Saturday, July 27, 2013

Oh ha that's alright that you didn't send a package. I loved the one you sent this week. :) Also, tell Janae that I loved her package and more chilis would be much appreciated.  Haha yeah the apple juice is way delicious. Plus now we got a fridge so we can refridgerate them. :) No we aren't teaching real people. Well, we kind of are. Like we teach our teachers and they play people they taught on their missions. Brother Wade is 성복수 or Son Buck Soo. He owns a restaurant and yeah he's fun to teach. Sister Baek's girl she plays is 정애진 or Jong Aeh Jin. So it isn't real. It's like...they play people. But they play em good! Haha it is actually fun. Yesterday was our first day teaching without notes and it was good! Like honestly I was sort of surprised at how much I could actually say. Granted I hade a few words written on my hand, but that's alright. :) One thing I've learned is to make sure to relate the lesson to them and make sure to ask questions that relate to them. It's kinda funny...if we ramble on they are told just to like start falling asleep. So that's hard haha it makes it frustrating. Awe, I love cute little clayton. That is so cute. That kid is so awesome.
So I thought I would start what we did this week with just a quick little announcement. WE HAVE A BAPTISM! Like...a legit one. We teach TRC every Friday, which is typically just RM's or members that speak korean that come and volunteer and we teach them a message. So anyway, two companionships in our district have taught a real investigator at TRC and Brother Wade has been teaching her with the missionaries. Her name is 수빈, or Su Been and she gets baptized tomorrow. So we had to go and talk to President Hacking, one of the people in the MTC presidency to get permission to go. And we are going!!! How awesome is that?! We have a baptism with our teacher, in the MTC. That blows my mind. I'm so excited. I don't know of that ever happening. I am so excited! Alright. So that's that. Baptism tomorrow. :))
Alright so Saturday nothing really exciting happened, just another typical day at the MTC, but we were doing TALL with our teacher, which is basically learning Korean on the computer. And she came up to me and said, Elder Breinholt your pronunciation is really good! And then I was talking to Richard Lee and he said that my accent is better (Meaning it is not as strong) than a lot of missionaries that he talked to in Korea that had been there for a while. Isn't that awesome? Haha I thought I would brag a little bit. :) So I thought that was really cool! Sunday a few changes were made. Champion 장로님 is the district leader and Landry 장로님 is the sacrament meeting coordinator. So that's cool! The devo sunday was also really good! We sung come come ye saints at the end and the spirit just hit me. What we are here to do is hard, but we can't let that get to us. It is what is required of us as disciples of Christ. The days have really started to fly. Like it feels like yesterday I was in this room emailing, but it was a week ago! Monday we had kimchee at dinner! And it was delicious! It is kinda weird, but it is good. I'm a firm believer that Korean food is the best food in the world! Tuesday was another normal day...the days are really all the same now haha. We have got to the point in class though where we have learned all that is in the book. Now we just review and learn forms that aren't in the book. Brother Wade said we are learning things he didn't learn for months in Korea. So that's aesome! Oh we also had a devotional and after we talked about how technology can be used for good. Like sending your investigator a quick text with a link to a mormon message. How powerful would that be? So yeah. That was Tuesday. Um Wednesday I hosted Frosty!! It was so cool to see him! I hope that I helped his nerves rather than making them worse! I do service in his building so today I went in there and wrote I love Elder Frost on the board. Which is: 저는 Frost 장로님 사랑해요. :) Haha it was cool. Then I went and said hi when we finished service. He seems to be doing great! He, like I did, is teaching his first investigator today! All in Spanish! He'll be great. :) But it was so awesome to host him! We went and dropped his bags off then went back to my room and had a drink and some food. I just wanted to ease his nerves. So I hope I did. Oh oh oh. We went over Alma 5 wednesday with Brother Wade. I think every time we talk about something with him, it is like direct revelation from Heavenly Father, or 하나님 아버지. He always brings the spirit so strongly. But anyway, what went along with Alma 5 was that we want to be able to to return and say that we did our best throughout our life. We need to make a concious choice to act like the savior every day. It isn't something that we do. We have to be actually trying to do it. Any yeah! That's my week! A baptism, a few packages, and Frosty! I love that kid. :) I hope all of you are doing well! I love you all. :)
Elder Breinholt
Breinholt 장로

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