Monday, February 2, 2015

JANUARY 25, 2015

Hey guys! This week was a pretty good one! We were decently busy sort of. Haha anyway.

Monday -  Aquarium P-Day
We went to the aquarium! It was stinkin fun! Haha like really. Dang i had a blast. It was really expensive though. 22 dollars. but it was worth it for a one time thing. so that was cool. But anyway, after email we went to gangnam where the aquarium is and that was cool. it was inside a giant mall. when i say giant, like bigger than any one i've ever been to in america. wow. it was stinkin huge. and only like 2 or 3 stories. so that's what made it even crazier. haha but yeah. we went to the bookstore there and that was 2 stories as well. it was really nice and had tons of books. then we went to the aquarium. they had tons of stuff. monkey, sharks, bats, crocodiles, turtles, jellyfish, and even the fish that eat your skin. :)  So it was really cool. i have lots of pictures. you'll see. :) We also went with Elder Pruner and Elder Hodges and some other people and that was really fun. I love those guys. we have pics together so it should be good. Then we came home and made calls and went to 정경수 Jung Kyungsoo's house for FHE. that was stinkin fun. They made us 떡볶이 Duck Bokki which was really good too. it's like...ah hard to explain. basically, spicy food that tastes good. haha anyway, we shared a message about temples which was really good and then we played a game which was really fun. it was the one where you make a beat and do animal signs? I don't know how to explain it without doing it. 

Tuesday - Exchange With Elder Ryan
On tuesday i went on exchanges with Elder Ryan so that was really fun. he's one of the elders who is in our house. but yeah! We had our studies and then we talked for a little about their area and things they can do to improve it. so that was good. then we went out and visited a lot of members and if they weren't home we heart attacked them. that was really good. that also took a while. but yeah! then we went and updated our referalls. so like now all the referals you get go online and you have to update them....and since it's new ish i haven't done it at i decided to do it on tuesday since we had a lot of time. but yeah! Then we came home and had dinner and made lots of calls. but not too many people ansewered sadly. haha and yeah. calls were pretty much our night....

Wednesday - District Meeting/English Class
Today was a pretty good day. We got up and had our studies and then we went to the church and had district meeting. i think it went okay. :) We talked all about accountability and goals. just like how important it is. but yeah. that was fun. i dunno what else to say about it. haha then we met elder morgan cuz he needed to evaluate some principles for our language program. :) but yeah! That was really good! Then we went and got dinner and had english class! That was super awesome! 

Thursday - Busy busy busy
This was a super busy day! We had 5 appointments plus our weekly coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. haha right after our studies we went to the church and met 김성환 Kim Sunghwan. he's super aweosme also he's a member. anyway, we taught him about the temple. he gave us a super good idea to teach sealing in the temple. you get an envelope and put like each family member in there and then seal it! The seal is being sealed to your family. cool right? haha anyway, then we went to 신림 shillim and met a guy named 이수호 Lee Sooho. he's super cool. he's a former investigator of like a year that we are trying to pick up. but i don't know how it's gonna go...he hasn't answered our calls since then. we met him for lunch and jsut talked to him about how much it can bless his life and did HTBT like got his religious background and got to know him a little bit. :) haha but yeah! Then we went to 노량진역 noryangjeen station and met a guy who wanted to give us his book. :) haha he's adorable. ironically his book is titled investigator. pretty funny right? Anyway, we met that guy for like 2 seconds cuz he didn't have time then we went and talked to another guy, taught him a lesson, so that was awesome! He's a guy that elder smith and elder helms met on tuesday. he was really nice. just doesn't have any belief about god so it's hard. then we had our weekly coorelation meeting which aws awesome. then we were going to meet our recent convert but he never showed up and lost his stress. haha but yeah. then we came home and had dinner and then we met 박효민 park hyomin. he's super awesome. like one of the best members in our ward. super sad story. his wife was pregnant...but this week she had a miscarriage. super sad. :(( but yeah. that's their story. we taught him our life on earth and the atonement. that was really good. then we came home!

Friday - Weekly Planning / 2 Lessons
It was another pretty good day! We had weekly planning which was super good. took a stinkin long time that was stressful haha. but that's okay. then we had dinner then we went to the church and had a practice lesson with 임성철 Lim Sungchor. he's the young men's president. he's super nice and a really good teacher so he helped us and gave us lots of tips. we taught him life on earth i'm prettysure. i can't remember haha. oh wait we taught him God and families. so that was good. then after that we went to 숭실대입구역 a subway station in our area. :) haha that was good. we met 김경민 Kim kyungmeen. who is the same guy we met last week. but he told us very frankly this time that he didn't want to change. that he was very set in his ways basically. haha but yeha. we talked to him about faith and i felt the spirit, he just isn't quite prepared right now. i think he will be in the future though. 

Saturday - More 귤 배달!
We had our studies and then we had lunch. it was our last sandwhich that we can make. so sad. but that's okay. then we went out and visited a bunch of members which was awesome. they were all home so we were able to share a bunch of messages and pray with them so it was really good. :) then we went to 봉천 bongchun because they had to do another evaluation. so we did that and got dinner with them. that was super fun. they always are. :) Haha then we came back and bplayed basketball with adam and a potential investigator. Adam is the other elders investigator and then the potential guy is our potential we are hoping for him to pick up. he lives in gangnam that's a problem. then we came home and made calls. 

Sunday - Busy 안식일
Dang another busy day. haha we had 2 super busy days this week. and yesterday was one of them. we got up and went to the church to go to PEC. that was fun. Haha it was cool to actually be in on it. although they really just asked us who was coming to church. Tried to talk more...but like it's hard cuz they all know what they're doing haha. then we had church which was really good. we just didn't have any investigators there. but we did have a potential guy there! He's come twice, we just haven't been able to pick him up as an investigator yet. he's a little weird but like that's fine. haha we're gonna try to meet him this week. after church we went to ward council which was realyl fun! Haha it was super long. but that's okay. it was good to be there. Then we went to go out and do home teaching again with one of our members. that was fun. haha we were able to go to one of the grandma's house and share a message with her. too cute. haha but yeah. then we came home and studied and called people! And yeah! That was our week. This week in district meeting i'm gonna "train" on asking questions. should be really awesome. but yeah! i hope you guys are survivin. no emails yet from i'm not really sure. only pics from dad. ;) haha just kdding. love you though. have a great week! I miss you so much!

Elder Breinholt

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