Tuesday, August 13, 2013

안녕하새요 재 아룸다운 가족! 사랑해요! (That says hello beautiful family!)
How are you guys?! I miss you guys a lot! I really loved that quote from Jared! It's super true though! Because who is going to believe what you have to say if they think you're just there to convert them and not there because you actually sincerely care about them. That's what it's about. Caring and loving people so that they know it is something that will bless their lives. I know I wouldn't want anything to do with someone who came up to me and was like my church is right! Believe it! But didn't take the time to get to know me or do things for me. If they were my friend and I knew they cared, then I would listen to them. So that is super true! We got our flight plans yesterday! Much to dad's (and my) dismay, we are going on American Airlines and flying to Dallas then to Incheon. We leave the MTC at 2:30 AM on the 19th. So the 18th...that night. You know what I mean. Anyway, yeah I would love that iPod if you guys loaded it up with some sweet motab! And yeah, I would need a charger, but I'm sure I can buy one in Korea. So that's no big deal. Haha I don't know why I haven't taken one with my companions. We will next sunday when we all are leaving haha. Anyway, what do you want me to take pictures of on my way? If I have a window seat I'll try to take pics. :) Oh and since I have flight plans to Korea, I'm assuming that means I have my visa so no worries there...but I wasn't really worried haha korea is like the easiest place in the world to get visas to. I haven't heard anything about shots so no I haven't gotten them yet...they said they would let me know! so hopefully they do haha.
Yeah so we leave in a week and a half and that's super exciting! I can't wait to actually get to Korea and start talking to real people! Not that the people here aren't real...just real people that aren't already LDS. :) So saturday we were talking about Moroni 7, which is like one of the best chapters in the Book of Mormon. Anyway. We were talking about it and Wade 형제님 said something that I really liked. He said that we need to make the attributes of charity, hope, and obedience a part of us. And as these attributes become who we are they will naturally come out of us. We will naturally talk to everyone and have charity for everyone. Earlier I was listening to a talk by Elder Holland during personal study and he said something that was super strong as well. He said, "The size of your faith or the degree of your knowledge is not the issue. It is the integrity you demonstrate toward the faith you do have and the truth you already know." I love that because it doesn't matter where we are. We are all at different points in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, but we all have to do the same thing. we have to stand true to what we know and what we believe. Oh also on saturday we had like the most powerful lesson we have had in the MTC. We had Baek 자매님 bear her testimony because she was getting baptized the next day haha so we thought it was important for her to do that and the spirit just was really strong. So that was amazing. Ah listen to Elder Holland's talk. It's called, Lord, I believe. It is so good. I have like a thousand quotes from it written down.
Oh Sunday was super good as well! I loved it! I blessed the sacrament in 한국말! So that was an awesome experience. It still sounds weird not in English haha but I love it. OH. Listen to THIS story from Sunday. So like we went to that baptism right? So the President of the MTC, President Nally was like hey I want you guys to sit on the front row and be recognized. He was talking about baptism so the 5 that taught her stood up and the whole MTC saw them, then Subeen got up and talked about her TRC experience. It was so cute. She talked in Korean and Brother Wade translated. It was so amazing. Like who the heck has these kind of experiences in the MTC?! Her spirit as a new convert was super strong. She's amazing. I don't know if I would be able to be baptized one week then bear my testimony infront of 3500 missionaries the next sunday. She's awesome. That night we watched David A. Bednar's talk "Character of Christ". Dang that one is a good one too. The character of Christ is to turn out when the natrual man wants to turn in. After fasting for 40 days, and after being tempted by satan, Christ had angels come to support him. But rather than supporting Him, Christ sent them to John, because He knew he was in prison. There are tons of stories like that about Christ. He talked about how a testimony is not enough. He said if we all come back from our missions and all we have is a testimony, we will be inactive within 5 years. The gospel has to become a part of who we are. We need to choose every day to serve others. That was just a super powerful talk. And if you can find it, I would invite you to listen to it or read it. So good. And that was Sunday. :)
Monday was good as well! Haha everyday is good here. Brother Wade had us do this activity where we closed our eyes and imagined ourselves in Korea. Just walking the streets, teaching lessons, whatever we do as missionaries. I pictured what I wanted to become and do while I am there. I think that is somthing that is super powerful that we can all apply to our lives. Whatever we want to be or do after a certain amount of time, picture it. Then write it down and see how we are doing on that. Oh also! This week I have been learning 40 단어 a day and sometimes 50! (That's vocab words) So that is awesome! I feel like I have really started to learn a lot more Korean. :) Tuesday was day 49! We got new Koreans! And they are all super cool. Don't speak very much english though haha but that's alright. :) We practiced phone calls and that was pretty cool! We just talked through the door haha but it was still a good thing to practice. We also talked abuot how a bad day as a missionary can often times mean that something great lies ahead and satan is trying to discourage you. Wednesday was good! Yeah see, everyday is good haha. The days ahve really started to fly though. Like when I go to bed, I feel like I just woke up. So that's kinda a good thing, but kind of bad. Probably because we have a lot more to do now that we have barely any time left. Oh we hosted on wednesday and that was super fun! Haha I love hosting. It's a blast. but it is kinda tiring caring people's bags up 4 flights of stairs. Haha I swear everyone I host lives on the top floor for some reason. But yeah, nothing to exciting happened wednesday! Thursday aka yesterday I memorized the first vision! It's rough still, but you have to start somewhere haha. So I can get through it, it just takes me forever. Yeah yesterday was good! We had a sub and learned a few korean sayings. Oh! One of our branch presidency members lives in alpine, so if you ever meet Brother Lee, a cool Korean man, he knows me. :) Yeah that was our week! I don't have any pictures....sorry. Haha nothing exciting really happened. Oh we are cleaning the temple here in 2 hours! We have a busy P-Day today! Know that I love you and you guys are in my prayers! I pray you are all doing well, and I love you lots! Oh! The cheesecake was super good tell grandma I love her and it. :)
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