him and get him to church, it just is hard in a restaraunt environment. But the reason he stopped coming was because a member told him not to come back. Like what? That blew my mind. Then we went and visited less actives where he wanted to meet. We were able to get that 2 of em moved haha. but anyway we decided to knock on the doors of one of the places right, and one of em right when we knocked it went from a loud piano and tv on, like obviously home, to just silence. and it was silent for like 5 minutes. too funny. Then on our way home we were walking and the Rocky Balboa of koreans started talking to us. Haha he lived in America for a long time and learned english is LA so he sounded like a black asian. too funny. he was unreal good at english though. so yeah! Saturday was good too! We had all of our studies and then we went to get 삼계탕. Pretty unreal. I love that stuff. It's the soup that has a whole chicken in it. And it's like healthy. There's ginseng in it. Ah so good. Like i feel good after i eat it. so that was delicious. Turns out that place is like famous and has lots of people who only go their for 삼계탕(SamGayTahng). Haha it really is so good. Thne we were supposed to meet the guy who told us all about the korean war, but he cancelled so we decided to go visit a less active, but me being the smart man that i am forgot to write down the address so turns out that we couldn't really do that haha. so instead we called a former investigator and got an appointment with him for that night. When we met him it was way good! He is a little crazy and pretty like...what's the word. immature? Yeah he is like that haha. but his wife keeps him in check. His wife is awesome. They fed us dinner and then we talked, she had TONS of questions. Like what makes us different, where did the book of mormon come from, like it was so good. so we are gonna meet them again this week and hopefully get them baptized!^^ haha that would make my life! I would be so stoked! At the end of it they walked us all the way out to the bus stop and made sure we got on the right bus. It was too cute. :) like my parents. Anyway, sunday was good! We went to church and that was good as always. although none of our investigators came. ah so frustrating haha. So yeah. Then after church there was like a BYU info seminar thing. That made me miss BYU a ton. Ah i miss it so much haha. but that's fine. it was way good! After that we were able to talk to all of them. Now to get into BYU or BYU Hawaii they have to take the SAT/ACT in english. insane. haha like americans struggle with that. so that is crazy. to get into BYU provo, you have to be soo good at english! It's like 25% higher on the test than hawaii and idaho. But yeah! Then we went out and talked to people for the rest of the night! We have this guy that we pass like every single day that we are pretty good friends with. He tells us to talk to 1000 people a day. haha too cute. so anyway he's way cool. One time we gave him a restoration pamphlet and yesterday we gave him a Plan of salvation one! So good! Haha we're hoping something will spark in him but not sure yet. Anyway, that was our week over here in Seoul, Korea! Seems like your guys' was eventful! So that's good. Jace, workin hard, wreckin cars. Classic. ;) haha anyway. Have a good week. I love you and miss ya tons! You guys rock. :)

Elder Breinholt

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