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The End of Elder Breinholt and Warnick

The End of Elder Breinholt and Warnick

Oh hello my mother. :) haha thanks for being the best and actually taking the time to email me. Not like jace. But anyways, I really liked the picture you sent. Kenah is gonna make my little heart melt. That was seriously the cutest thing ever. Ah. I love her. Um actually about the baptisms you'll hear all about some good stuff from this week. :) No baptismal dates but some serious good looking prospects. Also, if you're wondering why I am emailing so late today it's because we went down to 평택 so that i could see one of the members. So keep an eye out for those pictures on facebook. And try to put em on the blog too! That's why I have them put em on there. Because i am forgetful and they take pictures and put em on there. So anyways, Yeah we are trying to be positive. It's lookin good. We got our transfer calls friday night and found out that I am staying and my new companion will be Elder Empey. He's been in country for 3 months now. So it'll be a lot of fun. I'll learn a lot. Elder Warnick is going to a place called 수지 (SooJee). Kinda sad that it's over. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of stuff done. I like to think so anyway, especially for opening an area. Anyways, I'm way jealous of you mom! Why are you going to Cancun with dad? Does he have to go there for business or something? I'm sure that kenah did way good in her recital. :) Haha actually i like how both you and dad's emails were on the same one. I can see what's important to both of you. To mom it's the house, and Kenah. And to dad it's BYU and Kenah. Too cute. Haha But i like it that way. It was a good email. Thank you. :) 

Okay! So monday! We went to our beloved meat buffet. So good. Haha it really isn't that good the environment is what's so cool. Then we came home and for the rest of the night hit the streets! Honestly it's what we've done way too much. haha it's a good time, it just gets old. Like this week I think i passed like 10 people that I know i've seen a ton before. Like they look familiar. That's how much it happened haha. So that was fun. Tuesday we had service and that was way fun. We cleaned a lady's house cuz she's way too old to do it. It was precious haha she was like 88 and bedridden. so sad. ah. so we cleaned her like window thing. don't really know what to call it. Her window. and then we were done. way easy. Then we went to lunch and made our way over to 영등포 (YoungDeungPo) so that elder Warnick could do passoff with the AP's. I don't know if i've ever talked about passoff, but it is what we do to help us stay focused on like missionary lessons and learn the language. Super useful. There were a lot of missionaries there passing off so i got to talk to them. Way fun. Then we came home and had our lesson with 한용호. He's doin way good. He had tons of questions for us. like all we did was answer his questions it was perfect. Honestly like this is where the whole baptism thing comes in. So we were texting him later and he said that through reading the book of mormon his questions have started to go away and he's found happiness through it. So good. So he's makin tons of progress. We really wanna meet his wife and start to get in with the fam, but we'll see how that goes. Then one of our friends, member who is sorta less active came and we talked to him. I call him Ryan Lee. Haha he's the best. I gave him that name. but yeah. anyways!

Wednesday was good too. we studied and our friend 오형석, our member who is going to London on his mission, was back to study with us so that was a good time. He hasn't come cuz he's just been too busy with moving and preparing to go on a mission. but he got his visa approved! so he's goin! anyway, then we had district meeting which was way good! I always love Elder Nemelka's trainings haha. we got to watch the Herman video on chastity which was super funny. It's just a super awkward lesson. If you don't know what i'm talking about i suggest you watch it. We watched it to learn how to better teach for understanding. Then we tried to visit a less active, but turns out his house got destroyed by Hyundai. It's becoming their latest and greatest high class apartments. haha gotta love it. So when you see the picture of the big field that i put on dropbox, you'll understand. then we walked around and were waiting at a crosswalk were another person comes up to us, i swear we've been so blessed here. but he came up to us and he lived in utah and knows a bunch of mormons. one of his sons friends is serving a mission. so that was awesome. Thursday we got up then we went to hike a mountain with our friend 류영호! that was a ton of fun! It took us five hours! It is the biggest mountain in our mission! And we went all the way to the top. ah man. it was a way good time. good view. but we shared a scripture, mosaiah 3:19 For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the holy spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father. So we talked to him about the atonement and he's like so the only way to become clean is through baptism huh? And we were like yeah that's right! He's like oh okay. So we were like well is that something that you would want? and he said yeah i think so, so we are going to get him with a date here soon too hopefully. Ah that would be so good. But anyway, then we came home and showered, then had english class. only two members came to our class. haha way sad. But! Two of our investigators came to the adult one. 한용호 and 유기선. So that was awesome. Hey so I'm not sure how clear i've been. So our english class, members do come too. but it is supposed to be used as a finding tool. that members can invite people too. So me and elder warnick teach the like junior high class. And there are adult beginning and advanced classes as well. so hope that clears things up. anyway, that was thursday!

Friday! We got up and went over to 영등포 for a training to our whole mission by sister burton. The relief society president! It was really good! She's way nice. Plus her and her husband were the last mission president in the Seoul West mission before they shut it down in 2010. So that was fun. But they just talked about how we need to remember! Remember what it means to be a disciple of jesus christ and don't ever lose that image. So thatw as good. Then we went to Costco for lunch. Way delicious. Ah man i love that place. haha i had a hot dog and a shake. okay. something way gross. koreans they get the onions, ya know like the ones you put on your hot dog. They're a little different here, they are like legit just sliced onions. but they take them and they put mustard on them sometimes ketchup or relish and mix it up and eat it. just like that. bleh i almost threw up haha. so gross. but ya know, if they like it, that's fine. haha but then we came home and did weekly planning and had our weekly correlation meeting which was good! We got our tranfer calls too like i talked about. so that was uber stressful. ah man. Oh hey I also am district leader. so that'll be fun. i get to give trainings on wednesdays! but my first one isn't for like 2 weeks so thats nice. 

Saturday was good! We got up and went for Elder Warnick's last time to the 삼계탕 place that our members own. Way good. It's the whole chicken in a soup thing. pretty tasty. i think i've told ya about it. then we had an adventure in an area we don't spend too much time in called 방화 (BangHwa) it's awesome! It's just like a lot less city feel and a lot of apartments. we talked to tons of people up threre. we also saw the airport that's in our area. Gimpo airport. then we came home had dinner then went to another thing by Linda K. Burton. It was way good! President Ringwood came and gave a really good talk. He talked about how in the work of salvation there are 5 parts. And the first one is member missionary work. He said sure missionaries can find future leaders of the church here in korea, but it will happen much more quickly and much more effectively if the members and missionaries are working together. Then he had all the missionaries stand up which was like half of the people there, way powerful. Then he had us sing called to serve! Unreal. haha it was way good. And he said look at all of these missionaries, our Heavenly Father wants you to be so successful in member missionary work he sent you these missionaries! When our new transfer starts we will have at least 6 missionaries in each area and some will have 8. Awesome. We have close to if not over 200. So that was way good. Sunday we went to church which was good! Elder Warnick, Wedam, and Sister Kang all gave their goodbye talks. So sad that 3 people are leaving. ah. but they did way good. then we came home and had language study, then went out and talked to people until dinner then went out and talked to more people. We talked to a guy who is literally fluent at english. it was unreal. And he only lived in america for like 2 years. way nice guy. and it was like 10 years ago! Which is what's so cool. so yeah! That was our week! Tryin to do some good missionary work here in Seoul, Korea. :) I really am tryin, it's hard somedays, but it's good. ah i miss you guys. I'm so grateful for your email. And janae emailed me this week so that was awesome!:) Haha I hope you guys have a great week. :) 

Elder Breinholt

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