Monday, February 2, 2015

FEBRUARY 1, 2015

Yeah the aquarium was super fun. :) Yeah i got the pic of kenah's braces. crazy that they're almost completely straight. Has she been crying each time she gets em adjusted still? :) haha dang mom look at you! Just being miss fix it over there. oh no the dryer broke?! Welcome to korea. :) Haha we don't have a dryer anywhere in our mission other than the mission home. :) So each time you hang dry the clothes just think of it as you living a little part of my mission. :) Um anything i want for my birthday...well actually. i really want a keyboard. like i recognize that i don't want or need it until i get home, but i want one i can take to college and put in my room and like put headphones into so i don't bother other people. but yeah. :) That's like the one thing i want for college. :) But as far as our week goes....

Monday - Disappointing, but fun P-day. :)
After email we went to meet up with elder champion, my companion from the MTC. The people in his district were going to do this spicy donkas thing which is just like a pork cutlet with sauce that is black that just like destroys you. no foreigner has ever done it. haha but yeah they were gonna do that but when we got to the place it was shut down. :( so we just went somewhere else and talked so that was still fun. then i got my haircut and that was long overdue. haha then we had dinner and went and met Maynard. He's this philipino guy we met like in the beginning of december. we were finally able to meet him. it was super cool. he's got a super strong belief in Christ. Ah! While we were waiting for him a guy comes up to us in fluent english and is like hey you guys are the LDS missionaries right? I met some of you in Michigan when i lived there. that was pretty cool. haha he was nice, but not really any interest. but after that we met Maynard and prayed with him. like when he prayed for us the spirit was pretty dang strong. he wow is really cool. then we just talked to him about life and how we can help him. it was really awesome. we really helped him. he's having a really hard time cuz koreans discriminate against fillipinos pretty hard. kinda sad. but yeah! 

Tuesday - 김선민! Kim Sunmeen!
Pretty good day. we had our studies and like in the february liahona/ensign there's an article about a family that has a baby that's supposed to die and they pray and just like it's super sad. i would suggest reading it when you want to cry. it's so good. haha but yeah! Then we went to 봉천 bongchun cuz they needed our help to put together a sign or something. there are only two elders and two sisters and they basically can't be in the same room with eachother unless the numbers are odd so we had to help em haha. but yeah we helped em then we came home and had dinner and then we met 김선민 kim sunmeen. he's a super good guy. he came to church last week. not this week though... but we met him and he wanted to study the book of mormon. he's got a lot of potential. but he hasn't been answering our phone calls lately...might have blocked us. stress. but yeah. we just got to know him so we can know what to teach him. we are gonna teach him the plan of salvation if we meet him this week. then we brought a birthday present to our old ward missionleader kim surgi. he's so cool. haha we put a heart candle on a cupcake and took it to him. he's the cutest. but yeah! That was pretty fun. then we came home.

Wednesday - District Meeting/ English Class
For district meeting we had 3 members come and we taught them a practice lesson (There are three companionships in our district) and the purpose was to improve our ability to ask questions as we teach. so that went really good. we got a less active girl there for the sisters to practice with. and after she was like dang that was awesome! Lets do this every week! So heck yeah. :) haha but really it was pretty good. just talked about how to teach people the gospel better. :) THen we taught a practice lesson to 민창기 min changgi. he's cool. haha that was fun. taught him about god and families. he's the cutest. he brought us apples. then we taught 강진오 kang jeenoh. he's the man. we went through and taught him how to study the scriptures so that he could study em better on his own. pretty good. he read alma 34 on his own and said it was good! So yea! it was really good. then we had english class and that was pretty awesome! Always the same. :) haha 

Thursday - Less Active Hunting
We went to the church and did PMG TIP for a little. that's the program that our mission has set up for us to study korean and become better teachers basically, it's really good. but we did that and then we went down to 신림 shillim and tried to visit some less actives and active members but no one was home...stress. but that's okay. then we went and met a guy named 희수 heesoo. he's a guy in the phone that we called that we were able to get an appointment with. he's pretty cool. he's alynn's age. he has no interest in religion though. he just wanted to see what we were about. he thinks its boring. so that was sad. but it's okay. then we came home and had dinner. then we had our weekly coorelation meeting but our ward mission leader didn't show up so i was in charge. :) haha that was fun. but yeah! THen we went to teach a practice lesson to 정신영 Jung Sheenyoung. he's super cool. he's the like YSA advisor guy. we taught him earth life and atonement. so that was awesome. :) 

Friday - Weekly Planning/PMGTIP
Today was pretty good, just like not too much happened. we had part of weekly planning and then we had to go to youngdeungpo so that elder smith could do PMG TIP evaulations with the zone leaders. that was super fun. me and the other zone leader who wasn't evaluating went to go meet someone...but they weren't there. so that was sad. haha but then we came back and they were done so it was okay. then we came home and had dinner and then we finished weekly planning. then we went out and visited a few people by our house! so yeah!

Saturday - Basketball Tournament!
Saturday was super fun. there was a big basketball tournament that they asked elder smith to ref in so we went and did that. it took a long time though. and we can't play cuz we can't play half court. but i got to talk to a recent convert guy in youngdeungpo named 오준형 oh joonhyung. he's super cool. haha i really like him. then we had lunch with em. some people who were from idaho wandered in there haha. then we came home and had personal study, then we went to bongchun to do PMG 12-week evaluation with elder maughan and morgan. that was suepr fun. then we came home and studied. but yeah!

Sunday - Church and visits
Good way to end the week. we had personal study then went to the church and got it tidied up. that was fun. then we had church. none of our investigators came today though. so taht was sad. :( THen we went and visted a bunch of less actives iwth kim surgi our old ward mission leader. that was super awesome. on the way we decided to ride a bus but we had to transfer and during the transfer we ran into 오상일 oh sahngir. who is a less active i used to meet all the time but haven't been able to meet or really get in contact with. so that was awesome. and he's friends iwth kim surgi so heck yeah! Haha that was so good! THen we visited more people and went to kim surgi's house to eat. that was super good. :) Him and his wife are the cutest. if elder smith sends me the pic i'll send you a pic of us with them. :) then we came home, studied and made calls! Pretty good way to end the week! Haha but yeah that was our week. :) Can't believe the patriots won the superbowl...that's sad. :( But yeah. tell jace congrats. ;) haha i hope you guys are bein awesome! Glad to hear church is good. :) Love you so much! 

Elder Breinholt
브라인홀트 장로 드림.

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