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DECEMBER 14, 2014

Hey guys. :) How are you doing?? things are going good here! I'm really loving things here in 노량진 noryangjeen. They are lookin good! Haha i'll just start off by tellin you about our week. 

Monday we had email and stuff which was great. haha after we emailed i went and got my haircut and we went shopping. then we met bong our investigator the leather guy at the church and played board games with him. that was super fun. we played catan. elder smith won. it took forever haha but it was super intense and fun. i love pdays. :) Haha anyway, so we played that w\ith him and then when p-day was almost over we showed him around the church which was great. he really liked it and the feel of it. so i am hoping we can get him there again. we'll see though. he really liked the gym that we have in our church. super fortunate cuz it's the old stake center so that's why it has a gym. super cool. I love him to death ah. he's the best man. anyway, then we invited him to family home evening and he almost came...but no dice. super sad. so then we had family home evening which was super fun. we did it at a members house. 김용! Kim yong. he's super cool. anyway, me and elder smith shared the message. it was the restoration. super good! Then we played signs. that was super super fun. haha i didn't think it was gonna be like that fun but it was way fun. mostly cuz it's asians playing signs which is just adorable haha i love it. anyway, yeah so that was super fun. and that was our night! 

Tuesday we had our studies then we went to find some less actives but none of them answered sadly... then we went and met one of our members 김영곤 kim younggon. he's super awesome. he took us out to eat at a shabu shabu restaraunt like the one i sent pics of last week. it was super good. we ate a ton. haha he ordered some sort of thing that had beef and sea food? it was super good. haha their seafood is pretty different. like they eat a lot of octopus and like... don't take the heads off the shrimp and a lot more like oyster stuff. so yeah it was good. :) Then we went bck to the church and taught him a lesson. it was super good. about the plan of salvation. then we had to retake pics for our pamphlet. oh my gosh i haven't sent you guys pictures of our ward program each week. they're like 8 pages and in color. they'd blow your mind. i'll be sure to take some this week. but yeah. so there's a picture of me and elder smith in there where he was way taller than me in it haha it was funny so we retook those then we met 김성환 kim sunghwan for a practice lesson and that also went really good! We taught him the second part of the plan of salvation. pretty awesome. then we went out to talk to some people. that was pretty darn successful! Ran into a dude who wanted us to meet his church's missionaries. haha too funny. so sick of those people. but yeah. anyway, then we had a guy buy us oranges so that was awesome. then we went to 김슬기 Kim surgi's house. that was super fun. him and his wife are too cute. we taught them about faith and it was really good. they helped a lot. but yeah! it was great! And that was pretty much it! 

Wednesday was cool. we got up and had our studies then we went to the churhc and had lunch. we just bought some kimbop on the way to the church. pretty yummy. then we had district meeting which was good. we talked about what makes a successful missioanry and the book of mormon. It was awesome. i love it. then we planned what we're going to do at the christmas party comin up. then we had dinner and then we got ready for english class and had it. only three people came though. we played a fun game where they had to come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet. our investigator put fineapple down. too cute. :) haha love koreans. anyway, then we had our weekly coorelation meeting which was awesome. love our ward mission leader. also it was elder dayley's birthday. love and miss that guy. haha

Thursday was super good too. like we woke up and did the normal thing ya hear it like what 7 times each email? Haha anyway, after our studies we went to a service center and served old people lunch for like 2 hours. haha it was awesome. old people in korea are the best. they were all like surprised when we spoke korean to them. it was great.i loved it. but yeah. then we ate it and it was actually really good. it's like a place for old people. old people home. that's what its called. haha anyway, it was cool. then we went to find some less actives and that was interesting. we ran into a guy who was a member of a crazy church. if you translate the name it means new world. anyways, long story short he told us that we don't believe in god, we believe in someone who tells us to believe in god and that the book of mormon wasn't true. but that's because he didn't let us talk. still angry about that situation. anyway, so yeah. then we came home and had dinner then we went to teach 박효민 park hyomin a practice lesson at the church. that was awesome. we taught him the gift of the holy ghost and endure to the end.  that went super good! Plus he made me feel super good cuz he said i was good at korean. :) heck yeah! i feel good.

Friday was cool. we had weekly planning which was awesome. haha it took a long time, but was good. then we did some of our language pass off program for elder smith. it was really good. he taught me the first lesson. aka the restoration. that was awesome. he taught really well. he's a great teacher. anyway, then we went over to 김동래 kim dongnay's house for dinner. that was great. haha i love it. she made some sort of soup thing thatwas really good. then we shared a message on prophets which was great. left em with a talk on joseph smith which it just so happens that the guy had to give a talk in church that was on prophets so it was perfect! haha yeah then we came home

Saturday was good too. we got up and didn't go to soccer for teh second week in a row. just too busy... but it's okay. we had studies then we had our lesson with 강진오 kang jeenoh. he's our progressing investigator who we are hoping is gonna get baptized. prayin real hard. haha we'll see what happens though. but yeah. he asked us some questions about the plan of salvation which was perfect. cuz we were able to talk about our life on earth and how to make it through we need to pray and study the scriptures. so it was great. he knows now what to pray for and to study teh scriptures every day. we see good things for him. then we met 윤동주 yoon dongjoo for a practice lesson whree he asked me to give a talk in church on sunday so i had to give a talk yesterday haha. it was great. but yeah. that was fun we taught him about prayter. then we went to find less actives and got a ggreat view. then we met lousie for dinner which was great. then we went to the church made some calls, and did some subway proselyting. we just talked to a bunch of people on the train. it was good. except a guy started to ask me super good questions right as i had to get off. it was so sad. so i gave him my number. 

Great day at church on sunday. but i had to give a talk...ah stress. so that's what i did for personal study. i love how i was able to do it in one hour. thank the heavens for being a missionary. haha anyway, then we went to the church and got ready for everyone to come, cleaned up. then we had church! Kang Jeenoh came so that was awesome. he's come to church two weeks in a row! SO yeah! Then my talk in sacrament meeting! It was about how through following the prophets we can be blessed. so i just talked about how gordon b hinkley said that if we read the bom we would have the spirit and then talked about my experience and also about joseph smith teaching us about eternal families and how that's blessed my life. which is pretty obvious as of late! haha so yeah! then we had a meal with the ward which was awesome. so yeah. a lady told me my korean pronunciation was good. heck yeah. ;) haha made me feel good. but yeah. then we had choir practice which was great, came home had studies dinner then we went out and found some less actives. we were able to find that 3 people had moved so not too bad! haha then we came home and that was our week! So all in all, a progressing investigator who came to church, and a ton of practice lessons. pretty aweosme. i've been really happy lately and it's great. :) haha i hope that your christmas is awesome. i'm missin ya guys. have a great week! This is the last week of school right?! Super nice. :) keep stayin strong in the gospel. it's the most important thing ever! 

elder breinholt

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