Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 20, 2014 Good Week!

Oh hey my cool family! I would like to first congratulate dad on buying what look like the coolest shoes I've ever seen. Second, to congratulate him and Tyler on those shelves in the garage, they look good. And I feel like they are going to be a pretty nice addition. Next step, the basement! Cool:) Mom, I'm glad that you were able to feel the spirit so strong in church today. I love easter. :) That actually sounds like a super good idea for a sacrament meeting. Oh wow! Matt and Mikel! I miss them! How are they doing? The temple is all in korean, but the usual sessions we go into are in english. Because there are a decent amount of foriegners here between the army bases and just foreigners haha. so yeah!  So this week was awesome. We've seen a lot of miracles lately! Like We have been super blessed. I don't know what we are doing that's different but we have been seeing success. So whoever is tossin up the extra prayers our way, thank you. :) haha so our week!

Monday! We had our P-day stuff. Nothing too exciting. We basically sat at home all day. We've been so tired. Haha today all we are going to do is go to a 고기 (meat) buffet and then take a nap. haha we're beat. But I assume that's a good thing. ;) So we did that on monday, i mean nothing. Haha then we had weekly planning because we just didn't have time last week with general conference. So that was lame. But it was fine. Tuesday! Oh hey just so everyone knows i'm over 300 days on my mission. tomorrow will be 310 actually, fun fact, i've been keepin track. ;) haha so anyways, we went out and talked to people. We were able to talk to a pretrty cool guy who was way nice, we gave him a name card. We also talked to a crazy guy..haha he knew english pretty decent and could speak arabic as well. Pretty awesome! Haha I love how easily we attract crazy people. Actually while I'm talking about crazy people. Last night there was some homeless guy that looked like he was on some sort of drugs. He was walking out in the middle of the street with cars going by him so we knew something was wrong with him. We tried to sneak by him, but two white dudes with white shirts and ties on don't sneak around too easily in korea. So he spotted us waiting at a crosswalk came up to us and starts asking us for cigaretts (not sure on the spelling). But we are like no we don't have any sorry man! And he keeps askin us like 4 or 5 times haha we didn't know what was going on. But finally he walked away and started like spelling stuff with his hand on the window of some store behind us. Way psycho guy. haha love it. so anyways, later tuesday night we were able to meet with mr. 한용호. It went pretty good! 변창기 our ward mission leader who you guys have heard about a ton came and talked to him for a long time just about his life and his story and why he won't get baptized. So that was actually some really good information. Like we learned a lot about him. Also, we learned that he really doesn't have a testimony of our church so we are going to talk to him about it tomorrow. Cuz he's gotta get one soon! So yeah that was our tuesday!

Wednesday we went to 목동 and had some delicious chicken for lunch and then we had district meeting. That was really good! We talked alot about area books and how important they are. So then we went over to our investigator 류영호 (Ryu YoungHo)'s house. We were able to meet his wife who isn't too big a fan of ours. so that was good. He said that she is starting to warm up to us. So we were able to teach him about prayer and why it is important. So that was good. He prayed at the end and it was super cute. He loves english so he prayed in english. Just remind me about it when i call you guys here in a few weeks and i'll go through it for you. You'll get a good laugh. :) He just doesn't quite get why we are meeting with him so we are going to have to go over that again. Then we came home and made calls to former investigators and got one guy to meet us this sunday. Also we did work on our less active book. Thursday we went to service. We are starting to do service multiple days a week so that everyone in our district can go in one week! So that was good. We got our 설거지 on. Which means we washed dishes. :) haha it was way fun. There's this cute old lady who comes up to us and says in english, I love you! I love you! Super cute. Haha I love it. So that was service. Then we came home and finished our studies and then talked to people and had english class! I really like our class. We always get to sing 겨울왕국 or...Frozen which is such a good time! Haha I get pumped when i hear it on the street. It's way fun. :) But yeah we taught that then went out and talked to people for like a half hour then came home! Friday was really good day. We went to lunch in MokDong so that I could do pass off. It was good. I learned a lot haha. so that was a good time. Then we came home and had weekly planning and then we met the guy who waved us over to him last week! Mr. 유! He's so cool haha. I like him a lot. He's 60 years old and an interior designer i think is what he said. We set up the program with him and did How to Begin teaching if that means anything to anyone back home. :) And he said that he would come to church! So that was way cool! Miracle number one for the week. Well actually he didn't come...but he said he would come. I think he just ran out of time. He got mad at me for like trying to confirm our appointment haha. he's like Breinholt, I said Friday at 6 o'clock I'm gonna be there, don't stress about it. haha so anyway, we are excited for him. THen we had our weekly correlation meeting which was pretty good!

Saturday was decent! we were able to talk to people for a long time. actually, miracle number two. a guy started talking to us and was like hey i want you to teach me english so we are meeting him tonight hopefully. way cool. Love it. haha anyway, we actually found a super good waffle place that we are planning on going back to! For mom, i'll take a picture of it next time. :) haha I'm sorry that i suck. I'm gonna actually try to get that missionary picture list thing going. cuz that's kinda cool! Oh haha funny story. So we were talking to a guy and to keep the conversation going we asked him for a good restaraunt and we went the way he told us, we just didn't turn at the right place cuz it's not where we were going haha. so we walked a pretty long ways maybe like 5 minutes and the dude waves to us from across the bridge that we were on and says no you need to go back! There's no restaraunts over there! Like don't go that way! And we couldn't hear him that well so he jumps over the like guard things and runs across the street to talk to us. We thought he was gonna get hit. So he walks us all the way back and tells us to go that way. Oh koreans. So nice. haha it was awesome. then we came home and made dinner and cookies. We took some to our Ward mission leader and our investigator 류영호 so that his wife will start to like us. :) haha winning with cookies. Sunday was good too! We went to church which was pretty good! Then we went out and talked to people for a long time. then we had dinner which was a nice break. Then we went out and talked to more people. The third miracle of the week. We passed a kid on a bike and were like oh hi! And he said oh hi! And then we kept walking right cuz like that's a normal thing to do. And then he comes up behind us and is like hey! What are you guys doing here?! I see you guys literally every day after i finish school and i've been wondering for a long time. You're like the first foreigners that i've seen around here so just like...what are you doing? So we told him we are missionaries and ask him for his number to meet again and he's like oh not yet! So we are hoping to keep running into him. :) I have hopes. So that was super awesome. and that was our week! Pretty awesome right?! We have really started to pick up steam and it's nice. :) Haha so keep the prayers comin. :) Anyway, it sounds like you guys are doing good. Jace didn't reply to my email. Tell him to get on that. :) haha have a good week!

Elder Breinholt

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