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MARCH 29, 2015

Yeah last week was good. :) My shoes? They're actually like fine. I switch out like pretty frequently between them all so i think that might have helped. Like yeah. Tons of walking on em and they're fine. They'll definitely make it to the end without a problem. I just think i'm easy on my shoes somehow...but yeah. They went to a new place this week, i was on exchanges, and had a crazy guy yell at em for like 20 minutes apparently haha. oh no i haven't done anything. he just gave me a letter and said translate it and bring it to em! But i can't cuz it's in seoul mission in the northern part of seoul where all the government buildings are. so nothing happened there. and no we didn't meet jason this week...that was super lame. But we did meet a new guy! So that's good! Mom i love all the emotion you put into your emails with the exclamation marks!!!!!!! haha but yeah. Um no we are told the same thing. like that we should extend it on the first visit. I typically try to just tell em that this is where we see it going. So yeah. It goes well usually. Helps em to see that our purpose is baptism. So heck yeah. :) Oh about struggling with the language. Of course! Like no one no matter what understands like anything when they first come. But then with time you get used to how they speak and the right pronunciation and stuff so like it gets a lot easier with time. No big deal. Didn't get to see kim bojoon either. :( so that was sad. Why did kenah quit the piano?! I was gonna have her teach me when i got home! Haha i want to get better. i'm so gonna practice a lot. don't worry. I'll explain why to you some other time haha. but yeah. Haven't gotten the package yet...but we have transfers this week so i'm gonna get it then. 

Monday - Bike Riding & Graffiti Tunnel.
 Super super fun p-day. Haha i loved it. After we emailed you guys we went to gangnam and rode bikes on the river. the pictures are up so enjoy those. :) Also we went to the graffiti tunnel which was super awesome! There's this tunnel that's like okay for people to graffiti in so it is way cool. you'll see those pictures too. it was way windy while we were biking so it was a super good workout. holy cow. haha i loved it though. funnest thing i've done in a long time. :) Then we went and got dinner with everyone and then we came home and did some PMG TIP and made calls! 

Tuesday - Exchanges With Elder Kelson
So we went on exchanges with the zone leaders on tuesday. that was fun of course. :) I was with elder kelson. he's from sandy. So we met them and then I went over to youngdeungpo cuz that's their area. then we went out and talked to people and visited one guy who wasn't there. :( But that's okay. then we went and visited 오준형 Oh Joonhyung. he's the best. his english name is Sean. He's so cool. haha i've sent pics home with him before, but ther'll be more today. :) We taught him about revelation and how it comes so that was way good. then we ate dinner with him which was fun. haha funny thing for the day. Elder kelson went up to a vending machine that was like pretty old. And he saw that they had juice for 50 cents and he's like ah i want that! I was like no i wouldn't trust that if i was you! And then he's like oh well it's 50 cents, and then it gave him coffee. haha classic. it was cool. kinda a had to be there thing. but yeah. after all of that we went and met a guy named Yong. He's from China. He's super cool. haha i like him a lot. he's a recent convert just like sean if i didn't tell you that. but yeah!

Wednesday - District Meeting and English Class
Wednesday was the same ol same old. We ahd our studies then we went and ate and then we headed over to 서초 Seocho for district meeting. That was really good! We talked all about christlike attributes and bore our testimonies on the savior. I thought it was really good. I learned a lto about what i need to do better. then we went and visited a member and brought her some cake. that was good. :) then we went to visit a investigator but he wasn't there...sad. then we had english class which was good! Same as always haha

Thursday - Jewel Heaven 
So much walking today. haha anyway. We got up and studied of course. then we went to the chinese restaraunt for lunch which was wawesome. i love it. then we went to a park in our area and did PMG TIP. THat was super awesome because as we were doing it a bunch of people came up and sat near us so we started talking to them and they were like really interested! I think one of them was a less active member. cuz he knew just a little too much about our church to not at least be a former investigator. but anyway, we were able to give one guy a book of mormon! So that was awesome! Then we left and walked around talking to people and visiting a bunch of less active members. always a party. :) We stopped in a convenience store cuz it seemed like a good idea to get a drink. i was way thirsty so we stopped in there and this guy comes in after us and sits down next to us as i drink my milk and it was just like a normal conversation. i asked him if he'd ever been to america and he's like no....but i have been to heaven! I was like wait what? At first I thought I heard him wrong and he said china cuz they are somewhat close in i was like alright and kept listening and nope he definitely meant heaven. let me tell you about the heaven this guy "went" to. haha it was crazy. He's like well first of all the food there is precious gems. Like diamonds and rubies. things like that. they eat them. And the clothes? They're also made out of things like that. it's really beautiful. wow. and also the roads are lined with flowers. And at the center of all the flowers is a gem and if you are like man this flower is super beautiful and really like it you can like bring it into your chest and it becomes part of you! It's amazing. And then you also get a house this house is however you want! You get to create it. But the size is determined by how well you follow the commandments and do good in this life. So you guys doing this is getting you a bigger house. and that's heaven! I was just like hmm. sounds awesome! I wanna go to jewel heaven! haha it was super funny. I'm glad i could understand that in korean it made me feel good. but it was also really interesting haha i was like um what? SO that was the fun thing that happened. THen we went and found less actives for the rest of the day too. 

Friday - Weekly Planning and Easun
So today was interesting haha we had our studies and weekly planning which was fun. Always good. After weekly planning we had to go to youngdeungpo cuz i had to do a PMGTIP evaluation with our lovely awesome zone leaders. they're the best. but it was really good! I taught the restoration so yeah it was pretty good. then we came back and went and met Easun or 김민동 Kim Mindong. he's way cool. he struggles with depression that's sad. But its okay. his friend was there too. his name is 차성우 Cha sungwoo. he's way cool too. he asked a lot of questions and showed a lot of interest so we might be pickin him up as well. but anyway, back to easun and the night. we met them and then we went to a cafe and jsut talked for a while then we got dinner with them and then we came home! He has lots of stuff to talk about haha but i think we're gonna be able to meet him pretty frequently so i'm excited for it. we'll see what happns. :) 

Saturday - Pizza!
So today was way good. Super fun! Haha i loved it. we got up and had part of our studies. then we headed over to good ol' 조남성 감독님의 집 bishop's house. haha he's the coolest. we had an activity with the young men and women where we made pizza together and like showed em how it's done. Way good. Elder Meeks knows a recipe and he made it really good! And we have cheese leftover and since that's the only expensive thing we've been makin pizza like crazy! haha but really we made pizza with them, white sauce pizza that was way good and just combination and all other things haha it was way good. :) Then we came home adn went to english class that was fun. haha then we came home and finished studies and then we went to the park and did some tip and then we had dinner! Super fun!

Sunday - Transfer Calls
So we woke up and got our transfer calls! Elder Wiseman will be going to 목동 Mokdong and his companion will be elder pruner! I love elder pruner. he's gonna have a ton of fun. And my new and probably last companion will be Elder Coleman. Should be a great time! haha but yeah that happened. then we had church. Elder Wiseman gave his like last words or something goodbye talk in church and that was cute. he's the best. haha also the primary kids sang so that was adorable. then we had our weekly coordination meeting which was way fun. i love 최영규 our ward missionleader so much. he's the best. :) haha then we came home and had our studies which was good. then we had dinner, pizza, then we made lots of acalls! and that was our week! pretty slow as far as numbers go, but as far as the feeling, it was really good. :) 

Thought - Easter Video
So I don't have anyhting to profound this week. but the church came out with a new easter video that we are trying to get everyone to watch so you should watch it. here's the site. :)! Should be awesome! have fun. :)

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