Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 4

Cute Family,
  Haha we sleep on mats in korea because that's how they do it! And also, because that's awesome. Like...who wouldn't want to sleep on a mat? Haha class yeah everyone has cried, including me. There are parts that just hit ya! We dont' go to the temple because they are just like super deep cleaning it. We might even get to clean it, but who knows! They might bus us to Timpanogas, but I don't know. That would be so crazy. Like 2 minutes from home! Ah I am so jealous of your guys' fourth of July! But ours was cool too. :)That sounds like so much fun! I loved that slip 'n' slide we did last year! It rocked!I probably will get it on time. Korea is like the easiest country in the world for us to get passports to. Like Brazil, no one is getting them and they are all getting reassigned. So that kinda stinks, but rocks for us! :) Oh dang girl! good luck planning girls camp! You can do it. :)
So the sentence structure of Korean. Subject object verb. So if you were to say, Christ performed the atonement, you would say Christ Atonement Performed. Something cool happened yesterday. We were teaching our progressing investigator and after I was talking to a kid and I replied in Korean because I was in that mindset. So awesome! Haha when I said it, I was like...whoa. But our dongi (group/district) is doing so well! We learned inderect questions on monday, which are sentences like do you know why Christ performed the atonement. A question in a question. And all of the older groups were like dang...we learned that on Saturday. So that was really rewarding to hear! The language is coming easier because we can say more stuff and because we know enough now where we can put sentences together easily. Plus our teachers are amazing. Brother Wade always gives us "Wade Specials" which are cool things they don't teach here that took him like 2 or 3 transfers to figure out and that is really useful too! Oh hey! While I am thinking about it. Mom can you send me my khaki abercrombie chino pant things? Khaki's are cool now and I will just buy brown shoes in Korea. Brother Wade told us that we can get a super nice winter coat in Korea for like 50 bucks so it's a good thing we waited! Anyways, back to the language. So Korean is seriously so beautiful. The Hanguk Saram, or the actual koreans came in and I may have said this in my last email....but oh well. But they came in a spoke and taught our teacher. Dang. Listening to them speak made me love it so much more. Everything about it is so pretty. Also, since all the sentences end in verbs, they all end the same way so it sounds really cool. Let's see what else. They forms for everything. Like before and after, when, because, since, things like that. And they come in the middle of the sentence...i dont' know if that makes sense. So let me give you an example. So if I were to say...After church we eat quesadillas. It would be We church after quesadilllas eat. So that's cool. This will throw ya for a loop. We feel the spirit after we read the book of mormon would be: We Book of Mormon Read After Spirit Feel. Yeah. Korean's cool. But also, Japanese is the same structure, but korean is harder because if you don't prounounce it just right, they won't understand. So yeah. Whoever is saying Chinese and Japanese are easier, good joke! Haha it is so funny to see people try and count in like spanish and they are like dang what was 15?! Well in Korean, there are two counting systems. And it is kinda a guess as to which you use. Like in use both. Korean numbers for hours and Chinese numbers for minutes. So that's confusing. But hey, it's cool.

 The oldest group left monday night! So weird that we aren't the youngest anymore! Just a few more days and we've been here for a month! That's crazy. I miss the old people a lot. But I knew one of the kids that came in wednesday from BYU so that was cool to see him again. They live right next door to us. Yeah you did tell me that you can send those packages for free. Keep em comin. :) Williamson chong no nim get's at least one everyday. It's ridiculous haha. Um down in raintree...I have no idea who is down there. It just depends on the mission. I know for sure the Madagscar guys are. But other than that I don't know. It isn't very many I dont' think. They need to send more though because K-Town is getting overrun by all of the english speakers! K-town is like three or four tables that we always sit at for meals haha so yeah that's that.
Okay so this week! After we emailed...we studied, I got a haircut, and we had TRC. That was awesome because it is members who come in and we teach them for like 20 minutes. That was a good experience because there isn't any pressure so it is a lot more comfortable. The first guy's Korean wasn't the best haha like it had been a while since he had been on his mission so that made me feel more comfortable for sure. Something that I learned from that was how different people connect better with different people. That made no sense. So the first guy, I felt like I really connected with him when we taught him. Then the second guy seemed really interested in what Champion Chong no nim was saying. So that was cool to see that we all have different strengths that people connect with. Then Saturday was pretty common. All the days are becoming the same and that makes time go faster. So that's good. The days don't seem nearly as long any more. Sunday we just studied, then we had Mission Conference since it was fast sunday. My favorite thing that was said was said by the MTC President's wife, Kaye Nally. She said "We should always be asking ourselves, what more can I do?" that just hit me becuase it is easy to feel like oh I've done my part, I've done enough, but we should always be seeking to do mroe, and to influence mroe people for good. Then we had the devotional, which I'm sure was good...but that was a long time ago so it is hard to remember haha. Then we watched the Joseph Smith movie and thatwas ofcourse good! Monday was another typical day, nothing too exciting. Tuesday we had TALL time, which is where we study Kroean on the computer but that always turns into like 10 minutes of mormon messages time. So one that I watched that day was one by Jeffrey R. Holland. He said, (of the ones we love) to assume the good and doubt the bad. That is so true. We need to assume the good and expect the best of people we love. Know and expect them to act their best and we will. WHen we are constantly expecting them to make mistakes, that's not love. That's...I dont' know what that is haha, but it is far to easy to do that. At least for me. Then we went to class and I really loved it tuesday. We talked about Elder Bednar's light mormon messages the like 3 clip series. Watch em if you haven't. Anyways. We talked about how all we need is enough light to take a few steps. And as we take those few steps with the light our heavenly father gives us, he continues to give us light. Then something that stood out to me that he said was that God trusts us. We always hear oh we need to trust god and put our will in line with his, but he said that God trusts us. In the same way that we should trust god, god trusts us. I love that. God trusts us and that's why he gave us agency, and the plan of salvation. It is going to take a long time to figure out all the ways god trusts us, but I just love thinking that way. And yeah wednesday and thursday were just normal days! I have some pictures that I will send. And I love the ones you guys sent me. :) They are so awesome and so cute. :) I love you guys so much! Ohhh hahaha yesterday we taught our progressing investigator about the law of chastity. That was cool. It really isn't even awkward or weird. Maybe that's because I don't understand what I said really...but it really wasn't even bad! Haha so yeah guys be chaste. We have taught about the restoration, the plan of salvation, and now chastity! Haha we move fast here baby.
I love you guys so much! And don't really know what else to say! But I am sending at least one picture this week!
Elder Breinholt

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