Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Second Letter From KOREA

Haha I'm sorry that it took me so long! There was nothing I could do about that! Dang time change and everything. Haha it's still so weird that it's like 12 PM here and some other time on Sunday there. Haha I think like 9 maybe? Who knows. :) Oh that's so cool that you ran into someone who went to Korea. I think like everyone is coming here now. Probably because it rocks. Anyways, where did she serve? Haha that's so cool that her aunt and Uncle are President Morrise! What are the odds. Yeah...like our whole mission is really rich. So many people speak english and they just want to practice so it's hard to learn Korean, but it'll come. :) I haven't bought that translator yet, hopefully today so I can buy that picture thing too. We'll see though. Plans always change. Haha that's one thing I've learned. Nothing ever goes as planned. But that's alright. That makes things interesting. We get around by walking everywhere! That's how like our whole mission is. It's so populated. haha there is only one town smaller than ours and that's Ansang, which is in our district. When we have to go farther away we take a subway. Our area is huge so to get to the South of our area we take a subway. Sometimes a bus but not really. The taxis are really cheap so if we have to get somewhere fast that's what we do. Oh yeah the people aren't afraid to stare. It's so funny. You'll make eye contact with em, they'll hold it for a few seconds, then I look away, they still look then they decide to look away. Haha crazy old Koreans. So funny. There are a lot of foreigners here though so it doesn't happen too often. Yeah the ward members feed us! We passed around the meal sheet in the English branch and there were like at least two a week so that's awesome! And we haven't passed the one around in the Korean ward yet so we will be getting fed often. :) Benefits of having two wards! We had a 식사 this week and after she gave us potatoes and some fruit. Which, fruit is super expensive here because it's their dessert so that was so awesome. That lady rocks. Plus the food she made was super good. The culture is so funny. When you're eating once you finish your rice they're like oh you finished your rice! here have some more! here have some more of this. And if you eat a lot of one thing they'll be like oh here have like 10 pounds more of that haha it's so funny. They just give more and more. Which hey, i get to be full so I'm not complaining. :) So weird that she's home! Serious it feels like she left yesterday. And same with JT! I can't believe he comes home soon! Oh and Derek, it feels like yesterday I was saying he has forever before he leaves. I know it's going to go by super fast because it feels like yesterday (wow I just used that two sentences in a row...) that i was emailing you guys from this same place! So that's kinda scary. The language is still super hard, but I can usually keep up with the conversation in lessons, but at  church and when we did this scripture study class, yeah no way. Haha sometimes they just talk so fast. It's like when Aubrey talks super fast and you can barely understand her and she's speaking english. Just imagine that in Korean. Yeah no! Haha but it helps me to process the words faster so that's good. Something I started doing is if someone says a word often and I don't know what it is I write it down. I learned that there are like 5000 ways to say because in Korean and also the word through. So yeah! That's fun. Haha it's cool.
okay so our week. Monday we went shopping and hahaha we walked past this iPhone repair shop right. The sign in english said "iPhone repail shop" Gotta love Asians. :) I took a picture of it...but I have no way of sending it. I promise to buy one this week! I didn't buy anything actually...nothing was callin my name. We then went to FHE that night which was awesome. haha we played some games and It was a lot of fun! We have it for our recent convert 박희정, who by the way gave us a referral. I can't remember if I told you that or not. So heck yeah. She rocks. And we also have it for investigators and really anyone who wants to come. But some investigators will come. The other Elders have a super cool golden investigator named Sean. I think I told you about him, but I got to talk to him a lot that night and it was good getting to know him. That was monday!
Tuesday we went up to Suwon (수원) because I had to apply for my foreigner card. And we spent three hours there waiting. Bleh. I really wish they would invent air conditioning haha. Well like central AC like wehave the the States, but oh well. It was fine. That took up like a lot of our day. So we were super tired. Anyway on the way back we talked to a crazy man on the subway. No idea what he was saying, not even sure he was speaking Korean. Haha there are a lot of those kind of people by the way. Oh gosh the saddest thing. So there are quite a few old people whose backs are permanently messed up from rice farming. They are like 3 feet tall, okay maybe 4, and when they walk they walk bent over because that's just how their back is now. every time i see one of these people i cry a little inside. It really is the saddest thing ever. Oh! Haha Tuesday we talked to a super funny lady. She lived in the US for 20 years and just moved back so we taught her in English because she is a little more comfortable in English than Korean. We would ask her something and she would give this 10 minute long explanation where the answer was in the last 30 seconds. So that was funny. But that was the last time I will see her probably because now that she is going back to school, she won't have any time to meet and that won't end until December and I will most likely be gone by then, but if not I will for sure pick her back up. She's so funny. She just won't pray. She's like, I thought about praying. So that's good. In her little black lady english. But then I prayed and she was like, yeah...I like that. I hope she's prayed! But who knows.
Wednesday in personal study I read 1 Corinthians 13, that chapter rocks. It's all about charity and how we need to love everyone around us. I don't know why I'm studying that kind of stuff so much haha. Probably because that's my job for the next 22 months! Heck yeah. Oh we went to lunch and a super good place. We got this fried rice stuff that was super good. Every time I eat I've accepted the fact that my mouth is just gonna hurt. For some reason Koreans don't drink until the end of the meal haha so imagine being at a members house eating food that is always as spicy as that Shin Ramyun and not being able to drink. I cry a little inside, but that's okay. I'm getting used to it. After that we had district meeting.I have written down that I read Alma 26:29-31 and that it's a good scripture. I think that it's about missionary work because that whole chapter is. Then we plannd english class and had it! English class rocks haha it's so fun. We just talk to a bunch of Koreans who can barely speak english. But it's fun. :) There are some awesome potential investigators there! So I'm gonna work on getting to know one. his name is dennis and for some reason I really liked him from the moment I saw him. haha he's funny. So I'm gonna work on getting to know him.
Thursday we did our studies. One powerful thing thing I learned about the book of Mormon. Whenever anyone has an objection to anything that the church teaches, the ultimate source they have to go to is the Book of Mormon. Because if they can say that the Book of Mormon is true, than their objection will go away. If the book ofmormon is true, than the rest of it is true. That's why there is such a focus on that. We made some member cards also than we went to a 식사! This is the one I mentioned earlier. It was so good. But we sat on the floor which was a little different. Haha so asian I love it. Oh one tender mercy from the lord. She fed us apples after. oh my I think I ate two whole apples. They were so good I couldn't stop. I love those things. Then we taught 박희정 about temples that night too! She seemed to be interested so hopefully she works towards going. She is our english class coordinator now.
Friday we were supposed to have another 식사 but since her son was sick so she gave a member (That kid you accepted on facebook, thank you a lot.:) ) 50 dollars to take us to a restaraunt. This is why I love Korea. That's so cool. Anyway, we went to this Gogi Buffet. Oh my. So good. Haha you cook the meat in front of you and they have everything. I mean its a buffet so it's not the best meat, but it is way better than Chuck up a rama. All food in Korea is super good. Anyway, you cook it in front of you and just eat it with these delicious raddish things and kimchi, and whatever else. haha so good. We had duck which you dip in mustard that was so good too. Ah I love it. After that  we went and did weekly planning and then we skipped dinner nd did that scripture study class. Haha she was talking so fast. It was a joke. I couldn't understand anything.
Saturday we had to wait around for the people. The phone people. Our phones stopped working on Friday night so we had to call the mission office. Then we had to wait for the phone people to bring us a new sim card.So that was fun. haha because of that our plans were wrecked for the day. So we sat and worked on the member map because that needs a lot of work. I prepped my lesson that I taught yesterday which was like 5 seconds long haha it was just one baptism and confirmation. Anyway, then we went and had dinner and printed off some pictures for our english flyer. So heck yeah. Then we went to the church to finish that and that was Saturday!
Yesterday we had to be out the door by 7:30 because we had to pick up a girl to bring to the english branch at Songtan Station which is like an hour walk from our house. So we picked her up and brought her to church which was super awesome! It was fast sunday of course so I got up and introduced myself, which was actually a lot more nervewracking than in korean. anyway, it wasso good to have church that I could understand. haha i felt a lot more uplifted. It's hard to sit in church when you can't understand 95% of what is being said haha. But that's alright. it is good. After church we taught 김나영 the rest of the commandments and I pitched in my little bit. :) So yeah! Then last nightthis super awesome family the Jo's who lived in Lindon and Orem actually fun fact for ya.They gave us a sogay. A...referral. They are so awesome. They just gave the other elders a referral like 2 weeks ago and now they gvave us one. How awesome. They told us the whole reason they came back to Korea was to give the missionaries referrals. They are amazing. If only everyone in the world was like them 1/2 the world would be members by now! But yeah! That was our day! And week! I hope you all are doing well. :) I love you so much and miss you a ton! You rock!
Elder Breinholt

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