Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just two emails left from me not including this one while I'm at the MTC! Two weeks from Sunday night/monday morning we are going to leave for Korea! We get our flight plans this next friday! I can't wait! So pumped! Yeah the text thing wouldn't work...so try to get it to work for you guys and if it does just let me know how! Did the pictures I send ever work? I hope so! They were great! And if the ones I sent this week don't work I am going to be devastated! They are so awesome! Anyway. The Baptism!!! It was so awesome! The spirit was really strong and the room was completely full! She was so excited to get baptized! When we walked in she comes up to us and was like...today is my baptism!! It was so cute. :) So about the room being full! Oh gosh. So we get in and are like alright there are a decent amount of people here, sit on the back row ya know so everyone can see. Then by the time it starts we get up to take a picture and our seats are immediately taken, which is fine right. We get more chairs and set em up and think that will be enough. We ran out of chairs and had to use the little tiny primary ones! Haha the room was completely full of people and we were standing all the way in the back! There weren't enough seats or enough room for us to sit down! It was amazing. :) Anyway then it started and the spirit was super strong. I for real felt like I was in Korea. There were like 20 missionaries there though! It was really cool! They asked the full time missionaries to raise their hands and there were 11 of us from the MTC, the two missionaries that taught her to the end. And then 7 other missionaries or so. It was so awesome. Then our teacher baptized her in Korean which was really cool too. It was just an amazing experience. So it came about by our teacher teaching her right. So he's been teaching her for four months. Oh listen to how she was introduced! She got into a car accident and the guy that hit her asked her if she wanted to meet em! So you never know when you can be a missionary to someone. :) Anyway so she was being taught by Wade Hyong Jae nim. Half of our district taught her in TRC. I never did sadly. :( TRC is where members come and volunteer and we teach them a lesson in Korean. So it is really fun. Tonight we skype someone in Korea!! Freakin out so bad! And we had to get permission from President Hacking one of the MTC presidency members to be able to go haha it was so awesome.

Tell grandma that cheese cake was amazing. :) we still have some of it to eat but it was really good! And still cold! Haha anyway. Hahaha I can totally see all of you guys doing that in Costco. :) That's so funny. Ah you say Jayden's parents?! I miss them a lot. What did they have to say? I hope Jayden gets out here soon. :)  Anyway, like lately we have been getting a lot better at keeping their interest. I just ask a question as we go and something that is really important that I have figured out is to have people figure how the gospel applies to them on their own. Ask them a question that makes them think about it rather than us telling them how it applies to them. So that's awesome. :) No she just told me that my pronunciation is. And then Brother Wade told me that mine was pretty good too so that's awesome. :) Richard Lee is a kid I went to BYU with. He's awesome. :) Oh Elder Williamson had the Kimchee sent to him from his mom and we popped it in our fridge so it wouldn't go bad. PS. That Ramyun is pretty spicy heads up haha. Anyway, yeah we are learning a lot. Since we have learned everything we ask them how to say things we like would say in normal conversation and that's why they didn't learn in for months. And it is how the new system is set up. I heard that with the old 12 week korean program they would talk to you in english for the first 6 weeks then korean. But we were tossed right in. So that helps us learn way faster as well.
Oh umm...we got to host those first times because we just went. Haha I think you're supposed to be invited to do it, but you can just do it if you want. We got actually invited this wednesday. So that's why I've been able to do it. Yeah I got everything you sent me so no need to worry. :) And i liked all of it. Yeah I share the food haha I wouldn't be able to eat a lot of it if I didn't. Williamson Chang no nim gets a package like every single day. Monday and tuesday...3 each day. haha people in his ward just hook him up with packages haha. Anyway, I saw brother and sister sell! I hope they told you that I did! Haha that's so awesome that they are branch presidency members here! That would be such an awesome calling. 

Oh hey, how's Alynn doing with her wisdom teeth out? Ah everyone is downstairs now?! That's so weird! Mother, the doctor wrote down 20/13 vision on my form for my mission, so I'm probably fine. :) But if you want, I will get my eyes checked. Thanks for lookin out for me. :) I'm still awaitin a letter from Jace and Kenah! Alright so this week. You know about saturday. Oh in brother wade's class we listened to President Uchtdorf's talk, "You Matter to Him". So amazing. One thing he said that I loved was that we need to "Remember the Lord uses a scale very different from the world's to measure the worth of souls." Also, I loved when he said, "The most powerful being in the universe is our Father." I just think it is amazing to think that the most powerful being in the universe is my dad. That's really comforting. Sometimes I think I forget that he is my dad. It takes on a whole new meaning I feel  like to say dad rather than Father when really it is the same word. But yeah I just love that. :) Sunday I didn't talk in church so that means this next sunday I will for sure...all of the other Elders in my district have callings or have had....so that's rough. but I am blessing the sacrament on sunday! In Korean! So that will be so awesome. I've been practicing. :) Oh yeah Saturday we said goodbye to the oldest dongi and basically I cried. So I was talking to Eee Jong Chae and all of the other Koreans, but he was like hey lets go say a prayer and Breinholt you say it. So me and 4 koreans in their room saying a prayer. And i said it in English. But by the end of it little Eee Jong Chae was crying and gave me a big hug and I lost it. Ah they are all so amazing. He was like "Two weeks isn't long enough." and "I love you, thanks for being such a good friend, I love you." Ah they are so awesome. It was seriously such a sad goodbye. I mean I had known em for 14 days. And it felt like I had known them all my life. We really just connected with them.
Monday was another great day here in the MTC! It was a normal day but then at night we weree talking about how we can do anything through God. Wee talked about D&C 42:6-7, 13-16; D&C 84:88, and Alma 37:6. Then we bore all of our testimonies in Korean and it was really powerful. I love this place a lot. The spirit is so strong and my testimony has grown so much, as it will continue to do over the next 23 months. Tuesday was good as well. We had the devotional with Brother Richards and we have been talking about how no matter how much we want to, we can never give up. We need to always talk to everyone, because that is our responsibility and purpose as missionaries. Also he played a Elder Holland quote where he said, "I would say missionary work isn't easy because salvation is not a cheap experience" And how true is that?! Way true. We have to work our hardest every day for salvation! Wednesday was another good day, every day is good let's be honest. I watched two talks since we have a lot of time to study on wednesdays and I feel like listening to modern prophets is just as important if not more important than listening to old ones. So yeah. I watched M. Russell Ballard's talk about being anxiously engaged. Then President Monson's talk on seeing people for what they may become. He said, "We must not see people as they are, but what they can become. Keep in mind that people can change." I think too often I see someone and just judge them immediately. It is easy. But if we picture them as heavenly Father sees them and entering the waters of baptism we will talk to and love everyone we see. Heavenly Father didn't give up on Saul. He was one of the worst persecutors in the history of the church, yet he became one of the best missionaries to ever live. It's amazing how the Spirit can change someone's life. Then yesterday was good as well. haha. We had class with Sister Baek and we were talking about love again...common theme I know...but it's important. Probably the most important. After all it is the first and second greatest commandments. So we were talking about it and the spirit was just super strong. We need to love people as christ does. That's all. :)
I hope you guys are doing well! I love you all a whole lot! Keep the letters comin. :)

Elder Breinholt

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