Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello!  With so many missionaries it's awesome! Cuz that means that more people can be found and taught. It really is super cool. Like there are only probably 2 areas in our entire mission now that don't ahve at least 4 missionaries. A lot have 6. It blows my mind. Yesterday we watched a broadcast thing that said they now have 83,000 missionaries. Super super cool. It is so exciting. Now that my companion is district leader he is a lot more busy. He has to make a bunch of calls to people each night. It's not too much busier. But yeah! Things around here are going good. I love it. Being in Korea is the biggest blessing I have ever had in my life. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Especially after this weekend. I'll talk about that later. It was just a good week. Anyway.
Monday. After I emailed all ya'll, we went home and had a super awesome time. Haha we just kinda hung out and had a low stress P-day. Then I made a cake for 가정의 밤! That was super good. We had some yellow cake mix lying around that we used. Then at FHE we played Mafia which was super fun with Korean's. Haha it was so fun. I was the mafia guy twice and the first game every one expected me so bad. I was like the first one killed. It was too bad haha. Then the second game I was the Mafia again and I won. :) haha I got super lucky. I had to convince elder atkin that it wasn't me and that I was a citizen. It was super funny. Everyone always expects me in those sorts of games. That was a super fun family home evening. Then Tuesday (화요일) we got up and I found something that I really liked. It was in Isaiah 42. Basically it said that God has chosen you and will lead you by the hand. And I loved that because when God calls us to anything, a calling, a mission, just an every day member, he will guide us through. But tuesday we worked on our 침례 poster thing which we finally finished. Haha that took long enough. We gave it to 박희정 on wednesday to write a little note on. Then we had our Korean class that we teach. I got to teach Elder and Sister Riding again. It was super fun. This time we went over the alphabet and reading some more. Also I taught them the Chinese numbers. It was super fun. Haha I love teaching that. It makes me feel good about the little Korean that I do know. Anyways.
Wednesday! We had district meeting. We went to lunch together at that 유가네 place. Something cool about Korea. people will give you free things if you are a frequent customer. Like they recognize you for coming so much and will give you like a free soup thing or soda. So they gave us some free pepsi's cuz we go there so much! Haha it was funny. Anyways that's an awesome thing about Korea. We have a new Elder in our district from Alpine! He's super cool his name is Elder Hale. Then at district meeting Elder Atkin gave the training which was weird. Haha I'm used to seeing Elder Wedam up there. But it was actually really good. One thing he talked about that I want to share with you is that we need to put all of our attention on the people who need it most. The people who are strong in the gospel don't need our help as much as those who are struggling do. So if someone is really struggling, put all your effort there to help them until they are okay. I don't really know if that made sense when I typed it out, but I hope it did. Haha anyways. Then we had english class which was super fun. Dennis brought a friend named Bob who is super cool. He's funny. We played Do you love your neighbor? It was super funny. All of them were like And then they'd have to say something else you know and like half the time it was the exact same as the person before them. Love Koreans. Thursday in personal study I read President Uchtdorf's talk the one where he rides the bicycle up hills as a kid and it is super hard for him but later in his life it turns out that that actually healed some unknown lung disease. What I learned from that is that we need to just trust our Heavenly Father. When we are going through a hard time, trust him. Because we can't see the end from the beginning. He can. God often gives us so many blessings along the way that we can't see until it has come and gone. But later that day we made cookies and brought them up to 오산 where our bishop lives and delivered them to him and a few other people in the ward, but none of them were home. So that was too bad. We weren't able to talk to em. Then we met with 김현철. I don't know if I told you this or not. This'll make ya laugh. His english name is turtle. Haha I didn't think I heard him right when he first said it, but sure enough. His name is turtle. Super awesome. But we had a pretty good lesson with him and I was able to bear my testimony to him on the Book of Mormon. I was feeling the spirit, I just hope that he was too.
Friday! We read Job together in companion study which was actually really cool. That guy was super solid in the gospel. He was so perfect that satan basically had permission to take everything from him and to curse him with super bad illnesses and all this stuff that would make a lot of people turn away from God, but it doesn't even phase him. He's super awesome. So, be like Job. :) Then we had weekly planning, which was super long haha. Then we had dinner at pizza school. I had this pizza that had noodles on it. Super good actually haha it tasted like spaghetti. Then we went up to 곡반정 in 수원 with the sisters because the zone leaders set up a meeting about goals with all the district leaders and the sister training leader. It was actually really good. The main thing that I learned is that you can't expect too much from yourself. You can't set a goal to gain 50 pounds of muscle in a week and expect it to happen. Big things happen through baby steps. But saturday is where this week got really good. We had a combined mission conference with the Seoul mission so I got to see all of the people from the MTC like Elder Whitlock, Hollingshaus, Garff, 이종채, and a bunch of other peopple. It was so awesome! I miss those guys a ton. Elder Evans was the main guy who spoke to us and he did a really good job. A few of the things that I really liked were that solutions to problems come little by little and through a lot of work. We can't sit around and expect things to happen. Also, that we need to act straightway on impressions. Because when we do that's when the holy ghost can work through us. I don't know just sitting in that meeting kinda got me super super excited to be a missionary. It was awesome. Then we went down to 신풍 in 수원 for stake conference. We got to sing with our young men in the priesthood session. That was super cool. Then that night there was a session and 박희정 had to give a talk! It was so flippin good. Well. I didn't really understand a word she said but she definitely had the spirit with her! I felt the spirit so strongly. She's just amazing. Like she's stronger than a lot of members that have been members for 40 years. She's doing so good. I hope that she keeps it up. :) That was really like the highlight of the week. When she got up and gave her talk. It was so just good. Haha anyways.
Then yesterday we got up and I read something really good in 2 Nephi. It was chapter 5 verse 11. And when I read it i just felt like when the lord is with us we will be blessed and we will be happy and we will hvave everything that we ened in this life. Then we went to the like main stake conference thing which was a broadcast from salt lake! It was really good! One thing that someone said that I think was really cool was that we need to create zion in our hearts. It doesn't matter where we are in the world, if we have zion in our hearts we can follow God and be happy. That was cool. Then we went to our church to watch stake conference with the american branch thinking it would be different, but no it was the exact same thing haha.  so we watched that twice. But on the way home we ran into one of the members and I talked to her a little. Well I tried, but I am still new to this whole Korean thing. :) haha so that was fun. And yeah! That was our week. It was a good one. I love you guys so much. I miss ya! You're awesome. I pray for you often. We are workin hard and trying to find more people to bring closer to Christ. Honestly, Korea rocks. I love it so much. I know i've said that probably 30 times in this email, but that's because its true. I can't imagine being anywhere else. The church is true, and so is the book of mormon. Read it often! I better go, but i love you!
Elder Breinholt

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