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LETTER: September 22, 2013

Well hello my family! How are you doing?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENAH!! :) I can't believe you're in Young Women's now! That blows my mind! You're getting too old too fast! :( The reason that we emailed on monday was because friday was a big cleaning day, so we didn't have time to email! Anyways! This week was awesome! We got introduced to a lady who basically is golden! Well, it depends on how she responds, but based on what she told us, she's golden. I'm not sure how long this email is going to be this week.
Alright! So monday after I talked to you guys we went to the church to prepare our activity for FHE, because we didn't have too much time to do that. Then we went to a 식사 with the Childs! We had Brazilian food. Wow let me tell you, it was freakin amazing. Like dang. It was some type of like black beans with meat and rice then salsa and some other green side thing. Wow it was good. Like who would have thought I'd be in Korea eating Brazilian food? So freakin cool. Haha I love 평택. It rocks. You should look at pictures of it on google maps or earth or something. :) haha. Well after that amazsing 식사 we went to 가정의 밤. Which is family home evening. I have pictures from that haha we played a super cool zombie game thing. Elder Atkin shared the thought on the stripling warriors. It was super good. Long but it brought the spirit. Anyway, one thing that I learned is that we all need to be like the stripling warriors. They trusted in their parents and in the lord and they never feared. We need to always trust Him and recognize that he knows what's best for us.
Tuesday was pretty tiring! We had to go up to 수원, for my foreigner card, aka my green card haha. So then we went all the way up to the mission 본부. PS if you haven't noticed, I'm trying to teach you some Korean as we go. ;) The reason we went up there was because it was my training follow meeting. So everyone from my MTC 동기 (I'll behonest, i don't know if that's the right spelling) was there. It was so good to see all of them again! Like seriously, I miss those guys a lot. They are the best. I got to see my old comps. :) haha they all are doing so good. One thing that President Morrise taught us that I really liked was that there is a word very similar to patience that is even better. It's perserverance. Perserverence is patience, enduring, but doing something about it. We suffer things well and push through. I really liked that. We can't complain if we aren't doing anything. because that's just wanting things to happen without putting forth any work. And that's not how god works. :)
Wednesday we had district meeting! It was awesome! I studied faith that day and then I shared the spiritual thought in district meeting on faith. I really wanted to go for something other than the Alma 32 chapter that everyone talks about so I shared a paragraph from true to the faith then read the story in luke 8 I think about the lady with the issue of blood. Such an awesome story. but like her, we have to have the faith to drive us to do something. Our faith has to get us to want to move and act. Even if it is something super small like touching the hem of Christ's robe. Because often times, that's enough. Just acting enough to grab the hem. Or take one more tiny step closer to christ. And then we get more and more blessings and light. After that we had english class! And since there were like 2 people therre because of 주석, we played a game. Haha you stick a word on someones back and try to get them to say it and once they say it they're out, but try to get others out. So that was fun. :)
Thursday was a party day! Haha we had a mission wide conference because of the 주석 holiday. 주석 is basically Korean thanksgiving. It's a super huge holiday. Literally everything was closed. We go up to 영든포 I think that's how you spell it. Anyway it is the biggest church in Korea. It's so huge. And it has actual AC! Also, it has a two story parking garage. So that blew my mind. Haha we had a bit of spiritual time with President Morrise before it started on thanksgiving and being grateful, but really that's not what I learned the most actually. We watched a video that was on KSL I think so you can look it up. It's about this kid who has nothing so he steals something from a lady and then he gets caught but someone pays for it. Then like 40 years later that same guy is in the hospital and his daughter can't pay the bill and one day she gets the bill saying she owes nothing. And there was a note that it was from that kid. So what I learned is that giving is the best gift. Always giving of our selves. I also learned that we never know what will touch someones life. Often times it is something we didn't think would like our example to others of one small act of kindness. So a lot of the time, our actions speak louder than our words. Just like mom always told me. :) Then after that we got to talk to everyone. Including the missionaries who left the mtc a few weeks after we got there. That was so awesome to be able to do. Haha I missed all of them so much! I would love to be companions with any of them sometime. Anyway, after that we kinda had some cultural enlightenment then we went to the park. Elder Pruner took pictures, but he has his camera and doesn't have a thing to email them I won't be able to send those. The ones from Friday either. I'm so mad. Anyway. at the park we got around like a super super huge flagpole and sung the Korean National Anthem. Haha it was kinda weird but it was awesome. Then we hung out at the park and kinda chilled then went back to the church. That was a lot of fun. :) Then at the church there was a talent show which was actually a lot of fun. Haha there was one kid with nunchucks it was amazing. Haha I loved it. And then we got home! At midnight! Haha that took forever. Long day. But it was so fun. :) Oh! Also, that was my mission 3 month mark! So 1/8th done! That blows my mind. Like what the heck.
Friday! P-Day! We got up and cleaned our apartment all day! Haha seriously it took freakin forever! I got to organize the tupperware cabinet. I threw more than half of it away. We have more tupperware than anyone will ever use in their life haha. Then we went to a 고기 buffet! So delicious. Hodges 장로님 took pictures...but he doesn't have my hopefully I can get those to you next week. I'm going to give him my email today. I've been meaning to for a while. I'm so sorry. I'm a failure I know haha. But anyway! Literally an hour after we finished the 고기 buffet. Ps 고기 means meat. So after that we went to a 식사 With the boggs! She's from mexico so we had mexican food! Again, who would have thought that I would be in Korea eating mexican food. It was super good. Then they introduced us to their neighbor Jennifer Stoy. She rocks. She's 50 years old and has lived all over the world. She lived in Italy for a long time and basically all of the European countries. She's been catholic her whole life, but she said that wasn't cuttin it for her anymore so she was looking for something else. This is the golden lady by the way. She literally told us she was looking for more. Because she was kinda lonely, she's never been marriede, and doesn't like her pracher haha. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and how it is an account of God's dealings with the people in America. We asked her to read the 소개장, aka the introduction. Haha she was super interested and was totally fine with the Book of Mormon. Haha she rocks. We are going to meet her again Thursday! I can't wait to teach her again. Oh and she was going to come to church on sunday, like yeah she's that cool. but she was up all night with some sort of tooth thing, so she wasn't up to it. :( But she'll probably come this sunday. :) And that was our day!
Satuday! I studied for Julie. She wants to see how the Bible and BoM teach the same thing, so I'm trying to find one verse or so in each book in the Book of Mormon and then find a same one in the bible. I found some decent ones. Don't have em with me though...wait yeah I do I lied. :) Matt. 25:40-Mosaiah 2:17; James 1:5 - 2 Nephi 4:35; 2 Kings 5:13 - 1 Nephi 16:29;  Joshua 23:8-11 - Jacob 6:5 and there are others but no time. :( Sorry! Then we went on the lunch with 신세게. Or Shin Say Gay. He's super cool. Like the most stylish Korean I've ever seen. He went to BYU Hawaii so his english is super good. Haha he took us to a 부대찌개 place which is a traditional Korean Dish. Look it up haha. It's super delicious. He said that was probably the spiciest thing we had in Korea. It wasn't too bad though. Got the nose runnin for sure, but if you eat it with rice it's totally doable. :) Then we did weekly planning since that wasn't done of Friday cuz of P-Day. THen we went and met 최순필 and his family. They are the ones we met not last satuday but the one before. The one whose family lived in the same place for 300 years. Anyway, he is super funny. We just got to know him better and his family. But right when we were about to share our message, I'm not too sure what happened, but they basically said oh you don't have too much time you gotta go. I don't know haha it was weird. Sowe didn't get a chance to share a mesage with them...but we sure as heck will on October 5th! Oh hey by the way we get transfer calls this saturday! What the heck! I can't believe it's almost been 6 weeks. Blows my mind. But yeah.
Sunday was busy as usual. We got up went to the churhc and greeted members like usual. THen we planned for our lessons that we were going to teach, but we only ended up teaching one to 하유진. He's the 10 year old. Apparently he told 박희정 that he loves church and his mom is cool with him being baptized so next sunday we are going to get a baptismal date! Heck yeah! :) We taught him about the restoration. I got to teach about Joseph Smith so that was fun. Good Korean Practice. :) Then we went to a 식사 with the Watts. They are super cool. He is a pilot! So that is super awesome! We had funeral potatoes! Super delicious! I loved it. And ham. Heck yeah. Last thing. I really gotta go. Then I shared the message. It was on Alma 36. We all have things in our life that we aren't proud of or things we wish we wouldn't have done. Well if we don't, we will. And so I shared that no matter where we are at we can always recover and have Joy even more exceeding than our pain with the gospel. I love it. Anyway, gotta go! Love you so much! Happy birthday Kenah! You're the cutest 12 year old I know!

Elder Breinholt

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