Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 11, 2014

Haha I'm not sick anymore. I have maybe like some mucous but it's fine now. :) haha. no we don't have a designated place. I am pretty sure the medical care is social here so that's why it's only like 3 dollars for koreans to go. And like 15 to get your wisdom teeth out. Haha anyways, so because of that they have doctors specialized in a lot of stuff like the guy i went to specialized in throat medicine. So he probably did know what he was doing haha. Dang that's awesome! I would love to live with members. They're the coolest haha. Oh the mats have been a little rough lately. Like honestly I haven't slept well in a long time, but it's fine. no worries there. Dang that's way cool. Like the Book of Mormon is true. Way cool that all that stuff is still there. Didn't we go to Citzen Itza when we were there? I don't remember to be honest haha. I love how your tour guides name was lemuel. Too cute. :) Oh of course dad didn't jump! He's a huge wimp! ;) haha okay before i forget. Dad says that jace is 5'7. Like what?! That's not possible. There's no way. Also, he still hasn't emailed me back. But that blew my mind when he told me that. Jeez. Too big. All of a sudden too. Awe, yeah people here will do that too. They'll just be like oh follow me! So cute. I do like elder empey a lot. He is a hard worker and we are getting stuff done! Oh haha we called the bishop and sang him happy birthday. It was cute. :) Yeah like it's super humid here in the summer. It rains a ton. Like they have monsoon or typhoon (whatever the difference is, not too sure haha) season here for 2 months so it's super humid. I told dad that I want to call on monday. So i was super confused cuz i couldn't stay on the computer any longer so then i just decided to call this morning. Did you get the message i left you? haha yeah alynn is gonna appreciate ya. ;) Yeah I'm trying to be the latter missionary. I hope that's me! I have a long ways to go. There's always more that we can do right? I think i'm figuring it out. Our focus this month is consecration and we got a talk by Tad R. Callister that's super good. So, we'll see. I am gonna try!

Okay so since I didn't get to call ya, i'm just gonna give you a quick rundown of our week. Not too much time today, we have to go shopping! haha anyways. last monday we went over to 목동 (MokDong) the area right next to us and played monopoly. Super fun. Then we had a 식사 (SheekSaw or Meal appointment) with a member that was super fun! All six of us missionaries were there. Super fun. Haha we had some delicious stuff called 감자탕 (KamJa Tahng). 감자 is potato and 탕 is like soup. So yeah. it's pretty good! Then we went out and talked to people of course! Tuesday was good! We went to service but it was closed so we went to mcdonalds and had lunch of course. It's a must do right? haha so anyways, then me and elder nemelka had to go on a split because he found an investigator in our area and wanted to refer him to us. so we met him. he's super cool! His name is 최인식 (Chwey InSheek). He's like 60 years old and has english interest, but he also seems like he has gospel interest. He can tell that the church has blessed us as young people, so hopefully something sparks in him. We talked about leaders that we respect. Kinda cool! Then we made our way home and called people. We called 3 people and 2 of them wanted to meet that day and one of them wants to meet this week! Super cool! haha so we went and ran to meet one of them. We had dinner with him and got a shake. He was all english i think... Like the missionaries that first met him didn't do a good job of setting up like our he didn't know. He was way cool though. He's like an animator for a tv show that's coming out this year and he lived in america for like 7 years. Then we went and met another guy. he's a little crazy, but he's funny. he thought that korea is losing hope and wanted us to pray for korea. suepr funny. He said there is a darkness over korea. haha but anyway, that was tuesday.

Wednesday we ended our split. Then we went and met 류영호 (Ryu YoungHo) and had a lesson with him! We talked about baptism with him and read 2 Nephi 31! he wants to be baptized! So that's awesome! He just needs to get a better idea and testimony. hopefully we can get him to that point. Then we came home and worked on our less active people. Haha then we had pancakes and talked to people! Thursday was super good! We went to the church and had pizza school as a zone. This might blow some of the older missionaries out in the world, but our zone has 34 missionaries. Crazy. then we had zone training meeting which was good! We talked all about consecration! Which is what i've been focusing on lately so that was super good. I feel like i've learned a lot since i started. so yeah! Then we went out and talked to people! Pretty fun. Then at english class i taught the beginning adult class but only our investigator 한용호 came so basically i just had a lesson with him. way cool. we talked about what truth is. And obviously it's different for every person. Especially when it comes to religion. Still not entirely sure on what my conclusion was. ah. but anyway, the church is true guys. Then yeah! Friday we had weekly planning! That was good! hopefully we'll reach the goals we set. I mean, we will reach those goals. haha then we went out and talked to people. we ran into a less active that wanted to meet so that was cool! Then we had pancakes again..haha anyway, then we went out and tried to talk to more people. then we had our weekly correlation meeting with 변창기 (Byun ChangGee). Like i'm sorry, but korean looks so terrible when i put it in english letters. Haha. so yeah. that was fun!

Saturday was good too! We went out and visited some less actives, but they weren't home of course. But it was a suepr cool part of our area. I'd never been there before. It felt like i was back in america. Way cool. It was a huge apartment complex area. anyways. We hiked a mountain too. haha it was actually decently hot. But on our way up we ran into a catholic guy who started singing a hymn to us. Beautiful. Haha it was way funny. Then we talked to a super stylish guy as we were sweating super bad cuz we had just hiked a mountain haha. so that was fun. Then we met the less active member. He doesn't really want to come back to that was kinda too bad. kinda a waste of time. but it's okay. then at night we were on our way home and we ran into a guy who comes to english class every once ina while and a less active member's son! That was way awesome! They're super nice! It was a good day for missionary work. Lovin it. I've started to really get accustomed to it. I'm liking it a lot now. So that's good. It causes a little more stress actually, but it's good stress^^. sunday was good too! We got up and went to church which was fun! 이정배(Lee JungBae), my friend richard lee from BYU, he came to our church cuz he's on the high council and gave a talk! So that was suepr good to see him! He talked about our lunch appointment in it. way funny. Also, an american family came to our ward! Way cool. They were from Orem. And the daughter had just got back from her mission in Taejon Korea. Anyway, then we came home, had lunch, language study, made some calls and had dinner. Then we went out and talked to people but it started to rain and i didn't have an umbrella so we ran home and grabbed one. it was raining way hard. The hardest it's rained since i've been here. it was intense. but it was way fun. We were out in it trying to talk to people so that we could reach our goal. haha super fun. We ran into the bishop while we were doin it and he's like hey come over to my house, like get out of the rain! so we went over there and had some delicious food. it was fun. He's the man. 순용문 감독님 (Son YongMoon KamDokNeem) 감독님 means bishop. haha so anyways. that was fun. Then we were still a little short of our goal so we kept talking to people till we got it. Walked in the door right at 9:30. so close. haha way ool. but yeah! That was our week! Awesome! I can't wait to talk to you guys next week! It's gonna be awesome! I love your guts!

Elder Breinholt^^

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