Thursday, December 11, 2014

DECEMBER 7, 2014

Hey guys. This week was pretty darn awesome! we saw a few miracles and had an investigator at church finally! Things are really starting to pick up and it's really exciting. :) I'm really excited about the work goin on here in 노량진. monday after emailing you cool cats we went to gangnam!! so awesome. haha just as awesome the second time. :) so that was awesome. we of course went to taco bell and took some cool pics by the gangnam style sign then we went to the book store there that's super huge. that was pretty awesome. i bought a cookbook that's huge! haha it has tons of stuff. then we went and taught Louis. the guy who lived in brazil for like 25 years. that was kinda hard but good. he definitley felt the spirit. you could see him kinda change because of it after we bore our testimonies on the book of mormon so that was super cool. but yeah! That was our monday. after that we went home and made calls for the rest of the night! 

Tuesday was good! we had our studies which were awesome and lunch the we went to a hospital to go to a funeral for a lady in our ward. her husband died in a car accident suddenly. super sad. i guess he was a member but went less active soon after he was baptized but she's super solid. we got to carry the casket to the bus but couldn't go to the place they were gonna bury (cremate) him cuz it was across the river. but that's okay. then we went and met bong! the man. he's so cool. we talked to him for a while elder smith was able to get to know him. then we shared a intro of the book of mormon and asked him to read 3 nephi eleven. so we'll see if he did! We are gonna meet him for p-day today and play board games with im. should be super fun. :) haha then we went to find less actives which was decent. not too successful but like we found out a little information. anyway, after that we went home had dinner then we went to talk to some cool people by the college in our area that's pretty aweosme. that was good! Pretty successful then we went to krispy kreme and had some much missed donughts. wow those things are so good. haha i love em. it was delicious! but yeah! After that we came home.

wednesday we got up and had our stuies that were good. then we went out to talk to people! we went from our house to the edge of our area haha it was good. talked to a bunch of people. then we found a super awesome restaraunt that was like a buffet so we had to eat there. there was lemonade! It was awesome! Hhaha so good. but yeah we ate that then we hit the streets again and then we started talking to people, ended up talking to a filipino guy named maynard. he's pretty awesome. had tons of lds friends before coming here in the philippines and saw the missionaries all the time. so yeah we have been contactin him a lot and hopefully are gonna meet him but he's just super busy all the time...:( but it's okay. we're gonna meet him. :) haha then we had english class and our weekly coordination meeting which both were super good. nothin too special to report though.

Thursday was cool! We had zone training meeting so we had to go to that! We talked about area books the hole time and how we need to keep them organized and basically just chapter 8 of PMG. we're focusing on how to use time effectively in order to find prepared investigators now. so that should be awesome. i'm stoked. but yeah! That was good! Then we came back and met our investigator who has been sick forever 신재직 sheen jayjeek. he's awesome. but he's not progressing so that's lame. but yeah! The spirit was really strong we couldn't get him to come to church though. he's still too ruooted in his church. :( but it's okay. after that we watched the restoration and had pizza with the other elders and their investigator for like dinner ish. but yeah it was way good. i felt the spirit for sure. i would suggest that movie. :) haha it was way funny. after we watched it, their investigator goes wow like is there a part 2 or 3? Haha super cool. but yeah. then we met 안상철 형제님 ahn sahngchor. he's awesome. we had a practice lesson and taught him all about how the gospel blesses families and god. so yeah! Super good!

Friday was good! haha it was normal. anyway, we had our studies and those were good. the christmas liahona? Highly recommend it. it's sooo good. anyway, we had weekly planning and that was fine. took a while, but it was super good so it's okay. :) haha then we had dinner and went out to visit some less active person and then talk to people. it was freeeezing cold. the less active wouldn't let us in sadly. so lame. no one was in the mood to talk to us though. the wind was blowing, it was just super super cold. but it was okay. just a lot of normal rejection. haha then we made it home and made calls. 

Saturday was interesting. super weird. but yeah it was good. we got5 up and had our studies. we couldn't go to soccer cuz we had two appointments that we had to plan for. so that was cool. we got ready to leave and then we went and met 강진오 Kang Jeenoh. he's super awesome. he's progressing! He came to church yesterday! And yeah! We met him and invited him to be baptized but he said no because he doesn't think that he can endure to the end. :( So we have a sick plan. yesterday in church i had some revelation on how to get him through that. we are going to read the tree of life story with him in the book of mormon and compare it to enduring to the end by holding onto the rod. anyway, super cool. so yeah we taught him and the spirit was really strong. then we went to the park to meet another guy. this is where all the weird stuff happened. haha so i got off at the right bus stop and elder smith tried to but two ladies stood in his way and wouldn't move so he couldn't get off in time haha suepr funny. so we were separated for about 5 minutes and it was super weird and lonely. anyway, after that we got back together and then a girl yelled out Missionaries! in english and so we turn and she goes "I'm from utah!" and then she says okay bye and drives off haha that was super cool. then again on the way to meet him we ran into a less active kid who is super cute. he just doesn't come to church for some reason. i don't know. but yeah. that was good. then we met our investigator Mr. Park from a few months ago, who's wife opposes him meeting he gave us back the book of mormon...super sad but it's whatever. haha then we spent some time trying to find some less actives, but yeah! Then we came home, had dinner, and made calls the rest of the night!

Sunday. great way to end the week. we got up and had companion study cuz we needed to do a little prep for church. so we did that then we went to church where our investigator came which was awesome then we yeah! Church was good! Our investigator seemed to like it and said things that sounded like he was intending on coming again! So heck yeah! THen we had choir practice after church. would you guys have ever thought i'd sing in a choir? Yeah me either. haha nayway, we did that then we came home and had our studies. those were super good. i read the Quentin L. cook talk and wow. it's way good. the one from this conference. i would recommend it. it's all about how we need to make good choices and make ones that are in line with our goals. heck yeah. anyway, yeah! Then we had dinner and went out to talk to people. now that it's colder people aren't really wanting to talk as much. so that's sad. but it's okay cuz when we came home and made calls we were able to get like 5 appointments with members so heck yeah. :) haha anyway, that was our week! THings are takin off! Heck yeah. :) I love you guys so much and can't believe that it's already been a year and a half. you rock. lets make these last 6 months count huh? 

elder breinholt.

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