Monday, February 3, 2014

From 평택 to 서울 (From Pyeongtaek to Seoul)‏

새해 복 많이 받으세요!! That means receive lots of new years blessings. And they say it to each other all the time since it is the new year now. haha anyways... this week we got our transfer calls! And I've been here for a while so i figured it was time for me to go. I am going to open a new set of elders in an area called 화곡 (Hwagok) It is up in seoul. It is super close to richard Lee's hometown called 김포. He's my korean friend from BYU. He's the bomb. In fact that area is in our district. So I'm gonna talk to him and try to meet up with his dad! Super cool. Anyway, yeah I'm leaving my greenie area! So weird! I really don't wanna go. I've made a lot of really good friends here. It's gonna be super hard to go. I can understand now why people don't really want to get that close to missionaries. Because you get close to them and then they just up and leave ya! It is hard. But it's okay. It's what I'm here to do. Now to go change some lives in 화곡. It is right on the river and actually, Elder Wedam who I used to live with down in pyeongtaek lives there now. So i will be living with him again. My companion will be Elder Warnick. He is one transfer younger than me. Mom you'll be happy to know that i got the pictures you sent this week...but they are out of our mission darn it. Well at least I think they are. Because that province I haven't heard of before haha. Most of our mission is Seoul or Gyeonggi province I think. 
So for our week. Monday we had family night and went to a members house and partied with her family. So that was awesome. We played lots of fun games and just talked. Also, we had strawberrries. Man let me tell ya. I've never had such juicy strawberries in my life. Super good. Dang. Then we shared a message about how God speaks to us. I know He does. Whether its obvious to us that he's speaking or subtle, he is always there to guide us and will give us the amount of guidance that we need. and we can trust that and have faith in that.  He knows that's best for us in each and every single moment. It rocks. And as we listen to the guidance he gives us we are going to be blessed. Tuesday we did the normal thing. We went to teh church and i got to teach about the atonement. It was good! It wasn't like an investigator lesson, i just taught it. Pretty cool. Then Elder Gamble taught the whole first lesson. That was good for him. They really tried to help him and sound more like a Korean. He's gettin good! Then we started to head over towards the base to talk to people and on our way there we talked to a guy named sam for a long time. He's in the middle of a divorce and his kids all live in America. He lived there for 30 years. Which, he wasn't that good at english haha so it was kinda hard to believe. But we gave him an english flyer and invited him to come to our class and he came! Super awesome! Then we just kinda walked around the area around the base and talked to people. Then we went to subway on base with the Dadivas'. They are super cool. In fact, their son is coming to our mission! Super weird! But subway, man i miss it i'll be honest. It was so good haha. Then we had Korean class and that was fun as always. A new member came so we  taught her the alphabet. Then we came home and our investigator Julie bought us Oranges. Which, like fruit here is ridiculously expensive. For a box of probably 12 apples, like pretty good quality ones, it's over 20 dollars. And those oranges are like 30 dollars for 9. Pretty dang expensive. So that was super nice of her. She's so awesome. I'm really gonna miss her.
Wednesday we had district meeting down in 안성 like an hour and a half away. That took a while to get there. But it was really good. WE talked about how you can't convert past your own conversion, so we need to work on it every single day. I thought that was good. Then me and elder Hale went on a split! We explored down in 안성 for a little bit, then came back to where we live. Cool thing that happened on our way home we met a cool guy who was super nice and met with missionaries 10 years ago. Crazy how stuff like this happens. Anyways, we talked with him and invited him to english class...he didn't come but it was still a cool little experience. Then we had english class which was super fun. We got to know our friend Sam a little more and Dennis was on fire. He was tellin jokes left and right. Super funny. I'm gonna miss that guy. :) Thursday was awesome too. Me and elder Hale decided to go explore and have a good time. We talked with seriously everyone. Tons of people. We talked to this one guy for an hour about how Koreans and Americans think differently. Haha it was super funny. He compared it to squares circles and triangles. So weird. Haha but that was fun. Then we just continued to talk to people until we ended our split. After that we went over to the Hernandez's to see how they are doing. They are so awesome. She's a super strong member. So we visted them and that was our day.
Friday was cool because we had a mission conference with everyone. We took the fast train up to Seoul. Super awesome!! Haha like seriously, it rocked. Super comfy and got us there in like 45 minutes rather than the 2 hours it would normally take. So nice. It was called 누리로. It only stops at the busiest places along the route. But our conference was awesome! So it is a holiday called 설날, or solar. It is the lunar new year. And it's one of the two giant holidays. So there was seriously no one walking around in downtown seoul. It was crazy. We saw like 3 people. Haha so they wanted us to streetboard using the new stuff they gave us which is actually really cool. We tried talking to people but not too many people were out. Then we got back together and had more training which was super good. I love President Morrise. He's so funny and super caring. Then after the conference we had dinner with Julie. She took us to the Thai place again. So good. So we talked to her and just got to know her. We told her that I might be leaving and she was pretty sad about it. But i talked to her last night and I think I kinda made her less sad about it. Told her we could have dinner in seoul somewhere. :) But after dinner she bought us more baskin robbins. The biggest cake haha. Then on the way home we talked about the origins of satan. Haha weird question but she wanted to know so we answered it! Basically talked about the premortal life. Pretty cool. I really want her to get baptized. Saturday we had weekly planning since we didn't have time on Friday. That was fun. Took a while since I won't be there. Had to give him the rundown of all he needs to remember haha. THen since it was transfer night we had chicken for dinner with the other elders. Super good. Korean chicken rocks. Haha then we went up to 오산 and talked to people. It was raining pretty hard so we didn't have too much success...but yeah. Then we came home and Elder Gamble threw up because the chicken made him sick haha. I felt super bad for him. But yeah. We got our transfer call in the middle of a game of bang. I was so nervous, but now I think that I'm okay. Elder Gamble is training by the way! So he's gonna have fun doing that.
Sunday was super sad actually haha. It was my last time in the 평택 ward. I gave my like last words during testimony meeting. It was good. I think. Haha one of the members in our ward, 신세계 came up to me and said ah man why are you leaving that's a big loss. I love him. He's seriously the best. That gave me a really good feeling. I think you've seen the pictures on facebook. They're on there. So look for em. :) A few other members came up to me and said ah man you did good. It'll be sad to see ya go. But it's alright. Man I hate leaving. Oh hey! My new ward in 화곡 are in a ton of the pamphlet pictures that we use in lessons and stuff haha. Then I did the same thing in the Osan Branch. It was sad. I'm gonna miss america. I'll be honest it's been so nice. And I'm super depressed about that little fact. But yeah! Then we went to the unaccompanied dinner because our WML asked us to go. That was fun and really good. We saw a sweet flying video that a few pilots threw together. It was so dang cool. Like I can see why people want to be pilots. That is so cool. dang. but yeah. Then we came home and I packed! And that was our week! Next time I email I'm gonna be in a new area! So weird! I can't believe it. Man. It really is over. :( BUt yeah! I love you guys and miss you a lot. You rock.
Elder Breinholt

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