Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3rd Email from K-Town!

Alynn sounds like she's doing super awesome so that's good! So proud of my little sister. :) Anyway, this week was kinda slower than last week, but it was still good. Being a missionary rocks. Oh we went to the temple on thursday I think...or was that last week. It was the 5th. So... this week. Haha I lose track of time. It all kinda blurs together. Miracle for the week! We got a referral on sunday that I think I told you about, and we went and visited her on saturday! She was like a straight English interest and we thought she was going to be the only really interested in learning. But when we got there the Husband was there with us the whole time and we were talking and by the end we thought that they really loved us. They were totally cool with the 30/30 thing where we speak english with them for 30 minutes and 30 minutes after we share a message. Both of them were really cool with it! So we can really see them becoming more than just english interest so we are pretty excited about that. :)
Monday we had a super awesome Family Home Evening (가종의 밤)! We built bridges with rubberbands and chopsticks and had a competition to see whose would win. Obviously mine and 박희정's won. She's the one who is a super awesome recent convert and who posted that video i think haha. Anyway, we had the competition on paper cups so they held about 25 hymn books before the paper cups gave way. We tied it in with how we all need a strong foundation and that foundation is the savior if we want to stand against the hard trials of life. Without Him in the center of our life, we will crumble. Just like that one mormon message says. It's called mountains to climb. watch it. its amazing. Anyways, that was super awesome!
Tuesday we went to the church and met with 김용환 and just kind of talked to him. We made like member message card things and some other things for less actives and stuff. Then we went to a 식사 with the Jo's. They are so cool. They are the family that gave us the referral. So amazing. I can't remember if I said this or not but they lived in Lindon and Orem! So that's awesome! He's like oh yeah I would always go to Purple Turtle and get shakes! haha he's so funny. He was just takin pictures in the middle of dinner. Koreans rock. Ohhh they had Donkas....돈가스 maybe. Anyway, it's Pork breaded with like bread crumbs and than you have this sauce with it...ohhh it's so good. Literally so amazing.
Wednesday we went to the gym that our apartment complex provides! Super cool right? And then Elder Wedam made banana pancakes and they were so good. haha first real breakfast I've had in a long time. Then we had to leave pretty early to go up to Suwon for combined district meeting. That was super awesome! There is only one other person from my 동기 (maybe that's how you spell it, not sure) dongi, from the MTC. And there is one area where 4 of them are in the same district haha so crazy. But yeah we got to meet everyone else in the zone and the zone leaders who are pretty cool! And we met a bunch of Korean Elders and Sisters who rock of course. haha I love em. We had Pizza school for lunch which was ehh. It's alright haha. Anyway, ohhh haha on our way up there. Some crazy old guy comes up to us and is like oh handsome boys! So handsome! You guys look so happy! in english right. Then he traps me into a conversation in Korean. Haha he talked and talked and talked. Haha he said oh the Buddhist Church, Catholic Church, Protestant Church all believe in the same jesus. Like what? Too funny. Then he went off about something on world war two. The only reason I knew that's what he was talking about was cuz he kept saying Japan, Hawaii, and Sunday. haha I didn't know what to do. But yeah! There's a taste of the Korean crazy life. :) After that meeting thing we came back and got ready for English class. We didn't get back until like 5 so we had to eat then we only had 1 hour until english class. Anyway, yeah so we prepped for that then had english class! Which was awesome! Haha I love it! There's this one old guy who comes who works for a golf course so I talked to him about that and how he likes it. Then after we talked with one of Elder Pruner and Wedam's investigators. I don't know if I told you about him. Get this. He's a black guy. Heck yeah. He's so cool. His name is Sean and he literally is golden. He has a baptismal date for the 28th of this month! Soo amazing!
Thursday we got to go to the Temple!!! So awesome! I freakin loved it. I told another Elder to send the pictures to me because I felt dumb having them use like 4000 cameras. So those pictures will probably come next week. But we had to get up at 5 to get up there by 8:30! Holy cow. I learned that 평택 is super small. Therre were soo many people up in actual Seoul. Dang. It blew my mind. The subway, you literally couldn't move. Haha kinda cool. Anyway, the temple rocked. It's super cool. It's in the middle of the city and you can't see it until you are right there. You see the sign and bam it's right there. Anyway, we went with the 인천 zone so I got to see some of my buddies that are in that zone! They are basically all Koreans. Ohh so the senior couple in our district rocks. Haha I think I told you about them. Their names are the Riding's. They are the military relations couple. Anyway, they brought us sandwhiches and chips and all american stuff. They always spoil us. Haha it was soo amazing. We ate it in what would qualify as the temple cafeteria I think haha. But yeah that's our district! Then we went home! Haha that took like our whole day out so we didn't do anything. I don't remember when we got home, but it was late.
Friday! We got up and did our normal study stuff then we went to our Scripture Study class! I'm pretty sure I told you about the teacher last time. haha she speaks soo fast. Anyway, it is a good chance for me to improve on my listening skills. I wrote down so much 단어. So that was good! Plus we got to learn about some super cool things in the Book of Mormon! Like all the things that say in the beginning oh and this man was the king in Jerusalem. I don't really remember haha but we found it in the Bible and that was awesome! After that we went to lunch and did weekly planning! And that took us until like 5...so then it was time for dinne! Haha for dinner we went to a 식사 with a family who is getting ready to go to the temple! The dad was finally baptised a little over a year ago so now they are getting ready to go! It was super awesome. They are an amazing family. Plus they gave us this delicious Aloe drink, which if you ever see an aloe drink, buy it. It has little like aloe globs in it, it's super good. haha anyway. The mom was like asking all of us questions which was super awesome to get a chance to speak in a 식사 haha because it doesn't happen to often! So that made me feel really good about Korean! Well kinda. Haha not really, but I felt good. :)
Saturday we got up and studied! Same ol same ol! haha every day. Anyway, we had lunch then headed down to 평택 the actual city. We did a little Jundo (street contacting) but no one was really interested as we went to apartments to find less actives. None of the less actives were home though...so we don't know if any of them even live there. Haha but that's alright. Then we met that family I talked about earlier! They have a little 11 year old daughter and 14 year old son. They are super awesome. So just a little about that guys family history. His family lived next to this airport in some town in the Taejon mission for 300 years. 300 years! This family lived in the same place. But then the government came and needed it to expand the airport so they paid the family what they deserved. And yeah! So if you have any cool stories about our family history let me know! But yeah! They rock! And that was Saturday really!
Yesterday! I almost forgot to write in my journal so I would have had nothing to tell you guys! Haha just kidding. Yesterday was awesome! We went to The Osan Branch where neither of the speakers showed up so they had anyone who ever served a mission get up and sing called to serve haha so cool. Then they had a bunch of new members bear their testimonies and then they had the missionaries. Right as it was my turn we ran out of time so I didn't have to. :) haha that was super lucky. Then we went to the Korean Ward and taught 김나영 whose parents moved her baptismal date to October 3rd since that's apparently the only day it can happen. :( So we are gonna try to make it happen that day! They keep moving it, so dumb. Anyway. We taught her about the restoration and watched the restoration movie. After that we had another 식사 (Pyeongtek rocks also, we have one like everyday either this week or next week. Heck yeah) and that was super good. It was with the american members so we had American food and ate with forks! Haha my mind was blown! I had salad! So that was amazing! After that we came back and studied for a little. I came across something that I really liked. It's Isaiah 9:2 also 2 Nephi 19:2. It says: The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined. The reason I like this so much is because Christ is our light. He will always come for us, always "shine" on us so to speak if we excercise even the tiniest bit of faith. He will never stop helping us. No matter how inferior, imperfect, or weak we feel, he is always there shining his light on us and guiding our path. I think that the way he does that is through the scriptures. As long as we are reading, he will guide us to him. I just really like that scripture. No matter how dark our path may be, he always makes it bright. So amazing. And yeah! That was my week. Korea rocks. :) Everything about it. I love the people here, they are so amazing. :) So freakin funny. I love Koreans. Haha and that's it! I love you! I hope you're doing well!
Elder Breinholt

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