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February 8, 2015

Oh my gosh. too funny that there was another get together for the mom's of seoul south korean missionaries. haha you guys are so cute. that place looked super good! And actually like pretty decently authentic korean food! So good find. :)   We weren't able to meet 김선민 kim sunmeen this week. But that's okay. he actually hasn't answered any of our calls, but he answered the sister's call! So that's good. Ah tell janae i say happy birthday! I wrote it in my planner. :) haha wait hang on they sold their house in springville just to build another house in springville? Why? Also are they living with you guys? ah you mailed my package?! I'm sure i'll get it at transfers next week then. I'm excited. :)  Thanks for praying for us. :) 

Monday - Visits to Members/Less Actives
After i emailed you guys we went down to a part of our area called shillim 신림. It's cool. THere are a few less actives down there that we confirmed don't live there. the rest we weren't able to that was sad. :( but yeah! We also visited a few members and left a message with them so that was awesome. then we had dinner and then we met 유성렬 Yoo Sungyour. he's a new investigator. mostly just english interest, but we're gonna see if we can switch it more towards the restored gospel of jesus christ. :) he's super cool. but yeah we just did like HTBT getting to know his background and stuff like that. then we came home and made calls for the week! 

Tuesday - Exchange with Elder Helms
So as you can see I was on an exchange with elder helms today! Haha it was really fun. He's so funny. He's from alabama. We had our studies together then we went and visited a few members and heart attacked them cuz like not too many people were home. haha koreans are busy. by the way heart attacks are when you stick a bunch of hearts on their door and put like oh we love you! and cute stuff like that on it. then we talked to some people on the street and then called some referrals that we had to contact. Then we went and got my favoirite korean food, 삼계탕 or the whole chicken in a soup haha. too good. it was way delicious. then we came home and talked about how we can help their area and did some PMG TIP and then we made some calls! Pretty good day!

Wednesday - English class
Wednesday was super fun. we got up and had our studies then we went and got elder smith's haircut for lunch haha he needed it bad so we decided to sacrifice lunch. Then we went down to 정경수 Jung Kyungsoo's house and he actually fed us a little haha then we shared a message about faith and repentance with him. that was really good. then we visited a bunch of members around there. then we met up with the bongchun elders and did the 12 week evaluation. last one we have to do! then we got dinner with them and then we had english classs which was awesome. always way fun. Haha we have a few more people coming. but yeah! Then we taught 안상철 Ahn Sahngchor about temples and eternal marriage. that was pretty awesome. he gave us some super delicious chicken. he's too nice. he always helps us so much. super grateful for him. ah. but yeah! 

Thursday - Temple Day!
Temple day is always awesome. like i love it so much. i felt the spirit super strongly. ah. dang. i love it. the spirit was like especially strong this time. don't know why. but it was way good. :) Then after the temple we went to costco which was awesome. i love the bulgogi bake. it's so good. only in korea! haha but yeah. that was super good. elder smith got a package at the temple that weight probably 30 pounds. it was so heavy haha. it was his birthday on sunday so that's why. dang. it was awesome though. then we after costco okay. let me tell you something about costco in korea. they give you awesome samples. like chocolate, meat like steak. it's so good. haha that's aweosme. but after costco we went to a 목욕탕 mokyoktang that's right next to our house. holy cow it was super nice. those are the public bathouse things...super awesome. it was so relaxing. i haven't been since like june last year. way too long. then after that we came home and finished p-day. then we did PMG TIP. that was awesome. i taught the restoration and i felt a really good spirit when i testified about joseph smith. dang. then we had our weekly coorelation meeting which was really good of course...and yeah! 

Happy birthday janice. :) Love you so much! Can't believe you're 26 now! That's crazy! You're so old! haha just kiddin. :) you're not too old. Anyway, we got up and had personal study, then we went to youngdeungpo for zone training meeting. i had a meeting that i had to go to before for like the zone leaders aka like all the district leaders  in our zone. so that was fun. Zone training meeting was super good though. we talked all about faith and taht was good. we watched a conference talk by elder Pearson which was really good. some time in 2009. i would suggest it. Just like have faith in god and don't doubt! Not too hard. :) haha anyway, after the meeting we came home and had dinner then we went and visited some people. visited a guy named 진현규 Jeen Hyungyu. he's super cute. we talked with him about how throught the BoM we can come to know god exists. we'll see if he does it! Then we had our studies and yeah! That was how i spent Janae's birfday. :)

Saturday - Busy Busy
Another busy saturday. haha we got up and had our studies then we met a guy named 김영범. he was a referal actually. he went into the church in youngdeungpo cuz he had to fix their printer and the lady talked to him about how we teach english and he wants to learn english from us! So heck yeah! haha we'll see how that turns out. So we met him and just like got to know him and established what the program is. so yeah! Pretty good. then we met 강진오 Kang Jeenoh. He's the best. haha we met him with 허병석  Ho byungsuck. he's also the best. he's the former stake president guy. dang i love him. We taught him about the temple and how through it we can give every person to ever live an opportunity to go to the celestial kingdom as well as eternal families. so that was pretty awesome. :) haha he took it pretty well and i think we just now have to get him to realize he has a testimony. cuz i think that's what's holding him back. like he comes to church almost every week and he just won't get baptized cuz he doesn't know for sure yet. we'll get it out of him. :) haha anyway, then we got chicken with them. that was delicious. then we went and visited 안태훈 Ahn Tayhoon. he's the best. him and his wife are so funny. dang i love them. we shared a message about the after life and that was fun. it went really good. then we came to the churhc and met 강동주 Kang Dongjoo. he's a guy who adam the other elder's investigator referred to us. so that was pretty awesome. he wants to learn english too. but that's okay. he lives in gangnam so we'll have to refer him if he ever starts to progress. but yeah! Then we played basketball twith them and came home and had dinenr! 

Sunday - Weekly Planning.
Well because we were so busy this whole week weekly planning got pushed to sunday. haha but that's okay. WE went to PEC in the morning then had church. Kang Jeenoh came so that's awesome. he just needs to get baptized...we'll see if we can get him a date this week. thenwe had a meal after church which was good. then we came home and had our studies and weekly planning! And yeah! That was our sunday. haha no naps or anything for us...but that's okay. :) it was a good day. :) Glad to hear that you guys had a fun week. Tell jace and kenah to email me...:( i miss them. but yeah! I hope you guys have a great week. Miss you tons. Can't wait to talk to you again!

Elder Breinholt

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