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APRIL 5, 2015

Oh mother. You're so motherly. :) haha I don't carry the water bottle no. I have it at home though! It's not hot enough to need it. And even when it is hot, it's easier to just buy a bottle for 50 cents somewhere and just drink that. :) Yeah the grafitti tunnel was awesome! haha no you don't really get too much of a workout on them, but if you were a grandma you would. Haha it's awesome. the schedule is 15 credits. not bad huh? We don't watch conference when you do. Was it way good though? We watch it a week late. So we'll watch it this weekend. should be great! I'm way excited! so glad you liked the pics. :) haha Anyway this week was fun! Got a new companion and so that was good.

Monday - Classes and Dinner with 이철행 (Joel)
Monday was a good p-day. I got my hair cut and then after emailing you guys we went back to 서초 Seocho and then we signed up for my classes at BYU so that was good. So much stress gone after that. haha then we went to just relax at home so that was of course good. Then we had dinner with 이철행 Lee Chorheng. Not sure how to put his name in english...his english name is Joel! so yeah anyway, he's way cool. Elder Wiseman wanted to say goodbye to him so we ate with him. that was good. He gave us tons of snacks. I sent a pic with him last week. Anyway, then we did some PMG TIP for the rest of the night!

Tuesday - Last Day with Elder Wiseman
So it was my last full day with elder wiseman. He's a super good guy. I'm actually gonna see him today so i'm excited for that one. Should be fun. Anyway, we went to 사당 Sadang so that we could do some PMG TIP outside and get it done, that was fun. haha a bunch of smokers always came and like smoked near enough to us that we could smell it so we kept like having to move, it was way funny. anyway, then we met Jason which was really good! We met him at a little coffee shop over there. He's way awesome. Elder wiseman again basically just said goodbye! Then we went and talked to people gfor a little then we had dinner at the chinese place. Love that. Haha elder wiseman wanted it one last itme. Then we went and visited some peeps....then we visited 박웅용 Park Ungyong. He's the second counselor and way awesome! I love him to death. He's like slightly awkward which like makes you love him all the more. Anyway, again elder wiseman took a picture, we shared a short message and then we came home! 

Wednesday - First Day with Elder Coleman
Well it was a really good day! So sad to see Elder Wiseman leave. i'm gonna miss him for sure. He's the best...but that's alright. Time for a change! We went to youngdeungpo and had transfers. So sad to see like some people i've been close to go home. Like elder gamble one of my companions, and elder hodges who is the best. but that's alright. We then came home and had a quick lunch and then we had district meeting. That was super fun! We talked about member lessons and the importance of them. So that was good. Then we came home and had to make up some studies. then we had english class which was awesome. We talked about arches and zions so that was fun. hah showed em some pics and their minds were blown. super cool. koreans really love nature. anyway, then we had a practice lesson with the bishop planned but we got a call from a member saying she wanted us to give her non-member husband a blessing so we went and did that! That was a super big miracle! SO awesome! Like dang it was way cool. But yeah! Then w came home! 

Thursday - Korean Pastor and Less Active work
So thursday was interesting. We got up and had our studies which were good. Then we had to do some PMG TIP so we decided to go to a park and do that. That was good. haha we sat down and started to do it then this guy comes up to us and says Hello! I've met missionaries like you! I'm a pastor! And i was just like oh no. what is about to happen. but it turns out he was really nice. so it was okay. He received some revelation about living like God. It was really weird. he wrote a book on it apparently. Anyway, basically you tell yourself you're god and that god is you it's so weird. i'll have to explain it not on email...but yeah that's the basic idea. So that was fun. 2 hours later we were able to get away from him haha he knew how to talk. Way funny. Then we went and visited some less actives, had dinner then w went and had a lot of work to do with the less actives in our ward so we ar workin on that right now. pretty awesome. 

Friday - Weekly Planning and Calls
So friday was good. We had our studies and weekly planning which was fun. Took a while. THen we went to the park and had ome PMG TIP get donwe and played basketball withsome kids for a little and thne one of them like rolled his ankle so that's no good. haha but it was funny. then we came home and worked on more Less active stuff and clled abounch of members so that was really good! but that was about all we had time for friday!

Saturday - BJ and Less Active finding
We had our studies and then we had lunch...then we went to go visit an investigator but they weren't hjome so then a lady started talking to us and that was really funny because she saw the Book of Mormon and then asked me when mormon was born or when he lived and i was like 400 ad. and she's like what? No no your church isn't that old, when did mormon live? And i was like 1600 years ago! In 400 Ad! And then she started to get upset haha so she looked it up online and saw when it was founded haha pretty interesting. anyway, talked to her for a while. she was nice. THen we went to the church and talked ,김보준 or BJ. He's the best. he is so cute. we taught him the rest of the restoration and he's like alright i guess i gotta pray about this! So i'm hoping he's gonna do it! So stoked! Haha if he does that'll be the best thing ever. anyway, that was good. then we had english clas which was fun of course. Then we had to do some work on the church. some members bought 3 ping pong tables for this ping pong tournament they're having in a few weeks. haha so we helped them bring those into the church. that was fun. Then we went and got dinner and then we visited a bunch of less actives which was super good! Kinda got lost...but that was okay. haha one was home though! So we were able to share a message with her. that was good. And yeah! 

Sunday - Church and more less actives. :)
Yesterday. Elder Coleman's first day at church. Church was really good! Elder Coleman gave his intro talk thing and that was really good. He's from Georgia. Sorry i realized i told you nothing about him. But yeah he's from georgia and now lives in Connecticut. pretty cool! But yeah. I love our ward. they're way funny and cool. anyway, after church we had our weekly coorlation meeting with the ward mission leader. thatw as fun. :) Haha he's straight up the best. haha then we cam ehome and had our studies and then we had dinner, then we went to visit some people which was good! And yeah! That was our week! Pretty good. Trying to get things going. they're starting! So i'm happy about that. :) Glad to hear you guys had a good week too. :) You guys are the best. i miss you tons. can't wait to see you soon! 

Thought - Gratitude
Read a super awesome talk by Dieter. I'm pretty sure i've talked about it before but it's so good! Here's a quote! "How blessed we are if we recognize God’s handiwork in the marvelous tapestry of life. Gratitude to our Father inHeaven broadens our perception and clears our vision.It inspires humility and fosters empathy toward our fellowmen and all of God’s creation. Gratitude is acatalyst to all Christlike attributes! A thankful heart is the parent of all virtues." Pretty good right? We need to be grateful for everything we have. I've started to be more grateful, still have a long ways to go, but as i have done it there's been a definite change in my life. so i would recommend thinking about what you can do to be more grateful for all that our heavenly father gives does for us. :)

Elder Breinholt 

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