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SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

 This week was great! Monday after I emailed we just kinda chilled and had a relaaxed P-day. We went to Home Plus and bought some aloe drinks because they are delicous. Anyways, then we went to FHE and I shared the message! We built scripture cases. My message I shared was on 2 Nephi 19:2 and how everyone has dark times in their lives. But when you trust in the Lord, He will always shine light on your path. Sometimes it isn't very much, but its enough to keep going. And yeah that was monday!
Tuesday! nothing really too exciting happened. We went and worked on a survey thing for the english branch and cleaned our room in the church. Then we went and met up with the other elders in our district to have dinner at a place called noodle tree! It was pretty dang good! I haven't had Korean food I haven't liked. THen again I haven't had the seafood yet. Haha but that was super fun! THen we had to go up to the headquarters to stay the night because we had mission tour! And speaking of mission tour! That brings me to wednesday. :) It was freakin awesome! I loved it. So one thing I learned. This will blow your mind. There are 85,000 church members in Korea. Any given average sunday there are only 10,000 people who attend church. So that'll blow your mind. Anyway, for mission tour I got to see some of my MTC friends! That was awesome. :) I'll send you pictures with them. Alright. So President Morrise talked about something that I really liked. He said to be of good cheer. Even in hard times we can be of good cheer in the Atonement and hope of the savior. And I really love that. That we choose to be happy or miserable no matter what is going on in our lives. That's something I really believe. No matter your situation you can choose to be happy. Obviously there are sad moments, but the majority of it can be happy. Anyway, another thing he said is that we dneed to be urgent, but not in a rush with our work. Look at the savior. He had 3 years to have the influence he's had on the world. He still took time to teach important lessons that could only be taught by patience and waiting. Like raising Lazaraus. I don't think that's spelled right. Presiednt Ringwood (The area 70) talked about charity. Well he talked about a lot of things but that's what I liked the most. :) He said it is a girft, a priviledge that comes over time. And also that it is the ablility to see and love people the way Christ does. We have to work at it. And it will be given to us little by little. But yeah that's somehting that I really liked. :) Oh then we came back from there and had english class. It was really a miracle that we were back that early. So after that we taught that and talked to the people and that's where that video was recorded. Haha I'm glad you liked them. :)
Thursday!I went on that split with Elder Wedam. It was a super awesome day. A miracle day. We got up and did our normal thing, then we went up to Osan. We were trying to find our Bishops house, but just to show you how good the records are here, it wasn't the bishops house.... haha then we went to another apartment complex to try and find another person...but they weren't home. So then an angry security guy kicked us out because they don't like people just ringing bells all day in apartment complexes here. Anyway, then we went down to the actual city of 평택 to meet his investigator actually at Camp Humphries. His name is Sean Clarke and he's actually getting baptized in 2 weeks! He's so cool. He's from new york. On our way there some dude from Sri Lanka came up to us and started telling us about how he loves Jesus and he converted to Christianity and he sees his whole life as a miracle. Great story. Anyway, one cool learning experience. He's missing his middle finger, ring finger, and pinky on his left hand. And rather than saying oh God why could you let this happen to me, he sees it as, "Thank you god for allowing me to still be able to pinch things at least." So amazing right? And then he asked us for our number. Super super cool. Then we taught Sean which was way cool. I could actually contribute! It was all in english haha. Anyway, this guy, is asking us, so like...is there a commandment that stops you from doing anything dangerous? Cuz I really wanna do some sky diving. And we were like no there's not haha. And he's like oh okay good good. That's relieving. And he's asking us about temple sealing and when he can do it. So amazing! Love this guy! Keep in mind they've only been teaching him since I've came here. Then that night on our way home we were just walking, this guy comes up to us, introduces himself as Peter, all koreans have an american name too right? Haha so funny. Anyway, he's tellin us oh yeah I went to your church a long time ago! But now I'm really really busy and haven't been able to go! But I'm gonna go not this sunday because it's a huge koren holiday but next. And we just talked to him and then he asked us for our number. So amazing. I love it when things like that happen. Ah.
Friday! We got up then went to our scripture study class we do with 박희정 and 용환. It's a lot of fun. Haha i learn a ton of korean! Because i only understand like 1/100th of what's actually said. haha still strugglin with it. But that's alright. Anyway after that we went and got lunch with 용환 and did our weekly planning! Haha that was a lot of fun! Anyway, the rest of the day I don't really remember what we did. Haha we probably went ot dinner after weekly planning oh! Wait we had a 식사 with the Quigley family! They are super cool! THey've been here for almost 3 years! GO home in december. Well between october and december. We had beef stroganoff. It was super good. Then they gave us a ton of american food. So amazing. And yeah!
Saturday was pretty good too! We got up and did our normal thing. Then we went to lunch at Pizza School. Haha I don't know why we choose to go places like that. Just cheap. Anyway. it was pretty good! Then we talked to a cool man on our way home! Haha he was super nice. Then we went to what was supposed to be a baptism, but the family rear ended someone so we sat there kinda waiting with some people and it never happened. Haha so we just helped teach the other elders investigator 김종하. we taught her about the restoration. THe progress she has made is amazing. Really. She's probably going to have a baptismal date soon! Anyway, then we went to a t식사 with Julie. She's an american citizen actually haha. Anyway she's awesome. She's super rich and always gives us food. She took us to a Korean restaraunt and oh!! Dad tell Brother White that I told the taxi driver where to go with no problem. Also, I even talked to him. Well I asked him easy questions and didn't understand what he said back, but hey. Haha so that was awesome. Anyway, I'm sending you pictures of the meal we had. Holy cow she ordered a ton of food. I went into this thing still full from lunch, not good. Haha but we did it! We have all the left overs in our fridge right now actually. Haha Julie rocks. She had a questiona bout Doctrine and Covenants so we taught her about it. THen she asked about coffee. She understood everything but that. She's a super smart lady so she's like oh there's a study that says one cup is good for you each day. And since she doesn't have a testimony yet she can't see past that. But we were able to set up a meeting schedule with her. So that'll be super good. We are going teach her about how the Book of Mormon and Bible are similar. She's the kinda lady who won't listen to our commitments. She only follows her own. Like she'll commit herself to read the book of mormon, but not because we asked her to haha. anyway, I can't wait to teach her. :)
Sunday! We went to church! Then after the members made a meal because of the holiday 주석 which is korean thanksgiving. Anyway, that was delicious. Then we taught 하유진. he's a 10 year old kid who 박희정 referred to us. So she helped us teach him. IT was really fun explaining it in such simple terms. Because when you get down to the basics, the gospel really is basic. anyway, we taught him about propehts and how god is our loving heavenly father. God really does love each and every one of us and he cares about us. He wants to hear from us just like our father on earth wants to hear from us as often as possible. We have prophets who help guide the church. They receive direct revelation from God on what is best for the world to hear. After that we went to another 식사. Haha isn't it great how many we have? Anyway it was with Brother Christensen. He's a super cool guy who is here for a year. He's from Colorado. We had some super good chicken and rice stuff. Kinda like the one mom makes but different....Anyway that was my week! So heck yeah! I love you guys! I hope things settle down down there! I can't believe all that's happening! Jace, get better poor buddy. :( Same with you Janae! I miss all of you like crazy and sometimes I wish I could be there partyin with ya! But I can't. :( So I'm here! Just teaching cute little Koreans about the gospel. :) 
Elder Breinholt

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