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NOVEMBER 30, 2014

The first snow of the year! It's snowing right now on december 1st. kinda cool. :) 
We weren't able to meet that guy again this week cuz he was sick still. so we are hoping to be able to meet him or at least take something by his house tomorrow. The three day adventure in bongchun was awesome. :) haha i loved it. Okay thank you so much i will let you know when i get it for sure! we tried to put the lights up...but i'm gonna have to redo it because the window in our house doesn't work. so when we get em in a good spot i'll take a pic for you guys. I don't know why i didn't take a pic of those to be honest. but we're going back again today so i'll take some sweet pics. :) haha I didn't buy a korean jersey cuz i have some cheap ones and it was like 80 bucks. so yeah. :/ but its cool. yeah we didn't have thanksgiving...well we sorta did, but nothing at all like america. :( ah so you had it at our house? That's always fun for thanksgiving. and larger than grandmas haha. awe you got me christmas presents? You're the best. :) can't wait for them.

We sort of celebrated thanksgiving! We went to a gogi or meat buffet! haha it was way good. Not quite 30 pounds of turkey like you guys. Did you do the thing where you have your cousin or whoever kill it and bring it to you? Ah that sounsd like a way good time. What did the lisonbee's do? but yeah that sounds way fun. Ah that idea from bishop actually sounds way good. ah i love it. i wish byu was better though. :( ah man basketball. i miss it so much. ah yeah if you could look for those apartments that'd be awesome. i just emailed the guys about it so yeah they'll get em to me. it'd be nice of you to coordinate it yeah. you're the best.

Alright this week starting with monday. Well seeing as i was in bongchun, not even noryangjeen where i serve, it kept things interesting. after email we went shopping and stuff and that was fun. then we came home and played a ripoff of monopoly that we bought for 15 bucks. pretty aweosme. plus it tested our korean knowledge haha but yeah it was awesome. then after that pday was over. oh about monopoly. i lost. i don't think i've ever played real monopoly sadly. :( but it's alright. so i lost by a lot. it was super funny. elder dayley lost so bad. haha like he didn't even go around once before we had gone around like 3 times. super awesome. After that we went and met elder morgan's investigator who was baptized yesterday. he's super golden. super super awesome guy. anyway, we went through what he can expect when he's baptized and what the process is and how to do it and stuff. so that was super cool. then we had family home evening which was super super fun. the message was super sad though. sister hong who is serving there went home this week so it was like all dedicated to her and the guy who shared the message showed a video of a ton of missionaries getting home. wow just writing about it makes me wanna cry haha. but yeah it was super sad. anyway, family home evening was super fun. we just like wrote things to sister hong who went home and elder johnson who got transferred. their ward is so aweosme. the members are seriously the best. like wow. it was my first night and i felt like i had been there for a long time. they were so nice. it made me wanna serve there for reals. but yeah! that was our day. 

Tuesday was good too. we got up and had our studies and then had lunch. that was really good. elder morgan had gravy mix sent to him so we made mashed potatoes and put his gravy on it. wow so good. it was like i was back at good ol' grandmas house. then we called people for a while and yeah then we went to the church to get a pic of their map which they keep at the church so them and the sisters can use one map. pretty cool. then we went and visited them which was awesome! Then we stopped by bong's place. elder dayley and pruner and dent were there talking to him. we just said hi. but they were able to leave him with a book of mormon and he said he'd read it! then we went to dinner at a donkas buffet. that was super good. donkas 돈까스 is actually japanese, but it's super good. its a pork cutlet with breading. so yeah that was way good and only 6 bucks for as much as you want! then we walked back and filled out a few of the records and went home! 

Wednesday. transfer day. the sisters i was with in the mtc finished their last transfer and had their first sunday as a normal member yesterday. that's weird. but super awesome. so yeah. we got ready to go and then went to the noryangjeen house so i could drop my stuff off, then we went to the place. haha on the way to our house i literally barely fit on the bus. like the door had to rub against me to close. it was super scary. but yeah. i fit. gotta love a 10 million people city. :) then we went to transfers! Those were super awesome! there were a ton of people transferring. it was super sad to see elder dayley leave though. :( I miss that guy. but yeah we talked to some of the missionaries transferring for a while. Elder warnick if you remember him, he left me in hwagok we were companions, but he has been in his area for 8 months now and is gonna be there for at least one more transfer. haha but its cool. then we came home! Elder Smith is my new companion and he's super solid. i really like him. he's from arizona. mesa. where is andee and them from again? I can't remember. anyway, yeah! We got home and had to have our studies and dinner and then english class! That was super cool! Then we came hoem!

thursday. THANKSGIVING!!! we got up and studied and then we were able to call people and set up an appointment for a practice lesson right then so we went to the church and taught our old ward mission leader. that was super fun. he helped a ton actually. i figured out a lot about how to become a better teacher. basically i just need to be more confident. so yeah i've been working on that a lot. but yeah then after that practice lesson we went to the park and talked to a bucnh of people which was fun. nice old grandmas and stuff. but yeah! nothing too great came out of that sadly. but then we came home and went to the gogi buffet for dinner. the meat buffet. it was supr fun. we went wiht the other elders. there should be some pics if i can get my card to work. super delicious. sort of haha i ate a ton of fruit so taht was way good! I just can't eat as much food in general especially meat as i used to. i think i'm turning korean. i enjoy kimchi and other korean food like onions in some sauce stuff haha. anyway, that was way good. then we went to the fish market which was super cool! There are some huge fish in there. we're talkin octopus wiht legs as big as yours and shrimp the size of your forearm. super crazy. haha it was way cool. but then we continued talking to people. one thing that was suepr funny was elder smith was talking about talking to people and he says awe the best is when they're listening to music and you get em  to take their earphones out. literally one second later we started talking to a guy who took his earphones out and we were able to get his number. pretty cool. btu yeah! Then we came home and made some calls.

friday was pretty cool. it's the day the sisters i was with in the mtc went to america. so weird. but yeah. we had our studies and stuff and then lunch and then weekly plannign. that was long. the first one with your new companion is always the longest. but it was way good. i love it. and i really do like elder smith. his sister is also serving a mission right now. she's alynn's age. she's in washington. so yeah! but yeah weekly planning was suepr good. then after that we had dinner and then we went to the church for our weekly coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. it was kinda a party meeting cuz it was thanksgiving so we all brought like candy and snacks haha it was super fun. the sisters made an apple pie that was super good. love it. but yeah! We talked about our investigators and stuff and then came home! 

Saturday was super busy. we got up and went straight to soccer which was super fun. it rained all day friday so the field was a little wet like a few puddles but that's okay. it's not too cold yet. definitely warm enough to be outside playing soccer. so that's aweosme. we invited 강진오 kang jeenoh our investigator who is super awesome. hey you know what i just realized, you guys can show brother fairbanks all the stuff i type in korean to know how to pronounce it. so yeah anyway, we invited him and he came! But, he was hurt so he couldn't play. which is why i don't get why he came. i think he jsut likes us. after soccer we went to subway with the bishop and him which was super fun and delicious. he really liked the bishop so that was suepr good. then we came home, showered and went back to the chruch and taught kang jeenoh! that was super super good. he really does want to know if there is a god. we are really hopin for him. he has a lot of potential. we taught him about god and the afterlife and stuff. he took it well and said he would try to pray everynight. so we'll see how it goes! I'm super excited for him. :) Then we moved all the missionary room stuff acrtoss the church and grabbed dinner. then we came back and did a practice lesson with thte other elders cuz they needed one. then we spent the rest off the night moving stuff back into the gym cuz they took eerything out to paint it. then we came home! We also set up our christmas tree. it was beautiful. :) 

Sunday was a good way to end the week. we got up and went straight to the church cuz it needed some serious cleaning haha. so we got up and did that. we had to vacuum and stuff. there should be pics. it took a long time but that was good. then we greted the members and yeah! Then church was good! Elder smith and sister hurst and mortensen did a special musical number. elder smith is super good at piano, sister hurst plays the violin and sister mortensen can sing like no one you've ever heard. shes super good. but yeah that was aweosme! then we came home and had our studies and lunch. that was so good. i love them. :) ah i read a talk by d. todd christofferson from conference all about like how we are the ultimate choosers of our lives. it was so good. hit me hard. i would recommend it. then we went to 김용 kim yong's house for another little meeting thing with our ward mission leader. he has tons of good ideas and is kinda trying to put em to use so that's why we're meeting him so much.  but yeah! That was aweosme! We had food and took some pics i'll send em and then came home! But yeah! I hope your week was okay. i love you guys so much. you're the best. sounds like you had a nice thanksgiving. not too long until i call you guys. that'll be great. i really do love you to pieces. haha you're the coolest. until next week

elder breinholt

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