Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MAY 4th, 2014

Oh dang! I'm way jealous of Cancun! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Yeah I saw the ones with you and the turtle. Too cool. :) Haha how do you guys always happen to run into koreans? Pretty cool though. Eh he's not a greenie he's been in korea for 3 months now, so he just finished being trained. His name is Elder Empey and he is from Idaho. Near Idaho falls i think. haha he's a way cool guy. He came straight out of highschool so he's a youngin. But it's fun. District leader is the same as always. Nothing too groundbreaking. They just told me i was district leader, nothing else needed haha. but it's cool. It's been fun. Dang that Explor place sounds way cool! ATV's and ziplining? Like I don't think it gets funner than that. Oooh gotta love those book of mormon guides. :) haha that'll actually be way cool. Dad seems pretty excited about it! So weird that Jace is starting a job. He'll be the cutest little worker ever. haha he's cool. Also, he still hasn't emailed me back, so get on him for that. It's been like a month now the little bumb. Oh!! Before I forget Happy birthday on saturday mom!!^^ I hope it's a good one! You're gettin up there! You're now what like 28 right? Not bad. You actually have the same birthday as our bishop over here. :) haha so that's cool!

Monday! Like you guys might remember i went down to my greenie area, 평택 for p-day last week and got to see 박희정 (Pak HeeJung) and the other 평택 missionaries. I hope she put the pictures on facebook. Look for em. haha anyways, that was the bomb. Then we went to our bishops house for one last meal together. That was delicious! Bulgogi, mmm. so good. Ah. so we talked all about missionary work and he gave us a list of the people who have nonmember family members. so we're gonna go try and visit them and make them investigators. :) haha so hopefully that will be good! Tuesday we had service for one last time with Elder Warnick. It was really sad to see him go actually. I really liked serving with Elder Warnick. We did a lot of good work here in little flower valley korea. That's what 화곡 means i think haha. But service was way fun! Then we had to go over to the 목동 elders house to grab some stuff that people left on splits and stuff. haha so that was fun too. i like them. Actually, now they have more elders there and one of the new guys is one of the favorite people in the mission. I don't  think that sentence made sense, but i hope you know what i meant. haha anyway, then we went out and talked to people and had dinner with 오형석 our england friend for one last time with elder Warnick. that was good. We got stuff called 해장국 or HayJang Gook. It's like soup made out of the pig spine meat. haha it's good. but yeah. I think i've told you about it before. then we had our lesson with 한용호, hey actually. Do you guys even want me to type anything in korean? Cuz i know dad says he just skips over it haha. but like if you want me just to konglish everything that's fine. so anyway he asked us tons of questions about the plan of salvation like the three kingdoms and what happens to our body. it was good. like way good. he's gotta get baptized!! Ah. i hope that he does. but yeah. 

Wednesday we had transfers! That was sad! But luckily the place that our whole mission meets for transfers is like a 15 minute subway ride from our house so it wasn't bad at all. Way nice. That's one perk about this area. Way close to everything. We got the coolest korean ever in our house though. His name is 임종우 (Leem JongOo) Don't know how to put it in english haha. sorry. but anyway, he's the new zone leader. And elder empey of course. but then we had like a little opening discussion on things we wanna do together and that was good. Then we went out and talked to people then we went to 오목교역 which means nothing to you. But we went there and had a district activity. It was way fun! We talked to tons of people and got burger king after to kind of open up our new district. So we had that fun time! Then on Thursday we walked around and tried to talk to people which was fun. I actually had a super bad cough so that kinda slowed us down a little bit. but yeah it's fine haha. then we went and got dinner. Oh! Before dinner we saw some like 15 year old girls buy some cigarettes from a dude. He's like 60 years old so he doesn't really know what he's doing and they told him that they were like 20 or something and he gave them cigarettes! haha i was pretty amazed. It really would shock you how many people smoke here. but it's only like 2000 won for 1 pack. so that's a big contributor i think. and i heard in military service you get a longer break if you smoke. so that's a big problem we run into here is smoking. sadly. then we had english class! Sadly i wasn't able to teach the junior high class. we switched. I taught the like beginning adult class. so still fun, but not nearly as fun. We don't sing frozen every week. :(  but our investigator came so that was good. Friday we did the normal thing and i went to the doctor for my cough. He just said it was like inflammation. I think it was the terrible air here mixed with talking all the time. So maybe it was a good thing. ;) We gave the doctor a restoration pamphlet! So it was way good! Haha the doctor here is a joke though. He seriously looked at my throat for like 5 seconds, prescribed me some drugs which the majority of them are vitamin c i'm pretty sure haha. way funny. so anyway, then we had weekly planning so that was good. Then we went out and talked to people until our weekly correlation meeting! Our ward mission leader is pumped up again. So we are makin a big push with these new missionaries for member missionary work. Way good. 

Saturday was good! Nothing too special though sadly. We went and visited a less active member who of course had moved haha. Then we went and talked to people more and we talked to a guy who wanted us to introduce him to rich people in our church so that they could invest in his company haha. such a joke. but it was cool. Then we tried to go home for dinner but a crazy lady stopped us and talked at us for like 10 minutes before we were finally able to get away. i don't know why missionaries attract that. haha it's way funny. i love it. we kept saying we had to go but she just kept on talking about how the government doesn't take good enough care of her and she needs her teeth fixed! Ah! Haha i was pretty scared. Sunday was way good! Elder Empey Elder Lim, and Sister ward all gave super good welcome talks. in fact we got a 식사 out of it so that was good. We tlaked all about missionary work! It was awesome! Our ward seemed to have a different feel yesterday for whatever reason, felt more alive so that's good. 변창기 our ward mission leader blessed his baby. that was super cute. then we went out and talked to people all night! haha it was a little hard because of fast sunday, but it was still good! And that was our week! It was a good one! I'm excited for these next few weeks with Elder Empey! I'm going to pass my year mark with him probably! So that'll be exciting. Can't believe it. I'm an old missionary! But anyway, lets not worry about that. I still have so much left to do! Sounds like you guys are having a great start to summer! It's still kinda cold here. Like yesterday I wore my coat. Well, i should have anyway haha. but yeah! I want it to be warm. I'm ready. Love you guys. :)

Elder Breinholt

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