Thursday, February 20, 2014

Korea Rocks!

K I'll work on gettin those pictures to you. :) Actually, the grocery carts do have locks on them. You have to put a 100 won coin in them and then when you put it back and lock it back you get your coin back. Pretty smart actually! I didn't get your pictures I'm sorry haha I got alynn's though. :) Yeah so there were already Elders and Sisters so now we have 6. Almost every ward in our mission has 6. I'm pretty sure every ward has at least 4. Pretty dang awesome. I really like it. Because then you see their success and it motivates me to work to get it too. THat's cool that there are 3 sisters on the same team. How is america doing in them by the way? I know that Korea has like one medal of each. That's a crazy story that the stake president told! Like honestly that's so awesome. Wow. That's powerful. Haha so Jace's new thing is snowboarding huh? That's awesome! How's he doing? Oh hey! They got the package to the family to mail them your christmas presents on sunday. :) So when you get it...Merry Christmas!!!! I forgot to put a letter in there....I am so sorry haha I've been slacking big time. Dang Kenah is tearin it up! Sounds like she's doing really good! That's awesome! Our week was pretty good though!
On monday after emailing we went to this giant bookstore called 교보 kyobo. It was super cool. They sold uh lots of books haha. It was in this giant department store place with 70 story buildings. I actually got a picture of em i'll send them this week. Then we walked around in the department store tthat was way too expenisive for my taste. but it was still fun. Then we got dinner with all of em and decided to work in their area. And miracle happened! We were able to talk to a kid and set up a return appointment! Super awesome! Like that was seriously so cool. His name is 박민기 and he lived in america for 4 years so he's super good at english. That was so cool. He lived in texas area. Then tuesday we went and did service over at this old person place that was way fun. We got to deliver lunches to old people who can't really leave their apartment. So sad. :( But it was really easy. So that was fun. Then we went and just talked to people all day! For dinner we had a 식사 with the relief society president and brought our less active friend named 이혜영. He's the bomb. That was pretty good! We had some chicken stuff that was pretty good. :) I like Korean food. It's good. We'll have some good stuff if you guys come. Haha so we shared with her Moroni 7:13 which says "But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God." Then we talked about how sometimes we don't know if it is our thought or the spirit but if it is good, we should follow it. And yeah that was cool. :)
Wednesday we had district meeting which was awesome! we talked about hope and how it can help us in our everyday missionary work. Hope is awesome. I really like it. We can hope that we will find people to teach and let that hope drive us to work hard. So yeah. It was good. :) Then we went and talked to people. That was super fun. :) We were able to talk to this super crazy man. Like we were kinda messin with him cuz he was drunk too a little bit. So I was with Elder Hakes on a like 대화 split. So we were talking to this guy and Elder hakes goes oh my friend he's kinda dumb. And the dude is like oh you don't ever say that! You need to apologize! Give him a hug! So we hugged. Then we kept talking and elder Hakes is talking and said something that kinda made him mad and got him goin a little bit so he hit elder hakes in the stomach with the book of mormon that we gave him. Oh man. It was so funny. He was just one of the old korean men that just ramble and ramble so then after one of his rambles i was like hey man you wanna see my family picture?! So i showed it to him and he took it and kissed it!! Like what?! I literally laughed out loud. So funny. Then right before we were about to leave He turned to elder hakes and hit him on the head and was like hey, you need to get smarter my friend. Oh man. That was literally the best conversation of my mission. THen we had dinner with Brother Hong! He's such a boss! He took us to this pork place that was way good! I miss him already. He's so cool. I can't wait to see him this week. :) it'll be good. So we talked with him for a while. That was good. Then we went back and just talked to people again!
Thursday was awesome! We did our normal stuff in the morning and then we went to meet our friend 박민기 for lunch. We went to Han's Deli. It was pretty good. 박민기 (Pak Meen Gee) is such a boss. We told him about the book of mormon and he was like whoa. LIke that's a big deal. Wouldn't everyone want to know about more of god's words for people? And we were like yeah! That's why we are here, to tell people about it! So awesome. Then we told him about how families can be together forever and he's like well yeah...I would think so haha. So he accepted everything we taught him. He doesn't have a really strong religious background, but hopefully we will make him have one. :) haha i really want him to know that it is true. So yeah! That was awesome. Then we went and met another guy who we found off of a old record. His name is 정기용 (Jung Gi Yong) He's a litle bit slow...So it might not go too far. I just kinda feel awkward. But he accepts everything! SO that's awesome! We taught him the restoration. Then we went to english class. That was so fun. I love those kids. A family just moved back to korea from Budapest and they're all super good at english. It blows my mind! Like it's super cool. I think they went to english schools while they were there. They were there for 4 years. So that was cool. Then we just played games with em and went home! Friday we had our normal thing in the morning, but the sisters investigator's grandpa died so they wanted us to go to the funeral with them. That was good! It was really kinda different, but it was good. This investigator has a baptismal date so I think that made it easier on her, knowing that she'd see him again. But the funeral was so cool. You go in and you put a flower on the like almost shrine but not really, hard to describe. Then you pray for them, then you bow to the family members. Super cool! Then you go and just have a meal that is like you're eating with them or something. I missed that part. :/ but yeah! That was super cool! The investigator is super cute. She's this little like not even 5 foot tall korean. Haha so awesome. Then we had weekly planning, talking to people and dinner. After dinner we went and tried to visit a less active, but his mom told us to leave them alone...super sad actually. Then we had weekly coordination meeting. That was awesome. I love our ward mission leader. I've already told you that haha. But yeah! That was super good. The other missionaries in our area are on fire.
Saturday was awesome. WE got up and did our normal thing of course. Then we tried to memorize some of the members names. Names are so hard haha. Mostly cuz they aren't the names that we are used to like in america. But that's okay. Then we went to a member's restaraunt. They sell what's called 삼계탕. It is literally and entire chicken in a soup. Pretty sweet! Haha they stuff it with rice and ginger. Pretty cool! ANd also really good! We took a less active and another member. That was fun. They leave like the lungs and stuff in the chicken and apparently they're delicious, but I didn't eat them haha. So that was fun. THen we came back home and called/ went and talked to people and then had dinner, then we went and talked to people again! haha we really have nothing else to do! But that's okay. Then yesterday was awesome. We had church that was really good. Then we had lunch with the ward. Like I'm amazed that they do these meals. It's seriously a meal for 140 people. So cool. Then we had an hour of studies then we went and talked to people. That was so cool. Then we had the mini mtc which was good. I got to bear my testimony on Joseph smith and the restoration. That was good! Just know that I know the church is true. :) And that joseph smith was a prophet! Then we talked to one of the members who collects beatles. He's so cooL!  his name is 이승규. Like honestly he is the coolest ever. he's like 14 i think? Don't really know. but he had a shirt with a beatle on it!!! So dang cool. Not much time today. SO i gotta get going but love you!
Elder Breinholt

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