Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day Call (A week late:()

It was way good to talk to all of you today!^^ You guys are still just as cool as before i left. Other than the fact that you're a year older. Unreal. And jace is 5'7. like what the heck. And he's driving now. Blows my mind. So i uploaded a lot of pictures to dropbox. I've started to take a picture of myself every night. Fun fact. Well just everyday. So that's what some of them are. My hair is unreal long at the moment. Haha and the other ones. I told you we went to a cool temple for zone conference so that's what those are. :) Way fun. So yeah! Our week was way good actually. Monday was P-day so we went shopping! Pretty fun! We went to a super nice place in seoul like a half hour away. I only bought one shirt though. but it was fun. Like 10 bucks? Pretty cheap an good lookin. Then i went and got my hair cut, but it was by a korean so he said it's too short. Even though this is like the longest it's ever been in my life other than one time...but we aren't going to talk about that are we? ;) haha anyways, yeah!

Tuesday was fun! We went out and talked to people after lunch then we went down into the subway station to kinda talk a little bit about our lesson and get ready but this lady that i've talked to before came up to us and we talked to her about the restoration. Pretty awesome! She's super cool. Then we had our appointment with 김영희(Kim YoungHee) and another one of her friends. We ran into them on the street. So that was way fun! We taught em about the restoration and stuff and they seemed to like it! Then we went and talked to morea people and yeah! Wednesday we had zone conference! Really good. We talked all about being "qualified" For the work. So that was good! It was through faith hope charity and love. But we climbed a mountain over by our mission headquarters. pretty cool. It was called 난한산성(Nanhansansung). A huge wall goes all around the mountain cuz it used to be a fortress. And that took all day! Literally it was way long. But it was fun. :) Thursday was good! We went and met brother hong. The really old guy. Super sad though. Like he's more crazy now than ever before. so really it's like there isnt anything we can do to help him. So sad. Ah it breaks my heart. Cuz I can't meet him again. Cuz at this point, we aren't helping him we are just taking his money. He's too old. Ah. Anyway, then i interviewed the sister's investigator for baptism!!^^ So that went good! She's a highschool student. Then we had english class which was way cool! Always fun. 

Friday the highlights. We went to lunch with our investigator 한용호 (HanYongHo) and the sisters potential 이금자(Lee GeumJaw). She thought that our church was a little weird of course, everyone does haha so HanYongHo taught her that its just misunderstanding and we are a good church just trying to help. Super cool. And he also encouraged her to do the missionary lessons. Like 30/30. Pretty awesome. Then we went and met 류영호(Ryu YoungHo) at his houose. We taught him the 3rd lesson. Christs gospel. Faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, and enduring to the end. Super good lesson! He wanted to come to the baptism but couldn't. And yeah! Saturday was fun too. We went and talked to people but the highlight was the baptism. Super awesome. She seemed to have a really good time. So that was good. Also, the other elders had an investigator there so that was fun to meet him. He's way cool. Sunday was fun! We went to church and then had a meal appointment with 이두현 (Lee DooHyun) and his family. They're way cool! They have a son on a mission. He's doin pretty good i think. For the message we were out of time cuz they had somewhere they had to be so they asked elder empey to bear his testimony. :) Pretty cool. Then we talked to people for the rest of the night! highlights of this week! :) haha It was way good to talk to ya. Seems like you guys are doin good. :) Love you!

Elder Breinholt

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